In the world of Crowfall, players have to choose their allegiance between two factions in order to take control of Valkyntine’s Day. Players are given a small selection of confectionery items and ingredients they can craft into treats for sale at the market place.

This is a game that has been released recently and tasks players with confectionery crafting for Valkyntine’s Day. It is a free-to-play title.

Crowfall tasks players with confectionery crafting for Valkyntine’s Day


With its population issues and Christmas sale to an investor who is both a game creator and player, I can’t say I expected Crowfall to have a Valentine’s Day event planned. But it has already begun such a celebration — Valkyntine’s Day – which includes chocolate.

“To begin this harvesting and crafting event, go to the Mystery Vendor in Dregs or Shadow Temples and buy the Supersaturated Sugar Solution and Harvesting Toolkit: Flavonoids. […] When a player possesses Supersaturated Sugar Solution in their inventory, the Chocolate Bars cooking recipe now adds an ingredient that generates Gourmet Chocolate Bars instead of Chocolate Bars. […] Using a Gourmet Chocolate Bar grants the Sugar Inspirations perk, which unlocks various holiday-themed culinary recipes that combine to make a Bowl of Hard Candy, which yields Cosmic Sours, the event’s currency.”

It’s one of the nicest crafting missions we’ve seen — how often do MMORPGs integrate a thorough candy crafting system? It doesn’t happen frequently enough. Get cooking since the event is already underway and will last through February 25th.

Crowfall Valkentine’s Day Event has started! Visit to participate.

— Crowfall (@CrowfallGame) February 11, 2022


The “crowfall crafting 2021” is a game where players must create confectionery for Valkyntine’s Day. The event is celebrated on the first of every year and lasts for one day.

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