Let’s get this out of the way: Deep Rock Galactic is an Early Access game on Steam. It has been in development for four years, and was released earlier last month with mixed reviews by both players and critics. That being said, it still offers a lot to curious beginner gamers who have never played anything like it before–and promises much more content down the line!

“Deep Rock Galactic: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide” is a game that has been released in 2022. It is an Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch game. This guide will help you get started with the game.

Deep Rock Galactic: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide (2022)

Welcome to the most powerful mining firm in space, new recruit! Deep Rock Galactic’s upper management is completely confident in your ability to succeed and generate record profits.

However, just in case you don’t wind up like your forefathers, it could be in your best advantage to make sure you know what to anticipate out there.

That’s why, in our Deep Rock Galactic beginner’s guide, we’ll go over all you need to know to live and grow.

Let’s get this party started.


As you continue through the game, the tutorials are already quite strong, so we’ll only concentrate on certain ambiguous parts and typical queries.

There is no DLC required to access any of the game’s content.

Game updates are regular and include significant content improvements, as well as a roadmap for the future. Even the Battle Pass system, which was just implemented, is free and only supplies cosmetic stuff.

There are a few cosmetic packs that need actual money to purchase, although they are reasonably priced. They are mostly seen as a means for the community to continue to support the creators.

Finally, the game is meant to be played with a four-person team. While it’s not required, you’ll lose out on the turmoil and furious collaboration that make this game so fun. To get the most out of Deep Rock Galactic, find some people to play with.


In Deep Rock, there are just four classes to pick from, but each one offers a fun and versatile role for the squad. While at Headquarters/joining another player’s mission, you may assemble a 4-man squad of any composition and freely switch between classes.

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Each class has its own leveling system, and you must obtain improvements for each one.
  • The maximum level of a class is 25. You may reset a class’s level and acquire more Prestige cosmetics by completing a Promotion Assignment.
  • Don’t worry about your armor/weapon upgrades being reset when you promote.
  • For each class, only the first Promotion unlocks gameplay advantages (more on that later).

Gunner: The team’s heavy weapons specialist. Your job is to shield your squad from impending dangers (with bullets), shred opponent defenses, and offer breathing space with your Shield Generator. You also have a highly helpful Zipline Gun for team flexibility as well as an offensive grenade pick.

Gunner-1024x806 Gunner-1024x806 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

Driller: The team’s path-maker and crowd-controller. You can make a trail to any area with your dual drills, which is useful for establishing escape routes in crises and rejoining the squad when someone gets separated. Set foes and the surroundings on fire with your flamethrower to dissuade and stun oncoming threats. Furthermore, you have the most lethal grenades in the game.

Driller-1024x816 Driller-1024x816 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

Scout: As the team’s looter and emergency responder, you are mobile and capable of reaching practically any location with your grappling gun. Nobody is faster than you, which makes you excellent for looting and depositing the rich minerals your squad finds. Plus, with your debilitating grenades, you can kite and evade dangers that the other dwarves struggle with. You also have the Flare Gun, which will give much-needed illumination in the dark tunnels of space.

Scout-1024x825 Scout-1024x825 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

Engineer: The team’s jack-of-all-trades. With your formidable weaponry and movable sentry turrets, you can do anything. However, you’ll spend much of your time using your Platform Gun to build ledges and bunkers so that your crew may safely navigate the loot-filled caverns. Even your grenades may play a part in ensuring that your squad survives and prospers.

Engineer-1024x869 Engineer-1024x869 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

In general, it’s a good idea to have someone from each class on a team to cover any unexpected situations. Certain mission kinds, on the other hand, may prefer replacing one of the classes with a copy. You’ll be able to make those decisions as you get more experience with the game.

Let’s speak about mission preparation before we go into missions.


Your headquarters of operations, where you may upgrade your gear, choose which missions to accept, and get drunk on a variety of specialty space brews.

After each task, you’ll respawn in one of the dorms (or the infirmary if you fail a mission). The Character Selection terminal and Key Performance Indicators screen are noteworthy in the dormitory.

