Albion Online, a sandbox MMO game by Sandbox Interactive and Unity Technologies with the popular Rust server engine, has recently updated its controller functionality. In conjunction of this update the game’s developer also removed Russian-themed guild logos in order to avoid any potential cultural controversy.

The “albion online guild logo maker” is a website that allows users to create their own Albion Online guild logos. The website also has a section where the user can download the original Russia-themed guild logos.

Albion Online tweaks controller functionality, removes Russia-themed guild logos


If you’ve been trying out Albion Online’s new controller choices, today’s update will only make things simpler for you. The seventh update for the Lands Awakened game version was released this morning, and it included controller options in settings, tweaked multiple inputs, added a radial context menu, inserted an alternate control and spell control scheme, and improved the overall experience for players who have mostly abandoned the keyboard.

Hotkeys for map pings have been added, duel limits have been set to five minutes, and healing sickness has been tweaked.

Finally, Sandbox Interactive revealed that two logos would be removed from the list accessible to guilds due to their political nature: the “Hammer and Sickle” logo will be replaced with merely a hammer, and the “Red Army” emblem will be replaced with a bear. These logos were initially included to the game as part of a contest conducted before to the release of Albion, but given that they explicitly mention Russia, which is presently executing a violent invasion of Ukraine, they feel much less appropriate for the world of Albion now than they did before. According to SBI, any guild that uses such logos may ask to have them changed, and the guilds who created them can propose new ones.

Patch 7 of Lands Awakened is now available! Attack- and Defend-Ping Hotkeys, Controller Support Improvements, and a much-welcomed tweak to the Axe Maiden are all included in this update…

Full patchnotes here:

— Albion Online (@albiononline) March 30, 2022


The “albion online api” is a new update that has been released by the developers of Albion Online. The update includes tweaks to the controller functionality, as well as removing Russia-themed guild logos.

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