The company has announced it is looking for a new executive producer to lead development of the Magic: The Gathering Online. The role will oversee all phases of game design and production, including community engagement, content strategy and creative vision.

Daybreak Games is seeking a new executive producer for “Magic: The Gathering Online”. The position will be responsible for the ongoing development of the game.

Daybreak seeks a new executive producer for Magic: The Gathering Online


Magic: The Gathering Online fans were astonished to learn at the end of December that the online CCG will now be produced by Daybreak Games. While some users saw the announcement as the game’s death knell, the developers said that the relocation will result in the formation of a new company. This brings us to today’s news, which is that Daybreak is looking for an executive producer to oversee the project.

The job posting is generally unremarkable, but one thing that is of interest is that this job is for a location in Renton, WA, instead of in San Diego, CA, or Austin, TX; Renton is home to Wizards of the Coast, suggesting that the “new” studio will stay there. A tweet announcing the posting further tries to spin this as continuing MTGO’s long lifespan, referencing the fact that the game turns 20 this year and that the studio has aspirations for 20 more years.

On the topic of MTGO, the game’s most recent dev blog announced the official formation of a panel of players for the Pauper format, who will “debate the format and provide suggestions of action to Wizards’ Play Design team.” This has the advantage of allowing you to decide which cards to remove from the format much more quickly. More information is available at the website above, as well as in the video after the break.


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