On an interview with WoW Insider, WoW Game Director Tom Chilton and Game Designer Nick Allen hinted at two big things they are working on: the new World Bosses and Sylvanas Windrunner . Both are likely to be very interesting additions to the game, and are really exciting to hear about.

We’re seeing a lot of interviews recently with members of the World of Warcraft development team. This has been because players are starting to receive early access to the next expansion, Battle for Azeroth, and starting to get a little impatient for some answers.

In recent interviews, a few members of the WoW development team have mentioned that they don’t think there’s much of a future for the Dark Lady of the Undead — after all, in the current timeline she’s dead at the end of Legion.

Good news, World of Warcraft fans! If you thought you were going to be done with Sylvanas after the next patch arriving tomorrow, well… you won’t be. Actually, you probably already suspected that, but a new interview roundup on MMO Champion includes game director Ion Hazzikostas noting that he looks forward to the community dissecting what happens with Sylvanas after the raid is over. That implies pretty clearly there is an after. It also includes this absolute gem of a statement from Hazzikostas:

We had the sense that players would be contending with Sylvanas for a while now, that they would be delving into and learning more about the nature of the Maw, and the Jailer’s power in this first major content update. But, the specific details of the twists and turns the story is going to take, who the bosses in the raid are, even some of the major narrative moments that we’re going to see play out in the coming weeks are things that came together at the end of last year, and the beginning of this year.

That screaming sound you hear is every video game narrative department.

Other highlights from the interview include Hazzikostas stating that the problems with Torghast were not possible to be discovered in beta, an interview with narrative designer Steve Danuser and encounter designer Morgan Day in which it’s claimed that the long delay on the patch was all about providing an appropriate level of quality, and confirmation that you should be unlocking flight easily in the second post-patch week if you’ve been keeping up with Shadowlands story content otherwise. Check out the full roundup here.

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