When you’re a Warframe player, you’re never actually away from the game. It is the only game we play. For the most part, Warframe has always been a game that doesn’t require a lot of time investment. It’s a game that is meant to be played casually, and to be played over and over again. The only exception to this is when you are about to release a new game.

Today we’re going to break down the best Catchmoon builds you can use in Warframe. This list is NOT the be-all, end-all of the best Catchmoon builds. We’re also going to talk about how you can optimize them to be more effective, and we’re going to talk about our go-to builds, which you can steal and use in your own game!

The new Catchmoon release features a sleek new design that is inspired by the moon’s natural beauty. The moon in Warframe is a celestial body that is where the game’s Bounties and Cephalon fragments are located. The new moon is found in the Plains of Eidolon.

The Catchmoon camera is considered by many to be the best kitgun camera, although the other three versions are also excellent options. It has innate heat and stun damage and a piercing effect, making it an ideal weapon against large groups as well as higher level enemies and even bosses or stealth assassins. It also has a fairly large caliber and fires large energy beams that have a (fast) travel time, as well as a damage limitation (from 20 meters), no damage bonus for headshots, and a somewhat limited range of only 47.5 meters. But if you’re not afraid to get close, killing enemies will be very easy with the good Catchmoon mod. Not only do we supply this build, but we also tell you what parts to use to build your own kitgun.

  • Congenital impact injuries
  • Congenital thermal damage
  • Conceived piercing of the enemy
  • Large calibre bullets
  • Congenital impact injuries
  • Congenital thermal damage
  • limit the damage
  • Limited range

Best execution

Let’s talk about the parts you have to use, which is actually not very controversial with this caulking gun: Obviously, you want to choose Catchmoon as your camera with Haymaker as your handle to maximize the damage you do, and use Splat as your charger. The latter will greatly increase your critical damage, which is great with the Haymaker’s already increased damage and high caliber. This also allows you to use Primed Pistol Gambit and Primed Target Cracker, both of which are super powerful in general and especially with critical weapons. You can try and experiment with different components, and if you find the best one, leave us a comment!

Catchmoon Hybrid Build

Hybrid Catchmoon Build word-image-15335 word-image-15336 This is probably the construction you will end up choosing by default. Hornet Strike and the two primed mods (or the normal version if you don’t have primed mods) are a must for inclusion in any crit-based secondary. Force Magnum should also always be used unless the reduction in accuracy is too great, which is not the case with Catchmoon. You also want to have as many multishots as possible that allow you to destroy large groups of monsters in one or two shots, so take Barrel Scatter and Deadly Torrent. For the last two slots, we highly recommend using two +60% status happiness mods of your choice and taste. The weakest mod here is Lethal Torrent: While the ability to fire multiple times is very nice, the extra rate of fire is not very useful, as you will likely have to take out enemies with one shot for a long time. So if you have a good Riven mod or need something like Pummel or Augur Pact, trade them for Lethal Torrent.


While the Catchmoon is one of the most powerful secondary weapons in the game, there isn’t much to experiment with, either in terms of parts or modeling. The weapons are pretty simple, and as long as you’re in range, you’ll quickly destroy everything around you. Despite the lack of extra damage from a headshot, we recommend using Pax Seeker Arcane simply because the effect is so powerful. If you think we missed something important, or if you have ideas to share, leave a comment below!The curse of Warframe is that it’s just too accessible. I mean, it’s ridiculous how easy it is to play the game, even when you’re an experienced player. That’s why I’ve set up a ‘guide’ blog. I can’t promise that it’ll be as good as a proper wiki or guide, but it’s a start.. Read more about tombfinger build and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Catchmoon still good?

Since the beginning of the year, some major changes have been made in the world of Warframe. In January, we introduced the new Void Fissure system, which is used to improve the performance of your Warframe. In March, we introduced the new Sentinel System, which adds a new gameplay mechanic: the Sentinel. Most recently, we introduced the new map, Sorties, which has been a major step forward for the game. The video game industry has changed drastically over the past decade. In 2008, the industry was worth $6.2 billion and generated 12.8 billion dollars in revenue. In 2015, that number has ballooned to $66.6 billion, with $25.6 billion coming from online games. The video game business is only expected to continue expanding in the coming years, and the industry is thought to have a value of $150 billion by 2020. As the industry continues to prosper, so does the video game.

What is the best Kitgun?

Game developers have been designing games with an immersive experience in mind since the early days of video games. However, today games are more complex than ever, and with the addition of new technologies, such as virtual reality, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep players engaged. The Kitgun is a melee weapon that is unique in its type, since it has a slow, but powerful attack. It is a highly versatile weapon that can be used for all-purpose combat. There is no single best kitgun for everything, so it all boils down to your own play style and preferences. For example, the best kitgun for me would probably depend on the style of gameplay I was playing. For example, if I was playing a fast paced FPS game where I needed to be fast on the trigger, a sword would be the best option. However, if I was playing a slower paced RPG where I needed to be more tactical, a more refined gun would be for me.

Is the Tombfinger good?

It was a long time ago. I was a kid, my parents, my friends, everyone I knew had a PlayStation. I had a Sega and a Dreamcast because I wanted to play Sonic on an emulator. I had a Sega Saturn too but there wasn’t any good games. Sony and Nintendo were a thing of the past. We all had stuff like PlayStation and Nintendo systems. Over the next few years I grew older, and I moved out to live on my own. I got a job, and I got a small apartment. Then I moved to a small house, and I got a small job. I was a single person living by myself. The Tombfinger was first released in 2013, but is still being used today. The Tombfinger is a mod added to the game Warframe by the community. The mod is a combination of the weapons Vulkar and Leaper, which were originally released separately in 2013.

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