Dorm-1024x367 Dorm-1024x367 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

The first is self-explanatory, and it allows you to easily switch classes. The second allows you to keep track of your in-game numbers, move toward milestones, and enhance your perks.


Consider milestones to be mini-achievements/challenges that are rewarded with variable quantities of perk stars when completed. To claim them, just click on them after they are tagged “Complete.”

You may then utilize those perk stars to unlock/upgrade a variety of passive and active abilities, such as the ability to carry extra treasure or self-revive once every mission.

Perks-1024x489 Perks-1024x489 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

  • Perks are accessible to all classes after they have been unlocked.
  • Each class has one passive and one active perk slot to begin with.
  • At Tier 4 and 9 on the milestone page, you may unlock two extra passive perk slots.
  • When each class is promoted once, a new active perk slot is unlocked.
  • There are enough achievements to unlock all of the game’s perks and upgrades. Simply prioritize which ones you want to use the most.


Your equipment will determine your chances of survival and success, so you’ll want to update and alter it on a frequent basis. As you go out of the dormitories, look to your left for the equipment terminal.

Equipment-1024x576 Equipment-1024x576 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

While you won’t be able to make any changes at first, as you level up each class, you’ll have access to enhancements. Your perks are also equipped here.

Simply hover over a piece of equipment to see various alterations and a handy stat block that displays what happens as you hover over one.

Each upgrade requires credits and particular minerals obtained during missions. While the mineral charges may seem intimidating at first, if you aggressively plunder, you’ll quickly find yourself drowning in the material.

Equipment2-1024x467 Equipment2-1024x467 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

You can unlock any improvement, but only one alteration per row may be equipped. To obtain the maximum mileage, we suggest choosing changes that work well together. There are several possible constructions to choose from, so experiment to discover the one that is best for you.

You may also create various loadouts for different Types of Missions, switch between unlocked weapons, and customize your weapon’s look. Each weapon also has a place for an Overclock, which is a powerful weapon modification that is unlocked at far higher levels (more on that later).

Board of Examiners

Check to see whether there’s an assignment that interests you before you start conducting missions.

You may choose up tasks to acquire new weaponry and gameplay features across from the Mission Determination panel. Assignments need the completion of a sequence of tasks in a certain order.

Assignment-1024x553 Assignment-1024x553 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

These tasks are clearly highlighted on the selection table and may be done at any difficulty level (unless specified otherwise). If you’re just interested in obtaining the prize, we suggest completing them all on the lowest difficulty setting.

Don’t worry, failing a mission will not affect the progress of your task. Just try one more!

At any one moment, you can only work on one task. If you want to complete another project, you’ll have to stop working on the one you’re working on right now. If you’re playing with a regular team, starting an assignment at the same time is highly advised, since assignment progress is individual.

Please keep in mind that certain assignments will be removed from the board after a certain period of time. You have till the assignment expires to complete it or abort it if you take it up before it expires (seasonal ones are the exception, they disappear regardless when the holiday ends).

We propose completing limited-time event assignments first, then unlocking gameplay features, granting new weaponry, and so on.

Memorial Hall is a building dedicated to the memory of (Promotions)

A promotion assignment will become available after you reach level 25 in any class. The task may be completed with any class (not only the one you want to promote).

Exit whatever team you’re in and join a solo lobby after you’ve completed the job. Take the elevator to Memorial Hall, which is located to the left of the dorm rooms. You’ll arrive at a fancy-looking chamber with statues if you continue down the corridor.

Promotion-1024x576 Promotion-1024x576 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

Behind the statues in the far corner of the chamber is a terminal that enables you to advance your class for a fee of credits and minerals.

You do not lose any improvements or anything for advertising, as previously mentioned.

When you promote for the first time, you also get the following benefits:

  • 1 additional perk slot that is currently active (for that class only, you can unlock this for all classes)
  • During missions, you’ll be able to initiate Machine Events (more on that in the Mission section)
  • Core Hunts (weekly chances at weapon/cosmetic overclocks) are unlocked by completing assignments.
  • Deep Dives (a sequence of back-to-back advanced missions) and The Forge are also available (the ability to unlock certain overclocks upon obtaining the necessary materials).

