Camelot Unchained is an MMORPG developed by Mark Kern and other former Hi-Rez Studios developers. It was originally announced in late 2013 and planned for release in early 2014. Since then, there has been a lot of confusion on whether the game was still being developed, and whether it would be released.

In May 2016, Mark Jacobs announced that Camelot Unchained would be using the Unreal Engine , which is made by Epic Games . That’s a good thing, but the news was not entirely positive. First, many players were angry that Camelot Unchained wouldn’t be using the engine made by their favorite company. Second, the game would receive refunds if players weren’t happy with the game.

Camelot Unchained, an MMORPG made by Mark Jacobs, has stated that it is not planning on licensing its engine to other developers, and would continue paying refunds to anyone who had sent them money in the hopes of licensing it. However, the dev team has stated that the engine will remain free to download for anyone who wishes to use it.


City State Entertainment, the studio behind Camelot Unchained, came under fire earlier this month after its CEO objected to a YouTube video speculating that the business was on the brink of bankruptcy. According to CSE’s Mark Jacobs, the video misrepresented the company’s finances since the YouTuber didn’t have all of the information. But, as we pointed out, the community didn’t have all of the information since City State didn’t offer enough openness, which included us, as the studio canceled a whole transparency-focused interview with us when we refused to remove one of the questions at its request.

During the subsequent conversations, we proposed that CSE respond to our queries in full on its own stream, on its own territory, to demonstrate that it had nothing to hide. Jacobs did stream alone in the CSE offices last evening, and he did answer some of our questions, but not all of them.

Most encouragingly, he claims that five new individuals have joined the team in the past few months, including a senior UI engineer who, according to Jacobs, was desperately required and would aid in the development of numerous initiatives outside the UI, such as voice chat. Along with the other improvements he mentions, he thinks this will help speed up development. The latest hires were for the studio’s Seattle branch; the business is wary of recruiting employees to relocate to Virginia just to have them work from home anyhow. He’d want to see his development staff grow by 20%.

In answer to a query about the next beta phase for the Kickstarted MMORPG, he refuses to provide a deadline for the next leg and the fully playable gameloop, which he had planned to finish by the end of the summer. “Dates simply serve to poke a stick in it someplace that you ultimately wind up picking up,” he claims, implying that the business is no longer working hard to collect backer money and that investors are paying for the game, so they don’t feel obliged to provide dates they think are incorrect. (Camelot Unchained was Kickstarted in 2013 and has been in “beta one” status since 2018.)

Final Stand Ragnarok’s 0.5 version will be released in the next weeks, according to Jacobs. It “runs like a champ,” he adds, and the company will keep working on it since the investors are enabling the business to keep recruiting.

“The investors are continuing to support us,” he adds, assuring players that the games are safe and well-funded. “Everyone seems to be content where we are. They’d be overjoyed if we went live!” He also claims that the developers have no plans to license CSE’s proprietary engine anytime soon. He replies, “That would be a frickin’ catastrophe.” “There are no marketing materials for it anywhere.” Later, Jacobs claims that the engine’s quality will show that the crew understands what it’s doing. “It’s simple to see why [critics] believe we’re simply a gaming engine company,” he adds, but he insists that is not the case.

What about refunds? “I’m still paying refunds,” Jacobs adds, reiterating that he does so while he’s in the office. He did not, however, respond to any of the open concerns about refunds that we, other media, and players have raised, including more specific queries from the broadcast’s chat on the subject; in fact, he chastised a stream user who pushed him for additional information at one point. We’ve requested for clarification on how many refunds have been processed and how many remain unprocessed, as well as why CSE hasn’t spent time or money to expedite the process, given that some supporters have been waiting for more than a year and a half. (This has been an irritant to the MMO community for a long time, and it has perplexed the majority of our community as well.)

Jacobs also makes no mention of the game’s long-term viability, when the CU NDA will be lifted, the current monetization strategy, the anticipated playerbase number, or the seemingly fruitless backer allegations to the state attorney general earlier this year.

In answer to a query about New World from a supporter, he simply says that he “wish[s] other games to thrive in this area,” alluding to the adage “a rising tide lifts all boats.” He also claims that internet gaming has been a “joke” to publishers, although he is incorrect. “MMORPGs will be around for a long time,” he predicts. “Because of connection, [they] will become the most dominating game. […] I still believe in them.”

Finally, he expresses his opinion on the Blizzard allegations and lawsuit, calling them “serious” and “troubling.” He adds that businesses “get the reputation [they] deserve” and that he sympathizes with the victims, adding, “I’m hoping there’s more to the tale, but I have no hopes that there is.”

When We Say It Updates, The Month Ends! – The 23rd of July, 2021

July 24, 2021 — City State Entertainment (@CityStateGames)


The news that MMORPG developers “Camelot Unchained” (CU) and “Chronicle: RuneScape” (C:R) have chosen to cancel their in-house engine contracts with Epic Games and instead use the Unreal Engine 4 was met with a mixture in the gaming community.The reaction of Epic Games and C:R has been mixed, with some happy that Camelot and RuneScape will be able to release their games sooner, while others have suggested that Epic’s criticism of CU’s pricing model and its use of Unreal Engine 4 may have been the driving force.. Read more about what happened to camelot unchained and let us know what you think.

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