The game has been out for over a decade and it is still one of the most popular games in Nintendo’s franchise. In this guide, you will find helpful tips to make your Animal Crossing experience easier with friends!

The “animal crossing: new horizons local multiplayer” is a game that has been released by Nintendo. The game allows players to play with friends and other players online.

Animal Crossing Multiplayer Guide - How to Play ACNH With Friends

Even the Nintendo Switch’s most popular game, Animal Crossing, may be enhanced by playing it in multiplayer mode. Not only is Animal Crossing: New Horizons more fun with pals, but it’s also more sociable.

If you’re playing with a buddy from another island, there’s a possibility their fruit isn’t the same as yours (native to their island). You may earn extra bells by selling natural fruit with your friends while playing Animal Crossing.


You may now play Animal Crossing multiplayer in a variety of ways:

  • Local Multiplayer Couch Co-Op
  • Wireless Internet Access in Your Area
  • Multiplayer Online

We’ll walk you through the process of playing each of Animal Crossing’s multiplayer modes. This includes describing the advantages of each (like not having to buy the game twice for more than one person to enjoy it).

Animal Crossing Couch Co-Op is the first game in the Animal Crossing franchise (Party Play)

NH-Party_Play Fandom is the source of this image.

The good news is that if you or a buddy have a Switch and a copy of Animal Crossing, you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to play together.

Up to eight individuals may play Animal Crossing Couch Co-Op. All eight characters dwell on the same island, and up to four players may participate in Party Play sessions.

Here’s how to set up multiplayer couch co-op in Animal Crossing.

  • Begin by having one person create their own island on a Nintendo Switch. To build up the island and become the Resident Rep, they’ll need to go through the brief lesson at the beginning.
  • Add a second Nintendo Switch account to the system and start the game using that account.
  • Join the island that already exists. The player will be given a NookPhone with a fewature dubbed “Call Islander” as they arrive.
  • To begin Party Play, open the Call Islander app.

Remember that although eight individuals may dwell on the same island, only four people can play Party Play at the same time.

The person who starts Party Play is immediately designated the leader. Because Animal Crossing Party Play isn’t split-screen, “followers” will follow the leader.

What Are the Options for Followers?

Followers won’t have full access to their pockets, shops, or structures like the leader, but they will be able to participate in certain parts of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, such as fishing and bug capturing.

By shaking the Joy-Con or using the Call Islander app, you may change the leader at any moment.

Follow our thorough inactive player instruction in Animal Crossing to remove a player from your island.

2. Animal Crossing Wireless Internet Access in Your Area Multiplayer


Similar to Party Play, up to eight players can play together on one person’s island in Animal Crossing using Wireless Internet Access in Your Area or Multiplayer Online.

Note: Multiplayer Online will unlock on day 2. This is when Dodo Airlines becomes available.

Players must have their own Nintendo Switch and a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons to participate. This is how you do it.

  • Players must be in close proximity to each other to play Animal Crossing multiplayer without an internet connection (within a few feet).
  • Choose the island you’d like to visit. That player must contact Orville at Dodo Airlines.
  • Choose “I want guests” and then “through local play.”
  • Orville will look for a nearby island that players may visit, either one that is exhibited by you (if friends are visiting you) or one that is named after a buddy.
  • Choose the “I want to fly” option if you wish to visit a friend’s island instead.

What Makes Local Play Different From Party Play?

You may be asking why you’d want to play Local Play instead of Party Play, given that it necessitates each participant having their own Switch and Animal Crossing disc.

Local play, on the other hand, is superior than Party play in a number of respects. When a player comes to your island or you come to theirs, all players have access to their inventory, allowing activities to run more smoothly.

There is also no leader/follower structure, allowing you to freely explore your friend’s island.

3. Animal Crossing Multiplayer Online


The last option for playing Animal Crossing multiplayer with your buddies is to connect to the internet. You can’t add a person as a “best buddy” until you’ve played with them at least once, which you may do here.

If you wish to get to another player’s island, follow these steps:

  • Speak with Orville at Dodo Airlines.
  • Choose “I want to travel!” and then “I want to see someone.”
  • Select “through internet play” next.
  • Either “search for a buddy” or “search through Dodo code” will suffice.
  • You’ll be able to visit your friend’s island after you’ve chosen one of the two options.

Here’s what you need to do if you want your buddy to visit your island:

  • Dodo Airlines is the place to go.
  • “I want guests,” then “through online play,” are the options.
  • You may invite “all my friends” or “just my closest friends” to your island.
  • “Invite through Dodo code” is another option.

To leave or expel individuals from your island in Animal Crossing, just hit the “-” sign to stop any session. Speak with Orville and pick “shut the gate” if you don’t want players to return.

Playing Animal Crossing Multiplayer with your friends or The best of friends is a great way to spend time together.

You may have noticed in this Animal Crossing multiplayer tutorial that there were two options: playing with friends or playing with The best of friends. You could be perplexed as to what the difference is!

When you play with your closest pals, you have additional possibilities, such as hitting stones, digging for fossils, and so on. We’ve put up this Animal Crossing friend versus The best of friends choices table to make it simpler to understand the differences.

Optional Gameplay Friends The best of friends
Fruits and flowers should be picked and planted. yes yes
Obtain insects and fish yes yes
Gather materials on the ground. yes yes
To collect iron, clay, or money, hit stones. no yes
Forage for wood from trees. no yes
Look for clams and fossils. no yes
Trees should be planted. no yes
To purchase and sell, go to the Nook Shop. yes yes
Items in Resident Services may be accessed. no no
Speak with the local animals. yes yes
Enter residences yes yes

Note that no terraforming or decorating may be done when players are visiting you or while you are visiting an island.

How to Add The best of friends in Animal Crossing


Now that we understand the benefits of playing Animal Crossing multiplayer with The best of friends, it’s time to learn how you add them.

  • Open your Nook Phone once you’ve played Animal Crossing at least once with someone.
  • Select the “The best of friends” app.
  • Select the player you wish to make a best friend with.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf: How to Use Dodo Codes

Dodo Codes are a kind of security in Animal Crossing that prevents you from visiting anyone’s island without their permission and preventing them from entering yours.

Dodo Codes can be used in Local Play and Multiplayer Online in the game.

To get your Dodo Code, chat with Orville and choose “Invite through Dodo Code.” You may provide it to your trustworthy pals as a five-digit code. Friends or other players may also offer you their Dodo Code so that you can visit their island.

Check out our Animal Crossing site for more Animal Crossing tips and techniques!

Animal Crossing is a game that’s been around for over 20 years. The latest update to the game, “animal crossing split screen update“, has introduced multiplayer features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play with friends on Animal Crossing?

A: The answer to that question is up in the air. It seems as though Nintendo is still trying to figure out what their next steps are with Animal Crossing and its online features, they have made no promises yet on when we will be able to play together.

Can you play two players on Animal Crossing?

A: Yes, you can play with up to four players on Animal Crossing.

Can 2 people play Animal Crossing on the same switch?

A: You can only play Animal Crossing on one Switch at a time.

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