Without further ado, the reviews are in! And what reviews they are. The first of these to go up is our review of Bravely Default, and the verdict is that it’s one of the best RPG’s available on the PS3.

It’s been three years since I reviewed Bravely Default , and it’s still one of my favorite games. It’s easy to say this game is a work of genius—and it is—but more importantly, it’s a tribute to the JRPG genre, which has gone through some rough years up to this point. That being said, Bravely Default’s influence on the JRPG genre cannot be denied, and its influence on my life can’t be denied either.

Bravely Default was an excellent RPG that combined familiar Final Fantasy elements with a fresh, new battle system. It was also one of the most unique RPGs of all time, with a unique battle system and a complex story. With Bravely Default 2, Square Enix is continuing to innovate with a sequel that is more demanding than the original. You have to manage a party of six characters and have to juggle the risk of death while keeping the party alive in battle. There is a lot that is new and different, but it’s not hard to pick up and play.

Bravely Default 2 is a lot of games , and I think I’m just beginning to scratch the surface. It starts out as an intentionally simple Japanese RPG, both in terms of plot and gameplay, but gets bigger as it progresses. Once you get to the level I’m at now, even random encounters tend to make more use of combat mechanisms, and I see flaws in my party building that I wouldn’t have noticed a few hours ago. For most of the first 10 hours of the game, BD2feels like nostalgia fuel for JRPG nerds, offering nothing but a double dose of pure escapism for those who grew up in the 90s. But it’s worth it, and behind it is a sophisticated and complex combat system for those with the patience for it.

Bravely Default 2 Overview: Game of the year 1998

word-image-12097 Bravely Default as a series specifically designed to be a traditional JRPG. It has many familiar features, such as the names of the spells borrowed from Final Fantasy, to make it easily and immediately accessible to newcomers and casual players alike. I didn’t know that, and the first 60 minutes of BD2felt like plagiarism from Square Enix itself, where the game doesn’t so much mimic Final Fantasy as it is composed of spare parts from that series. The result looks like an artifact from another era. It’s easy to say that it feels like a JRPG for the PlayStation from over 20 years ago, that brief time when the genre hadn’t yet felt the full impact of the success ofFinal Fantasy 7, but that’s not entirely true. Here’s what it comes down to: Bravely Default 2is one of the least cynical RPGs I’ve played in a long time, Japanese or not. It is a simple fantasy story, devoid of irony and sarcasm, about four new friends who go on a journey to save the world. While I’m sure there will be at least one twist, I’m not sure I’ve played a game this relentlessly optimistic since Skies of Arcadia -, and I know the weight of that comparison. word-image-12098 This is not to say that theBD2 is a pure treat. You can tell a lot about your world, the setting and the characters’ reactions to it. Gloria in particular is the best portrayal of survival guilt you’ll find in a video game, and the mood gets heavily around the second chapter. The difference is that the characters acknowledge the problems around them, but they don’t spend a lot of time getting angry or endlessly hostile stoicism, as many JRPG characters do. In a genre where the player group usually has exactly one bright-eyed, optimistic young character to support the story, this describes all in BD2. One of the most consistent themes of the film so far is that it’s worth doing something good, no matter how small, whether it’s bringing a meal to a man or killing a monster to protect travelers. In the 90’s everyone would have laughed at such a morality, especially me, but now I find it ironically refreshing. word-image-12099 I’ll say this: The art style of the gameBD2is actively working against his plot. Whether they fight or not, the design of each character makes them look like a cartoon character from Precious Moments. It works well in a fight or casual conversation, but every scene in BD2 , which should have been dark or serious, comes at a pace far removed from the Robot Chicken skit. You have to keep a sense of awesomeness about this movie.

Economics of action

In the game BD2, you have an additional combat resource called Valor Points (VPs) that you can spend to give a character additional actions when it’s your turn. You may also spend up to three BP that you don’t have to perform up to four actions in a row. This is done in exchange for skipping an equal number of subsequent moves. This system makes every round of combat lively, even in random battles like typical chance encounters, especially since even larger enemies can use this system. The easiest way to create a BP is to use the Default command, which forces the character to focus on defense and delay the next action. In practice, you have to patiently play out each fight, use the standard actions to generate BP, and then use the saved actions to create and use windows of opportunity. It’s more strategic than most other turn-based combat systems, and the game gives you a long difficulty curve to master. word-image-12100 Additionally, BD2 has a profession system similar to that of Final Fantasy 5or FF 14, in which you gradually get new classes for your four main characters as you progress through the game. Each job offers a different set of active and passive skills, with enough complexity built into the system to encourage experimentation. You can use up to two classes at once and combine up to five passive skills on one character, which opens the door for a lot of potentially humiliating combinations. (It also means you can accidentally ruin lives; right now I have a Berserker who is immune to Berserk status, which negates one of his best skills.) But the most important thing in all of this is to be very patient. After spending about 12-15 hours in Bravely Default 2, the sidewheels slowly come off and the game starts to focus on making groups. So far, you can get away with pretty much any team except for a few boss fights. This means that you are gently pushed to gain knowledge through endless battles against monsters in a game where there is no single combat encounter. This gets especially annoying when monsters start relying on the Brave/Default system, so any monster can suddenly explode with four consecutive attacks and beat your healer to death before you can do anything. word-image-12101 BD2 offers a number of non-combat bonuses to speed things up, such as an exploration mode that sends an NPC ship searching for rare items without you. Over time, however, these bonuses seem to cancel out the flaws in the system that BD2 built. If you don’t mind grinding, BD2is relatively painless and it can be fun to watch the numbers grow. It has a lot of little flaws that add up quickly, not the least of which is that it’s there at all. I can say without hesitation that this game is as much for newcomers to the genre as it is for strategy fans and 90’s nostalgics. Bravely Default 2is a traditional JRPG, with a hefty dose of escapism and a forgiving but steep difficulty level. I’d be happier if the art-style was at least a little more realistic and the combat system was made for the game, but I’ve had the most fun so far with Bravely Default 2. What interests me most is whether his problems persist until the endgame, or whether my current doubts are merely teething troubles in anticipation of a change in fighting gear.

