With the summer months looming, Blizzard has finally announced the next expansion for Blizzard’s phenomenally popular card game Hearthstone. It’s called The Witchwood, and it promises to shake things up even further. The tenth expansion for the game is coming soon, and you can pre-order it now. Also, while we’re at it, here’s a deal on a sub-subscription deal for World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft’s summer of 2015 didn’t begin with a bang, as the latest expansion, “Legion”, will take players all the way back to the early days of the game’s history. It’ll launch on August 30th, and will add a slew of new features aimed at helping players get better at playing the game. For one, it’ll introduce the Demon Hunter specialization, which allows players to generate a new set of skills based on their character’s vocation. There’ll also be a new level cap of 110, and players will be able to choose from multiple new character models (and even choose the gender of their character). In addition, the expansion will feature new raids, and will include a new PvP mode called “Arena

Blizzard announced the next expansion for Hearthstone on Wednesday. It’s one of those expansions that is meant to shake up the meta but ultimately leaves you with a feeling of “meh”. The Lost Secrets of Uldum is a big expansion that introduces a new giant monster that will give players the opportunity to play new tactics. Meanwhile, players will have to prepare for the new raid that will have the players fight a giant spider boss. It’s a smaller expansion in comparison to the last few, but it still will shake things up.

There is a lot of information about Blizzard games, so we decided to bring it all together in a single file. Do you like the bow? Tell me you like onions. It took me hours to tie this knot. To make this bow, I watched more PBS sewing shows than I care to admit. As an arch.

Let’s start with Hearthstone, which has announced that its next expansion, United in Stormwind, will be released on Tuesday, August 3. will be released. The expansion adds 135 new cards to the game, including quest line cards for each of the GCC classes that give in-game effects and a legendary mercenary if players complete all three phases of the quest line, as well as keyword tradable cards that give powerful situational effects and the ability to trade them for another card in the player’s deck for the cost of one mana.

Additionally, Battle.net is holding a summer sale with various discounts on all ActiBlizz games. Of immediate interest to our gaming division is the World of Warcraft six-month subscription bundle, which includes the Sapphire Skyblazer mount for WoW Retail and the Imp in a Ball toy for WoW Classic. This bundle was originally listed as a Phoenix bundle and was removed shortly after its release, but now it’s back and offering to fly with the big blue bird.

Finally, attention Diablo III players: Season 23 ends on Sunday the 18th. July, in North America at 8:00 pm. EDT. Then comes the season of the disembodied.

ViewBlizzard has announced the next Hearthstone expansion, which will see the game adding over 35 new cards to the game. The expansion is called “The Boomsday Project”, and it will see the game receiving over 150 new cards. The expansion is set to release later this year.. Read more about next hearthstone expansion 2021 date and let us know what you think.

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