Ever since the launch of Camelot Unchained, we’ve been steadily sharing updates on the game and its development. The latest blog post we’ve shared with you is all about the world of Albion and the help new players will be able to receive from new NPCs. We’ve also talked about various different topics such as how to play as a mage, the design of the new town, and the climate system. We’ve also talked about the new server feature, which has been very popular with our beta community, and we’re happy to be able to share it with the general public.

We recently had the opportunity to ask Mark Jacobs, the Project Lead on the MMORPG Camelot Unchained about some of the features new to the game’s beta, including what has changed since the game’s alpha release in 2013, new additions to the game’s new “camelot Unchained” beta, including what has changed since the game’s alpha release in 2013, and some of the game’s new features.

The online MMORPG Camelot Unchained has been in development for two years now, and the team at City State Entertainment is currently hard at work on its gameplay and development. Today, we’re pleased to be able to share an update on the game’s progress and the new features we’ll be introducing in the coming months.


It’s September, and I’m ready for all the wonderful fall stuff, so if that title seems like a cornucopia, it’s because it is. Naturally, Camelot Unchained has been busy putting together a range of upgrades to the growing MMORPG; I simply wanted to smile and enjoy the autumn season.

The August Top Ten-ish highlights work on Linux backend issues, changes to melee combat that break up the melee tree into weapon and style types, adjustments to crowd control immunity that break it up into their own individual buckets (knockback, slow, and silence), and the setup of worldwide servers, with one test running the game from the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, the game’s latest newsletter offers more in-depth looks at the Cait Sith and Hamadryad races, as well as some images from the Coastal Lowlands region and a full rundown of how mage characters will operate in CU, from how their spells work to melee combat to changes coming for each type of mage.

Camelot Unchained, which was initially Kickstarted in 2013, has received criticism over the years due to delays, the formation of a second studio, the announcement of a second game utilizing CU’s custom-built engine, and delayed refunds, as MMORPG veterans will remember. In 2018, the game reached its “beta one” phase, with testing capable of simultaneously placing 3000 people and bots on the battlefield. The company claims it is still paying refunds and working on both games as of 2021, but it does not respond to requests for interviews with the press.


In a message from Mark Jacobs, the CEO of Mark Jacobs, the CEO of Camelot Unchained®, you will be informed on the latest updates on the game’s development and will be able to read information on the latest updates on the game’s development.. Read more about is camelot unchained dead and let us know what you think.

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