The Bar

Beer is to dwarfs what water is to humans: it is required for survival and improves performance in all areas. Before every mission, go to the rear bar and purchase a round for each member of the group.

Bar-1024x497 Bar-1024x497 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

While the majority of the beverages are purely for fun/getting drunk, the daily special may provide a boost for your next assignment. These include the ability to dig more quickly, move large goods more effectively, and so on.

Each mission resets the special, which is always randomized. It always costs a few of the special brewing plants that you may acquire while on missions, but you’ll generally have more than enough of these after only a few minutes of playing the game.

The buff may or may not be beneficial for your next assignment, but you should always check since it might mean the difference between success and failure.

Also, your level of inebriation affects your performance on the task. Slam down a Leaf Lover’s Special if you want to become sober. Alternatively, if you’re a dwarf, don’t.

Mineral Commerce

After completing a short assignment, the Mineral Commerce station will appear next to the shop terminal. This allows you to buy and sell the various minerals you need for crafting with credits.

Mineral-Trade-1024x680 Mineral-Trade-1024x680 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

You may make a lot of credits if you have an overabundance of one mineral. If you’re only a few credits short of unlocking a new improvement, you can purchase the required minerals using credits.

Additionally, there will be a random offer for purchasing or selling one mineral at a favorable price every real-life day. We propose that you take advantage of this opportunity.

Mission Determination

Finally, we’ve arrived at the last major aspect of headquarters: the massive luminous map that welcomes you as soon as you exit your room.

When you interact with it, it will display you every accessible area as well as the various mission kinds. Each zone has its own ecosystem, as well as its own set of perils and treasure. A timer in the lower left corner indicates when the mission/region selection will be randomized.

Mission-Selection-1024x445 Mission-Selection-1024x445 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

  • Hover over each area to discover what minerals are available if you’re seeking for anything special.
  • The current step/mission will be highlighted with a white diamond if you’re on an assignment.
  • Each mission has a 1-3 duration and cave difficulty modification that influences the main objective’s requirements as well as how much exploring you’re required to accomplish. Make the necessary preparations!

The large number of symbols may seem bewildering at first, but they are largely there for experienced players to skim over and understand what to anticipate. By lingering over a task, you may read up on any crucial facts.

Most significantly, here is where you decide on the mission’s difficulty. Hazard levels 1 through 5 are available.

The game is built on level 3, which is a pretty balanced level. We don’t advocate going higher unless you’ve mastered all mechanics and upgraded all of your gear.


Okay, we’ve arrived at the most important part of our article: the missions themselves. There are eight distinct Types of Missions to choose from (two of which are unlocked through assignments). We’ll go through each one quickly, including what to anticipate and some of the less apparent things to keep an eye out for.

But first, let’s go through certain ground rules that apply to all missions, regardless of circumstance.

  • Nitra is your closest companion. Every mission contains a jagged bright red mineral, which you refer to as replenishment pods. You’ll go through ammunition quickly on longer/difficult missions, so having more Nitra on hand is essential.
    • One resupply pod costs 80 Nitra to summon.
    • Nitra is a squad-wide resource, so let everyone know when you’re utilizing it!
    • Resupply pods come with four packets, each of which replenishes 50% of your resources. If you’re in charge of a four-man squad, don’t be greedy and grab all of the packs!
    • On death, loot bugs will drop large amounts of Nitra. Ignore the fact that you killed someone.

Nitra-1024x514 Nitra-1024x514 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

  • Mining bright red sugar crystals or resupplying from an ammunition pod will restore your health. If you’re anticipating to get hurt, keep an eye out for sugar crystals.
  • There’s a limit to how much minerals you can carry at once! Molly the M.U.L.E. is a great place to stash your stuff.
    • Make sure you and your teammates are on the same page so you don’t end up ping-ponging Molly forever.
    • If Molly isn’t accessible, a deposit point on the exit rocket or equipment that follows you on a mission is generally available.
  • Make frequent use of your basic flares to illuminate the surroundings and indicate the route you walked. After all, they are recharging!
  • Make frequent use of your Laser Pointer to indicate resources and entrance locations. It’s in every class!
    • Each ‘ping’ is around 20 seconds long.
    • You can view silhouettes of Molly and your crew when using the Laser Pointer!
  • Is there no apparent way forward? Look for nearby caves and tunnels with your terrain scanner (map display).
    • You can guarantee there’s a trail behind that brilliant brown compacted earth.

