The industry is looking for an experienced voice to guide Amazon Games as they try to regain their footing and put out a new launch. The company has tapped former Zynga executive Mike Frazzini, who served as President of Zynga Studios from 2003-2009, as the interim CEO until it can find a replacement.

Mike Frazzini, the CEO of Amazon Games has stepped down following multiple rocky MMO launches. The company is now looking for a new CEO to lead them into the future. Read more in detail here: amazon game studios.

Amazon Games’ Mike Frazzini has stepped down following multiple rocky MMO launches

Bad plans.

Mike Frazzini, the CEO of Amazon Games, has reportedly stepped down, with the company confirming the decision internally on Friday, as originally reported by Bloomberg. What is the stated reason? To concentrate on his family.

Bloomberg released a full investigation of the behind-the-scenes at Amazon Games in January of 2021, laying most of the blame on none other than Frazzini. New World had been pushed back for do-overs and delays after the multi-studio business had faltered with two games – Breakaway and Crucible. According to sources, the company’s difficulties included sexism and discrimination, racial design, inept leadership, and troubles with the Lumberyard engine.

Frazzini “helped create the games industry from the bottom up,” an Amazon spokeswoman told Bloomberg yesterday, adding, “Our recent achievements with New World and Lost Ark are the product of the long-term, customer-focused vision for games he helped establish.”

However, MMORPG veterans who follow MassivelyOP are well aware that both New World and Lost Ark have suffered several delays since their respective releases in autumn 2021 and winter 2022, respectively. Following its bumpy launch last year, New World has been plagued by serious design flaws, exploits, and major glitches, with peak concurrent gamers dropping from almost a million to around 30K as of this evening. Lost Ark is a Smilegate import that was released in the west by Amazon; it has dropped from 1.3 million concurrent viewers to 400K in the previous two months.

It is unclear who will take Frazzini’s place.


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