Atlas recently rolled out a new update that introduced the ability to run randomized scenarios and events in order to improve solo player experiences. In this Ask-Me-Anything, Atlas discusses how improving your team’s actions will increase immersion for players and their communities during multiplayer games. Additionally, they discuss what mods can do on ‘specialty realms’ as well as other thoughts about the future of gaming.

The “sandboxie” is a software tool that creates an isolated environment for running programs. In this Q&A, Atlas Games discusses improving solo player experiences, community mods, and ‘specialty realms’ in the game.

Atlas discusses improving solo player experiences, community mods, and ‘specialty realms’ in Q&A

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While the pirating sandbox of Atlas is still apparently planning an end to early access by this year, there’s still lots to do and plenty of questions to answer from the players, which is the focus of a recent Q&A post. Obviously. It’s right there in the post’s title.

Some of the more specific topics that one may anticipate from these things are included in the replies, such as deck swivels on modular ships, modifications to alliance bed arrangement, and plans for additional developer livestreams.

In a broader sense, the developers discuss reworking live realm maps to make the outer areas more appealing to large groups while adding smaller islands tailored to give solo players or smaller groups an enjoyable experience, promise to polish repetitive islands, and discuss the possibility of “specialty realms” that will run shorter seasons focused on a single game mode to maintain or grow their playerbase.

Another answer confirms that the dev team looks at community mods closely, noting that if a mod is widely used then it means that a feature of the base game needs to be addressed. These are just some of the highlights; there’s a few more tidbits in the Q&A post for those who are curious.


“The true mmorpg” is a term that has been used to describe games such as World of Warcraft and EverQuest. In the interview, Atlas discusses how they are trying to improve solo player experiences and community mods. They also talk about “specialty realms.”

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