Compacted-Dirt-1024x538 Compacted-Dirt-1024x538 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

  • As a group, stick together. It’s easy to become lost in big caverns, and being knocked out or disabled by some opponents necessitates the assistance of another player.
  • You have a limitless number of revives. You may recover as long as one dwarf is still alive! Plus, while you’re downed, you’re indestructible (and really nice bait).
  • Don’t be too stingy with your money. Concentrate on the primary goal. Only go for more stuff if you can afford it.
    • If you fail a task, you will only get 25% of the loot, credits, and experience you would usually receive.
    • You’ll finish the assignment if at least one dwarf makes it to the evacuation pod. However, if there are more survivors, the reward will be higher.
  • The majority of foes have a weak spot. Normally, their buttocks and faces. Shoot it if it’s glowing.
  • Molly will leave a route with bright green markings leading to the pod after she exits a mission. You may always return by following it. Alternatively, you may forge your own way. Just keep in mind that the escape pod will depart with or without you, so get moving!

Let’s go into the task kinds themselves now, shall we?

Types of Missions

The most basic task is the mining expedition. You’ve come to mine and deposit as much dark blue-green Morkite as possible.

  • You’ll always have more Morkite than you’ll need to do the quest.

Morkite-1024x571 Morkite-1024x571 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

2. Egg Hunt – Your goal is to gather and deposit all of the alien eggs that have been dispersed over the landscape. To find nearby eggs (which light orange), use your landscape scanner (map). When the environment gets purple and begins to appear alive, you’re close to a nest.

  • Bringing a Driller to clear straight roads to each egg is highly recommended.
  • Each time you pull out an egg, be prepared to combat a swarm.
  • While within the nest, the eggs “pulsate” like a visible heartbeat.

Alien-Egg-1024x571 Alien-Egg-1024x571 An unearthed egg. (Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games)

3. On-Site Refining – You’ve been thrown into a huge cavern and must install fuel pumps at each of the Liquid Morkite geysers. Then you must build a pipeline from the Refinery to each pump, as well as guard the lines while the machines pump the Morkite. Enemies will assault and destroy the lines on a regular basis, so you’ll need to wipe them out and restore them.

  • The distance between the geysers is affected by the duration and intricacy of the quest. Some caverns are enormous.
  • It is strongly advised that you bring a Scout and a Driller. Send the Scout to locate and set up the geysers, while the Driller digs a straight route for the pipes to each one.

Liquid-Morkite-1024x702 Liquid-Morkite-1024x702 An untapped Liquid Morkite geyser. (Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games)

4. Salvage Operation – A previous operation went awry, and 1-3 damaged mini-M.U.L.E.s need to be retrieved. To fix each mini-M.U.L.E, dig up and bring three nearby legs, then trigger the button on them to return them home. You’ll need to activate the uplink and subsequent fuel pod near the escape pod after that. Stay in the green zone surrounding each machine until it’s completely full. If there are no more dwarfs in the region, it will begin to decay and fail the task if it reaches zero.

  • When you see a green light or hear a beeping noise, you’re approaching a mini-M.U.L.E.
  • You may use the broken mini-M.U.L.E. to upload the legs’ positions to your terrain scanner if you’re having difficulties locating them.
  • Before you activate the uplink/fuel pod, you have some preparation time. With platforms, ziplines, and dwarf-made tunnels, you can shape the environment around you to your benefit!
  • The quicker it charges, the more dwarfs there are in the green zone.