Bravely Default 2: Overview –Results



  • A slow fighting system that encourages thinking outside the box.
  • A surprisingly friendly, relaxed and optimistic tone (at first).
  • A variety of interesting and sometimes wild possibilities for character development.
  • Nostalgic.


  • Too long for at least 20 hours
  • Many side tasks are reduced to unnecessary and time-consuming chores.
  • Random encounters are often delayed by rotating monster attacks.
  • The B&D deck is useless after unlocking the Player

This was originally a review in progress, but a few weeks have now passed and it turns out I’ve learned a few more things – enough to give these final thoughts on Bravely Default 2. By the middle of the game, after about 30 hours, you’ll have collected enough quests to explore some really broken elements. In most comparable JRPGs from the 90s and 00s, these features were reserved for the end of the game to give you a chance to beat the obligatory side-quest boss. In BD2, they are a basic survival tactic. After the second chapter takes away your training wheels, BD2 kindly asks you to break his combat knee or die. Without careful grouping, chance encounters can become exhausting endurance tests, and bosses can become nightmares. But they have the means to deal with it. Most of the new trades you can get in the middle and at the end of the game offer the possibility of at least one really bad combination. The only limit is how much time you want to spend making combos and how easy you want to make the game afterwards. This makes it seem like you’re in an almost constant arms race against the processor. Each new area has a few new enemies with even nastier stuff, so you have to adjust your tactics. It’s a difficult game, testing different skills than a traditional JRPG. You won’t be able to handle the most difficult power level challenges; you’ll have to really think about building your character. BD2 also disappears into darkness and remains so until about the third chapter, contributing to this tonal conflict. Some episodes of BD2 look like a production of Titus Andronicus Muppet, because the graphic style does not match the presented themes. It’s a gap between the art and the script that I’ve never been able to bridge. I also have to admit that BD2 tested my will to play for a long time. She’s in no hurry to reach her destination, especially when we’re talking side missions and other optional content. As a kid, I would have walked past it twice in a row without being noticed, but as an adult, it’s almost more than I want to put up with. In the end, I’m probably not the target audience for BD2. There’s a lot that I like about this game, from the upbeat tone to the humble but enduring challenge, and the nostalgia of my lost youth has pulled me further into the game than I initially thought. I like BD2 more than I genuinely like. I still recommend BD2, but with reservations. Don’t take it if you’re not willing to make a lifestyle out of it for a month or so, and you should have the biologically maximum tolerance for classic style JRPGs. Bravely Default 2 is the ultimate platonic ideal of the form, with pros and cons that are both traditional and unique to the genre. [Note: Nintendo provided a copy of Bravely Default 2 that was used for this evaluation].”Bravely Default” was an essential RPG for many gamers, even if it wasn’t the best. It was a great game in its own right, but the game’s ultimate success came from how it was compared to its predecessor. Bravely Default’s story was great, but Firion’s story was better. The gameplay was fun, but it’s the final dungeon which made a lasting impression. “Bravely Default” was a game that had its flaws, but it was a game that inspired us all.. Read more about bravely default 2 ign and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bravely Default 2 boring?

I say that it’s boring because it’s just the same game. It’s the same thing as the first. It’s just trying to be better at the same thing. It’s just got a different paintjob. That’s not going to change the way it plays. Whether it’s a lot better, that’s a different story. It’s just it’s a game. This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy.

Is Bravely Default 2 a good game?

I’ve been thinking a lot about video games lately. Not because I’m bored or depressed or anything like that. I’ve been thinking a lot about video games because I’ve been playing one. This isn’t a recent occurrence. It’s been going on for months, actually. For those of you who don’t know, I’m a huge fan of the Bravely Default series. In my opinion, it’s one of the best JRPGs in existence, and one of the best JRPGs on the 3DS, period. That’s why I’m so excited for the upcoming Bravely Second. Bravely Default 2 is a JRPG from Square Enix that hails from the Final Fantasy series. The game uses a “Bravely Default” naming convention, meaning the first game in the series was released on the Nintendo DS.

Do I need to play bravely default before Bravely Default 2?

One of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises, “Bravely Default”, finally got its sequel this year. The gameplay in Bravely Default remains unchanged, but the story and characters are brand new. The new game takes place at the end of the world, and it’s up to two childhood friends to save the last of humanity. The characters have all grown up, and there are tons of new challenges and situations to face, but you’ll also feel like you’re playing the same game you played on the first one. Earlier this month, Square Enix announced Bravely Default: The Flying Fairy, a sequel to last year’s Bravely Default, which has flown in to the top of the Steam sales charts. It’ll be available on consoles, Windows PCs, and the Nintendo 3DS, so to help you decide whether it’s worth getting, I’ve written a review of the original game.

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