Two weeks ago, DC Universe Online released Episode 42 of the Dark Knights story arc. In it, a new player character known as Bella Duke is inducted into this secret society that has been around since the 17th century. She joins her mentor’s son Chase and takes on her first assignments under their guidance-to destroy an ancient artifact in order to save Gotham City from destruction by an Ancient Egyptian god.

The “dcuo anniversary 2022 end date” is a new update for DC Universe Online. The update will include the Dark Knights, Episode 43, and 44-45.

DC Universe Online teases Episode 43 Dark Knights, plus 44, 45, and the PS5 client


Roadmaps aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Actually, everyone. And, happily, Daybreak’s Dimensional Ink recently released one for DC Universe Online this week. While players can expect the usual events in the near future, such as a new time capsule, a new ally, daily rewards, and custom play, the key takeaway is that Episode 43: Dark Knights will launch in April as the “explosive conclusion” to the ongoing plotline, complete with open world missions, a duo, an alert, and a raid.

“Perpetua has broken through the Source Wall and is rebuilding the Multiverse, eliminating good worlds and siphoning power from malevolent ones.” She’s let free The Batman Who Laughs to establish his own other universes. Nothing and no one can stop her with this type of power. That’s when you enter the picture. A desperate coalition of the world’s heroes and villains has gathered in a devastated Washington, D.C. to plot an assault on Perpetua and her power sources. Or all planets will collapse if you don’t stand and fight. DARK KNIGHTS is a direct continuation of the events that started in METAL PART I, METAL PART II, BIRDS OF PREY, WONDERVERSE, and HOUSE OF LEGENDS, as well as a conclusion to the events that began in METAL PART I, METAL PART II, BIRDS OF PREY, WONDERVERSE, and HOUSE OF LEGENDS.”

This summer, Dark Knights will be followed by Episode 44, which will include the native PlayStation 5 client, a new lair, a new seasonal event, and the new feature system Daybreak is keeping quiet about.


Read the latest #DevelopmentUpdate from #DCUO Lead Producer, Panderus! #BlueBeetle #DarkKnights

— DCUO (@DCUO) February 16, 2022


“Justice token dcuo” is a new update for the DC Universe Online that will be released on July 4th. The update includes Episode 43: Dark Knights, plus 44, 45, and the PS5 client. Reference: justice token dcuo.

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