Biological evolvement, part, is a new game I made. You can download here for PC, Laptop or Desktop. It is a narrative RPG with 15+ hours of gameplay. (Hint: read the description for a thorough explanation of the game)

Biomutant is an open-world action game taking place on a distant planet, where you take on the role of a powerful genetic experiment gone wrong. You will need to find a way to live, and to survive, through the monstrous and dangerous environments on the planet, the endless roaming hordes of bioweapons, and the brutal artificial intelligences living within the planet’s core.

The Biomutant universe is full of places to discover, hidden secrets, and dangerous creatures. You can find out more on the official game website and the Biomutant subreddit .

The Ankati tribe is one of six tribes available in Biomutant that players can join. Each of the six tribes controls its own outposts, and the Ankati have four outposts, including a fortress. In this guide, we discuss three outposts and forts to help you take control of the tribe.

Where to find Ankati tribe in Biomutant

word-image-12921 word-image-12922 To conquer the Ankati tribe and take the main Ankati stronghold, you must first conquer three of their outposts: Skypuk Buitenpost, Wingo Buitenpost and Whiffwaft Buitenpost. These entry panels are located in Sector 7B. So set a landmark on the first of the three outposts and go from there.

Skypuk Buitenpost

Approach the main gate of the outpost and the outpost leader will let you in. You can try to convince him to leave the outpost peacefully, but if you fail to do so, he will unleash a titan to try to kill you. If you defeat the titan, the ruler will give you the outpost.

Wingo Buitenpost

Wingo’s outpost is more difficult. Go to the door and talk to your Ankati tribesmen and ask them to break the door down. You must first defeat a wave of guards, then reload and ignite flamethrower tanks. Press the barrel slide to release an explosive barrel and roll it to the big door. Shoot him from a safe distance to open the door. Go to the next area and defeat the outpost guard. Find a tower (Tree House) that will bombard you with bombs. To destroy them, bounce the explosives at Bumhut in melee. If the first is destroyed, the second will attack from the other corner, so destroy it the same way. Go up the stairs along the wall to find Viceclave. Use it to destroy the target above the big door on the other side. Go through this door, down the path and reach the end to pick up Wingo.

Outpost Wiffwaft

A member of your tribe will be waiting for you at the entrance to the outpost. Talk to him and he will tell you the strategy to take the outpost. Enter the outpost to begin the encounter. Defeat the enemies guarding the pipes and proceed to the next area. Eventually you get to the first filter, so interact with it and solve the puzzle. You should do the same in the next two areas: Fight the guards protecting the filters, then solve their riddles. After solving the last riddle, you are entitled to an outpost.

Fortress Ankati

After you have conquered three outposts of the Ankati tribe, you can take the fort. Talk to the Sifu at the gate of the fortress and he will explain the plan to you. Go to the marked warehouse to find some paper powder, then interact with the remaining oil. Go back to the Sifu, and your tribe throws a bangball to enter the fort. When the door is destroyed, fight the guards and then solve the puzzle at the end of the path to free Mega Mook from his cage. Follow Mega Muck as he leads you through the wall and then through the door into the stage. You meet Ankachi Siku and can try to convince him to return the fort peacefully, but if you fail, you must defeat him. So you took back the fortress of the Ankati tribe. If you want to know more about Biomutant:Biomutant is a game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where several tribes live off the land scavenging for food and fending off enemy tribes and mutants. A creature called the Mutants (or simply the mutants) are extremely dangerous, and a major threat to the tribes, so they must be stopped. The tribes have a few creatures to rely on in their fight against the mutants, but each tribe has a different set of strengths and weaknesses.. Read more about biomutant tribes and let us know what you think.

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