Many new players to Biomutant have been wondering where to find certain mounts for the Biomutant. This guide will help you find the Biomutant mounts. This guide will not go over location of the default or purchasable mounts. These Biomutant mounts will be broken down into the following categories: Normal, Legendary, and Collector. This guide will cover the following Biomutant mounts:

Biomutant is a new open world, post-apocalyptic action RPG where you play as a mutant, craft weapons and gear, and fight other mutated animals in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Biomutant is the next game from Fatshark, the developers behind the rather excellent Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide.

As you progress through Biomutant, you are going to come across the need to be able to run faster to get from one area to another. While some of the basic mechanics for this game are similar to some other games you may have played, there are some differences that can cause you to get stuck for a while if you are not aware of them. The first thing you need to know about Biomutant is that you actually have to unlock the ability to purchase mounts. The very first time you play this game, you should focus on getting your character to level 3, which is when you will be able to get a mount.

Want to discover and use exciting new mounts in Biomutant? This Biomancer Location Guide contains location maps for the many maunts featured in the game, from four-legged creatures to massive two-legged mechas. word-image-14186 Ties are an integral part of the biomutant experience. Some allow you to move faster, some are great in combat, and some allow you to use special abilities to reach previously unreachable areas. Maunts are scattered throughout the biomutant world, but if you know their location, they are relatively easy to find and tame. To tame the biggest maunts in the game, you need to find special pips. Note that most fasteners are located in more than one place. The accessory storage locations listed below were chosen based on their accessibility and the frequency with which accessories are found in a particular location.

Guide to locating biomutants


Puki Azure Gnoat

A small herd of Puki Azure Gnoat can be found at this location, a short walk from the fort. word-image-14187 word-image-14188 Mandatory item: Coco Peep.


The Mekton is a giant suit that is impressive in battle. It opens as the story progresses, early enough in the game that you can’t miss it. word-image-14189

Miff Gnoat

This four-legged creature resembling a land weapon is in a small camp east and down from the nearest fast travel point. word-image-14190 word-image-14191 Mandatory item: Pirro Pips.

Puti Gnoat

Go to this place and you’ll get the main command Meat Eater. A predator attacks a goat that looks like a demon. If you beat the meatball, you get the Puti Gnoat mount. word-image-14192 word-image-14193

Surfipelago Gnoat

There is a petrol station on the road west of this place. Follow the path to where I am and you will see X walking nearby. word-image-14194 Required item: Turnip greens word-image-14195

Bula Gnoat

You can buy this riding animal for 1,250 greenbacks from a trader in the Lotus Fort. word-image-14196

Sultanate of Azure Gnoat

Sult Acid Gnoat group is located here. word-image-14197 word-image-14198 Mandatory item: Coco Peep.

Moss Azure Gnoat

You can buy it at the Skypuk Outpost in the Deadlands for 1,250. word-image-14199 word-image-14200

Abo Gnoat

At this spot you will find the horned beast at the waterside. word-image-14201 Required item: Pip-Peeling word-image-14202

The Googlide

After meeting Out-Of-Date at the Tree of Life, he will order you to talk to Goop. Complete this quest to unlock this mountain. It allows you to navigate in the water.

Turgel Gnoat

They are quite common in many areas, but only in this area could I find a pine forest nearby. word-image-14203 Required item: Pine moth. word-image-14204


Mechanical attachment in the form of a horse. It becomes clearer as the story progresses and you begin to help Noko. word-image-14205


You will get this mount if you complete the Noco quest in the main story. word-image-14206 jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery(‘div.sc_accordion’).accordion({ header : h5, collapsible : true, heightStyle : content, active : 0 }); })

Biomutant offices

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Biomutant lateral mission development plan

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Guide to locating biomutants

Want to discover and use new and exciting setups in Biomutant? This biomutant maunts location guide gives location maps of many different maunts that you can find in the game, including all maunts. The post Biomutant Mount Location Guide appeared first on GamersHeroes.So you want to know where to find the Biomutant Mounts? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Throughout the Biomutant’s world, there are a total of 3 Mounts to find. Two of these are fairly easy to get, while the last one is a bit harder to find. I’ve also included a brief description of each mount!. Read more about biomutant mounts and let us know what you think.

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