Mini-Mule-1024x614 Mini-Mule-1024x614 A broken mini-M.U.L.E. and one of its legs in the background. (Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games)

5. Point Extraction – You’ve been dumped into another gigantic cavern, this time to dig out and deposit precious luminous blue Aquarqs concealed beneath the walls. When you detect sparkling blue particles, you’ve found an Aquarq. After you’ve collected enough and returned the stuff, you’ll have to fight an endless swarm for 2 minutes until the escape pod becomes accessible.

  • It is extremely advised to carry a Driller to swiftly excavate the Aquarqs and clear a way back.
  • The Aquarqs can be brought back more easily using the Gunner’s ziplines (especially up inclines).
  • Because there are more Aquarqs than is required, concentrate on the ones closest to you first.

Aquarq-1024x499 Aquarq-1024x499 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

6. Escort Duty — This time, you’ll be escorting a giant drill-dozer that will do all of your mining for you. As it digs to your goal, protect and maintain the gigantic machine. It’ll run out of gas every now and again, and you’ll have to grab the two battery packs on the rear of it. They work as laser drills that may be used to recharge the battery by drilling into the dark black Oil Shale minerals (you do need to be rather close to drill the oil though). Replace them and continue the procedure until you reach the big luminous Ommoran Core (you’ll recognize it when you see it).

Drill-dozer-1024x606 Drill-dozer-1024x606 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

After that, you must essentially “fight” the Core as it is mined. There are four stages that need to be addressed. A swarm of opponents appears first, followed by flying flaming boulders that must be shot down before they impact the drill-dozer, another swarm, and finally enormous crystal spires that fire lasers. You may either mine the spires’ bases to destroy them or shoot the luminous points long enough to destroy them (we recommend mining). Finally, deposit and remove the core you came for.

  • Before returning the batteries, make sure they are completely charged. When completely charged, the display will turn green.
  • When you get a chance, actively fix the drill-dozer. You will fail the quest if it fully breaks. Always have at least one person on hand to protect it.
  • When one of the Core’s health bars is exhausted, get away from it. It’s going to blow up.

Core-1024x570 Core-1024x570 The core fighting back by throwing lava rocks. (Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games)

7. Elimination – Threats must sometimes be dealt with before they escalate into a larger issue. You’ve been dispatched into the caverns to stop the Dreadnoughts from completely hatching. Find the big luminous orange eggs with your terrain scanner and shatter them to unleash the beast early.

Cocoon-1024x599 Cocoon-1024x599 What’s inside? Death. (Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games)

There are three categories of enemies that might appear. The Glyphid Dreadnought, for example, has an armored tail that must be shattered in order to cause damage to its health bar. After roaring, it may spit fireballs, attach pheromones to you (raising swarm assaults), and stomp you with a huge stomp strike.

The Dreadnought Hiveguard is the second enemy type. It will begin the battle by calling smaller sentinel foes, who must all be defeated in order to reveal the Hiveguard’s three glowing weak-points. Destroy the weak places to reveal the creature’s true nature. It’ll re-armor itself and repeat the sentinel phase if it takes enough damage or if too much time passes (so work fast or you’ll run out of ammunition). It assaults in the same way that the Glyphid Dreadnought does.

Last but not least, there are the Dreadnought Twins. Instead of a large foe, you’ll be up against two lesser foes. The Lacerator, who specializes in melee combat, possesses a flamethrower attack, a slam move, and a slow-moving rock wave ability. The Arbalest, on the other hand, loves to cling to walls and unleash a torrent of explosive fireballs at you. You’ll want to do the same amount of damage to each of them. If the health discrepancy is too great, they will enter an immune condition and regain armor and health. They’ll do that at least once throughout the battle; just don’t let them do it any longer!

Twins-1024x418 Twins-1024x418 Two angry lads trying to kill you and your squad. (Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games)

  • Because of the quantity of ammunition you’ll be eating through, these missions contain much more Nitra. Check to see if you have enough!
  • It is absolutely random which boss emerges from an egg, with a 1/3 probability of emerging.
  • Before spawning the boss, set up an arena. Ziplines, platforms, and escape tunnels are just a few of the activities available.
  • When the boss’s armor cracks before the beast can restore it, concentrate on doing damage to it.

