I’m a random person who started giving reviews for free for rage-esports.com and here I am, giving you a review of the game Death’s Door! As most of you probably know, this game has been around since 2009 and has been a staple in old-school gaming since then. Recently, the game has been released for Android and iOS, which means it’s now available for most smartphone users! As a hardcore gamer who has been playing games since the early 90’s, I’m excited to play a new mobile game and give it a try.

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When it comes to selling games, it’s a numbers game. More sales means more profit, so the best way to get more sales is to get more exposure, and the best way to get more exposure is to build a good reputation. With such a small community, it’s hard for a new game to gain traction, let alone a good reputation; it’s hard to get any attention at all.

Death’s Door was revealed in March of this year and is now available only four months later. Is this action-adventure worth your time, or should you put it to better use? Check out our review to learn more.

Review of Death’s Door

When you get at work, Death’s Door starts. You’re a reaper, and it’s your duty to gather souls. You play as a crow and collaborate with other crows. You arrive late and are immediately put to work. Your first mission is to retrieve a soul from a plant creature and deliver it to Reaper headquarters. Because you hardly battle anything before the boss, the encounter serves as a fighting lesson. After you defeat the monster, a huge crow appears behind you, knocks you unconscious, and takes your soul. You return to HQ and must return to the big crow to get the soul.

As long as they are not on the job, reapers are immortal. However, you are still working and maturing since you have lost the boss’s soul. You soon locate the big crow, who informs you of Death’s Door, the last destination of all life. He claims that if you gather three gigantic souls and smash this door open, you will all be set free. He’s already spent your stolen boss soul, therefore you won’t be able to get it back until the door is unlocked. This is followed by a well-crafted 7-10 hour trip around this devastated planet.

Deaths Door Review

Death’s Door is a top-down action role-playing game with some Souls-like elements. When you die, your enemies revive, but you keep your EXP. Combat is easy to learn but difficult to master. You won’t go very far if you rush in and start spamming attacks. Instead, you must study opponent tendencies and strike when they are weak in order to get a few strikes in. This may take a few tries for bosses, but the game always seemed fair. The most of my fatalities were from my being hungry and swinging more than I should have.

There are magic attacks that may be used as exploring tools in addition to melee combat. You begin with a magical bow and gain more skills as you go. I appreciate how the bow was a consistent part of my offensive strategy throughout the game. It never felt feeble, and in a few of battles, it was my saving grace. A bomb, which costs two magic points, a fireball, and a hookshot are also included. If you investigate and locate the mini-boss who holds their secret, you can improve all of them. For example, the bomb improvement prevents you from being harmed if you toss it near to yourself.

In terms of exploring, Death’s Door has a lot to offer. To begin with, there are collectibles all around the globe. They don’t hand over anything, but they do return to your office. Crystals may be used to boost your HP and magic points, but they are difficult to come by. Hidden weapons may help you even the odds against new adversaries and can be found all around the globe. Finally, NPCs congregate in a small center and will reveal secrets to you if you take the time to speak with them. There’s a lot to see and do.

Death's Door honest game review

Upgrades are another type of progression that you may get by spending your experience. You can improve damage, speed, dexterity, and magic, for example. These improvements will enhance something, but they will also increase the cost of the following upgrade. Rather than concentrating on raw strength or magic, this approach pushes you to be more well-rounded. You won’t be able to get more HP this way, so you’ll need to increase your speed to enhance your dodge. Enemies also don’t drop a lot of EXP, so each upgrade is strategic.

For me, the paucity of EXP that opponents drop is an issue. Unless I was forced to, I didn’t see the purpose in battling all of the opponents. In a number of sections, I sprinted through most of the attackers and reset when I reached a checkpoint. Another issue I encountered was the lack of a map. NPCs will assist you to the best of their abilities, but having one would have been very beneficial. I did got lost a number of times as a result of this.

Death’s Door, for the most part, knocks it out of the park and is a strong candidate for indie GOTY. Fans of top-down action RPGs should not pass up this opportunity.

This Death’s Door review was completed on a computer. The publisher gave me a digital code to use.

Death’s Door Review

Death’s Door was revealed in March of this year and is now available only four months later. Is this action-adventure worth your time, or should you put it to better use? See our review for more information.

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Death’s Door is a new FPS multiplayer game from developer Universal Combat Alliance and is available on PC. The game is immediately familiar to those who have played Unreal Tournament or Quake 3 Arena, and the game modes are quite similar.. Read more about death’s door playstation and let us know what you think.

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