XLGames will launch a new game called ArcheWorld on July 20. The game is an open-world fantasy MMORPG that features NFTs and an in-game store where players can purchase, trade, or auction items to other players.

The “upcoming nft games 2022” is a game where players will be able to explore, battle, and trade in an online world. The game launches in July.

ArcheAge developer XLGames unveils an NFT-filled game launching in July called ArcheWorld


ArcheAge creator XLGames announced plans for ArcheWorld, a new game that’s basically full of NFT nonsense, during a media event for Bora, a blockchain and NFT “environment” (isn’t that an ironic usage of the word?). That is, in fact, the name.

Returning to the game, XLGames’ CEO praises ArcheWorld’s use of blockchain technology to turn every created item into an NFT. The CEO is reported as stating, “It implies a comprehensive ‘creator economy’ in which players go beyond merely owning the right to an object and develop missions for the game, design maps, construct dungeons, and modify and submit ideas.”

It’s worth noting that this game is not the same as ArcheAge 2, which was initially announced in 2020 (and is unlikely to be released until at least 2024). It’s also unclear how closely the game is linked to the ArcheAge IP; it might very well be a blockchain-enabled version of ArcheAge.

XLGames plans to debut ArcheWorld in July, but it’s uncertain how widespread the launch will be, especially because blockchain games are outlawed in South Korea and cryptocurrency prohibitions are spreading globally. Whatever the case may be, it seems that a possibly worse version of ArcheAge is on its way.


The “idle nft games” is a new game by ArcheAge developer XLGames. The game will launch in July, and it is filled with NFTs that can be collected and traded.

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