8. Industrial Sabotage – This is the game’s most recent objective. You’ve set out to undermine your robotic rivals and retrieve whatever information they may have. The main station, however, is protected by a force field, so you’ll have to follow the power cables to the two stations that need to be hacked.

Call down the hacking pod and retrieve the transmitter nodes off the pod’s side after you’ve found one. Create a node line between the hacker pod and the power station, then turn it on. Protect the hacking robot and transmitter nodes from any opponents that come until the operation is completed; otherwise, the procedure will have to be restarted.

Hacking-Drone-1024x524 Hacking-Drone-1024x524 Active green tethers linking the hacking pod to the power station. (Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games)

You’ll have to expel the batteries from the forcefield projector and face the Caretaker monster after both power stations are down. The monster will use its appendages to hurl missiles at you, shock any close opponents, and discharge blast waves that must be avoided. As the combat proceeds, it will also create turrets and warp bombs at your position.

You must fire the glowing corners of the pyramid while they are exposed to hurt the monster. One of its side eyeballs will open up and become exposed after they’re damaged. Carry on in this manner until the boss is killed. Be cautious, since when it dies, it will cause a big explosion. After that, take the data rack that appears and return it to Molly before extracting.

  • Appendages and turrets will respawn indefinitely. Only destroy them if you’re starting to feel overwhelmed.
  • Focus on evading assaults; this is mostly an endurance battle.
  • Ensure you have enough Nitra to order repeated resupply drops during the battle.
  • Never approach the pyramid at melee range. The AoE shock strike may be totally avoided.
  • When one of its “eyes” becomes susceptible, concentrate all of your efforts on it.

Caretaker-1024x655 Caretaker-1024x655 The Caretaker’s eye is exposed and vulnerable. (Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games)

Modifiers for Missions

There will be up to three modifiers in certain missions. The yellow ones (anomalies) are usually advantageous, such as every adversary dropping some gold when they die. Meanwhile, red ones (mutators) tend to make the assignment much more difficult while also providing more hazard pay.

Some mutators, particularly when working together, may make an assignment almost impossible. The following are the meanings of the warnings:

  • Ceiling Leech Clusters: Ceiling leeches spawn in groups and in large numbers. When someone is grabbed, stick together and rescue each other as soon as possible.
  • Exploder Infestation: A continual stream of tiny incandescent suicide bombers will spawn and assault your squad.
  • A gigantic unstoppable ghost will slowly follow your squad through the Haunted Cave. In open cave systems, this isn’t a concern, but in cave tunnels, it is.
  • Enemies with Lethal Enemies have melee attacks that strike twice as hard.
  • Low Oxygen: You have a limited amount of oxygen that you must continually replenish by embracing Molly, using a resupply pod, using the entrance drop pod, or using the Minehead (for Aquarq missions). These missions should be avoided at all costs.
  • The Mactera Plague spawns a swarm of flying adversaries, including Grabbers.
  • When your adversaries die, little baby leeches will emerge and attack you. Mostly vexing.
  • Regenerative Bugs: If an enemy is not hit for 3 seconds, they will begin to regenerate 5% of their health. Don’t stop till you’ve killed something!
  • Personal shields are permanently deactivated for the duration of the operation. We highly advise you to update your armor to include health enhancements for them.
  • Elite Threat: Enemies with elite variations will spawn. They’re bigger, quicker, and behave differently.
  • Swarmageddon: You’ll be bombarded with assaults from basic Glyphid Swarmers at all times. This may be a high-ammunition game.

Secondary Purposes

Each mission has a secondary goal that you may fulfill for more experience and credits. They usually only gather a few local items, such as fossils or flowers.

Secondary-Objective-1024x583 Secondary-Objective-1024x583 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

However, a handful of them aren’t immediately clear, so we’ll go through them.

  • Ebonnut: These little brown walnut seed pod-like items must be broken open in order to be looted.
  • Fester Fleas are annoyance-inducing small blue bugs that flee at the first hint of danger. Assassinate them.
  • Gunk Seed: There’s no other way to characterize them but as ceiling-hung ball sacks. Shoot them down and place them in a safe place.
  • Fossil: A fossil is a kind of rock that may be discovered high up on the ceiling or on the walls. I strongly advise sending a Scout to apprehend them.

