The battle for Activision-Blizzard is set to be decided in the coming days after shareholders of both companies voted on whether or not Microsoft should take over the company. The merger will bring about two major changes: first, it gives Microsoft a more significant foothold into esports and second, it makes Xbox their biggest competitor as well.

Activision-Blizzard shareholders will vote on whether to allow Microsoft’s buyout April 28. The deal would give Microsoft the rights to the “Call of Duty” franchise and other Activision games for $26 billion. Read more in detail here: how much did microsoft buy activision for.

Activision-Blizzard shareholders will vote on whether to allow Microsoft’s buyout April 28


We all knew that Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision-Blizzard wouldn’t happen swiftly or gracefully, and that’s without even considering the studio’s slew of controversies. Still, there’s one more stage in the arduous process to go: a shareholder vote to ratify the takeover, which is set to take place on Thursday, April 28th.

The need of a majority vote in favor of the procedure is emphasized in an SEC document sent to shareholders, which states that approval is “advisable, fair to, and in the best interests of Activision-Blizzard and its investors.” If the buyout is approved and completed, ATVI will be delisted from the stock exchange, but shareholders will receive $95 in cash for each share they own. If the buyout is not completed, ATVI’s stock value will drop “significantly,” and there will be “no assurance [that] Activision-business, Blizzard’s prospects, or results of operations will not be adversely impacted.”

The FTC is looking into the buyout further, after ActiBlizz and Microsoft were both requested to produce further information and evidence at the beginning of March. Despite this, Activision-Blizzard anticipates the takeover to occur as planned, with the deal closing in June 2023.


Activision-Blizzard shareholders will vote on whether to allow Microsoft’s buyout April 28. If the proposal is passed, Activision-Blizzard will be bought by Microsoft for $26.2 billion. Reference: activision blizzard games list.

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