Overclocks and Machine Events

This is the final big subject we’ll cover in our guide, and it’s usually the one that gamers get the most confused about since there’s no explanation or prompt when they first see them.

Occasionally, while completing a task, you’ll come across random mechanical constructions. You won’t be able to engage with them until you’ve promoted once in any class. The game will then offer you the reusable Tritilyte Key, which will trigger these events.

Machine-Event-1024x620 Machine-Event-1024x620 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

Before we get into the specifics, you must have a Blank Matrix Core to participate in these activities. Deep Dives and unique weekly projects provide you with Blank Matrix Cores.

You may inscribe one of three random weapon/cosmetic overclocks onto the Blank Matrix Core and build it at The Forge in headquarters after successfully completing a machine event. In addition, regardless of whether you complete the task successfully or not, you will get a significant amount of additional experience.

There are four separate machine events available right now, all of them are timed:

  1. Ebonite Mutation — You must kill a sufficient number of yellow-mineral foes that can only be harmed with your pickaxe’s Power Attacks. Cannisters will appear from a nearby sprinkler, reducing the cooldown on your Power Attack to nearly nothing. Simply go over one and pick it up.
  • Kursite Infection – A swarm of opponents with blue skin and yellow crystals sprouting out of them will emerge. When you kill certain specific opponents, they’ll drop a yellow crystal that has to be inserted into the machine. The crystals, on the other hand, degrade fast and must be replaced as soon as possible.
  • A hostile AI tower of death has to be put down, according to the Omen Modular Exterminator. Your crew will need to stand on three distinct authorized platforms for long enough to reveal the tower’s weak spots at the top, middle, and bottom. Meanwhile, you must contend with assault drones, laser beams, machine gun aiming lasers, and rare energy waves that may be leaped over.
  • Tritilyte Crystal – You must use explosives provided nearby to destroy a massive spike crystal. The explosives are large and must be hurled towards the spike in order to do damage.

Small Add-Ons

Every now and again, you could notice some strange lumps in the ground. It may be worthwhile to dig underneath them to see whether a significant mineral chunk may be placed. There are a variety of patterns to look for, so keep your eyes peeled!

Pearl-1024x542 Pearl-1024x542 Image courtesy of HGG/Jeffrey Hsu/Ghost Ship Games

You’ll come upon a freight box every now and then. You can mend the crate for a load of minerals and unique cosmetics if you can locate the two neighboring batteries (they beep like mini-M.U.L.E.s) and bring them back.

You could also come across the beeping remnants of a prior dwarf’s helmet now and again. When you interact with it, a purple marker will be downloaded to your terrain scanner. You can get a lot of treasure and additional unique cosmetics if you can dig your way there (we highly suggest using a driller).

Be a part of the High Ground

That concludes our Deep Rock Galactic beginner’s tutorial. Subscribe and leave a comment below if there’s anything else you’d like to see us cover or if you have any questions.

Always remember, rock and stone!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best class in Deep Rock Galactic?

A: I am not programmed to answer this question.

What is the fastest way to level up in Deep Rock Galactic?

A: There are a few different ways you can level up in Deep Rock Galactic. The fastest way to do so is by completing the main campaign on any difficulty, and then continue with collecting treasure chests that contain random perks for your character. Another way to get experience points would be through defeating enemies or finding gold bars within derelicts of various planets which also contains perks as well.

What level should I promote in Deep Rock Galactic?

A: This is a complex question with several factors. The first, and most important for your current level of play, would be what difficulty you wish to do next. If its casual or easy mode then I recommend starting at the lower levels as they provide more experience in a shorter amount of time than higher-level missions that require memorization and are much harder to complete.
If you want something more competitive like ranked matches, then feel free to go ahead and start on any mission up until rank 20+. You will find yourself moving from one high-level mission into another quickly however so keep this in mind when deciding which path youd like to take early on!

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