Destiny 2’s most recent expansion, Curse of Osiris has introduced a new way to play the game. The addition of Destiny 2: Dungeons will have players competing with each other for rankings at end-game events that can give them powerful loot.

Destiny 2: Dungeons Ranked From Worst to Best is a blog post that has been published by the Destiny 2 community. The article will give you an introduction on how dungeons work in Destiny 2, and it will also provide you with a list of the best and worst dungeons. Read more in detail here: destiny 2 dungeons explained.

Destiny 2: Dungeons Ranked From Worst to Best

When it comes to your in-game experience, Destiny 2’s end-game content is the finest of the best. It usually requires a well-coordinated squad, well chosen Guardian builds, and a willingness to attempt encounters several times. Trials of Osiris is for PvP, while some exceptional Raids contain high-level monster encounters and puzzle-solving aspects for PvE. 

Then there are Dungeons, which are the Destiny 2 Raids’ somewhat shorter but equally hard relatives. With dungeons being a big part of the forthcoming Witch Queen expansion, it seemed like a good idea to look back and see which of these end-game encounters are the greatest. 

In Destiny 2, what are dungeons?

Dungeons are three-person end-game PvE content with unique and difficult puzzles, platforming, and boss systems. They’re usually shorter than Raids, although they’re longer than Raid Encounters (which were single-stage activities used in the Leviathan before it disappeared). Depending on your build and how well-coordinated your Fireteam is, a Dungeon should take you anywhere from 1-3 hours to finish. 

The first Dungeon was published as part of the Forsaken expansion, followed by Shadowkeep, Season of Arrivals, and the 30th Anniversary DLC. Since Bungie promised that a new Dungeon or Raid will be launched with each season beginning in 2022, it’s good familiarizing yourself with them. 

How Do Dungeons in Destiny 2 Work?

Dungeons are comparable to Raids in terms of how they work. You have a core goal to achieve, but it’s being thwarted by various combat encounters, several platforming parts, and a few riddles. Unlike Raids, which frequently require you to juggle many mechanics, Dungeons usually adhere to only one. You’ll use it to unlock doors and fight enemies, with the level of difficulty and balancing act increasing until the final boss confrontation. 

Every dungeon in Destiny 2 is ranked from worst to best.

So now you understand what dungeons are and how they function in Destiny 2. Let’s rank the four Dungeons that have been revealed so far. Without giving anything away, the future of Dungeons in Destiny 2 seems to be bright.


The Heresy Pit

pit-of-heresy-1024x576 pit-of-heresy-1024x576 Bungie courtesy of HGG

Shadowkeep Expansion | Moon Location | Destroy the Hive champion Zulmak, the Tormenting Instrument

The second Dungeon Bungie produced didn’t quite match up to the quality of the first, which is a regular occurrence with Bungie’s material. That’s not to say it’s horrible; it’s simply not exactly what everyone was hoping for, particularly given how intriguing the Red Keep and Black Pyramids mysteries were. And the goal of this Dungeon is to go deep underneath the stronghold to eradicate another Hive menace, which straddles the line between discovering a new location and repeating a routine.

This is when the Dungeon starts to break apart. While the Hive Knight sword mechanism may be utilized to defeat various foes in three different ways, the remainder of the game seems rather simple and complicated. The Ogre fight seems like a relic from the original game, one that is more unpleasant and time-consuming than ingenious and tough. Then there’s the Trap Maze, which was widely advertised in the lead-up to its debut but is just a grueling exercise every time you have to run it.

Bungie was still determining out what end-game loot should be when this Dungeon was released. Outside of the Xenophage, this meant that the unique weapon pool was very restricted, and the only real value was gaining Masterworked armor. Masterworking is quite prevalent nowadays, and it requires little to no effort. In conclusion, this was an intriguing experience constructed around a central mystery that piqued fans’ curiosity, but it gradually grew tedious. It wasn’t horrible; in fact, it was rather nice; it was simply not what lovers of the game had hoped for.


The Throne That Has Been Shattered

shattered-throne-1024x512 shattered-throne-1024x512 Bungie courtesy of HGG

Expansion: Forsaken | Setting: Ascendant Realm | Goals: Track out the origins of Eleusinia’s Taken invasion.

Due to the fact that Raids were so limited, requiring at least four people to complete them effectively, the introduction of the first Dungeon was a pleasant experience. It concluded the Forsaken expansion, which had already rejuvenated Destiny 2’s offerings, and featured some of the game’s most famous end-game fights. So much so that some of the wishing mechanic’s riddles have remained uncovered to this day.

Aside from the beginning, which might be irritating, part of what makes this Dungeon so amazing is how basic and concentrated everything is. The remainder of the game finds you entering the Ascendant world, fighting Taken adversaries in unusual places, and doing an astonishing balancing act in the final battle. This is still a great encounter that hasn’t been updated to contemporary level, so you may speed through it to learn about the deep mythology that still impacts the game today.

Unfortunately, at the time, the treasure and other unlockables were still quite restricted. This implies that, despite the Dungeon’s core gimmick, there was and still is relatively little motivation to run it several times. However, because of how important it was for the game, this is end-game stuff worth revisiting while it’s still accessible.



prophecy-1024x576 prophecy-1024x576 Bungie courtesy of HGG

Season of Arrivals Expansion | Location: Unknown Space | Goals: Defeat the Kell Echo

There’s definitely something wonderful about every opportunity to learn more about Xur and The Nine. The look is sleek, secretive, and unnerving, which makes it all the more interesting to investigate given how little we know about them. I mean, Xur recently teamed up with an extraterrestrial space horse to present Dares of Eternity, a bizarre yet entertaining game show. So, we don’t know much about The Nine, and the Prophecy Dungeon was our first experience of their strangeness.

The balance of light and dark is a major theme in this Dungeon. To accomplish puzzles and situations, you must simultaneously control and exploit both Darkness and Light. In many respects, this was a logical prelude to the introduction of Stasis, thus it was only fitting that Eris Morn the Drifter was the one who got you engaged in it. 

Aside from the aesthetics and tale, the encounters and gameplay are what really distinguish this Dungeon. The usage of orbs and light/dark grows gradually and quietly, so you’re never completely bewildered or unsure of what to do, but you’re still challenged. All of this culminates in a really clever boss battle that demonstrates how the finest foes in Destiny 2 don’t simply sit around and let you scream. 

On top of all of that, this Dungeon has consistently provided fantastic treasure. It included two special armor sets and various top-tier weaponry when it first came out, making it worth playing again and over again. Even today, it’s an excellent place to get weekly Pinnacle gear, with a rotating loot pool that can yield some decent stuff. It is one of the greatest end-game encounters and a model for what could be done in the future.


Avarice’s Grasp

IMG_6116-1024x576 IMG_6116-1024x576 Bungie courtesy of HGG

Expansion: Bungie 30th Anniversary | Location: Cosmodrome | Objectives: Look into the sudden increase in activity near the famed Loot Cave in the Cosmodrome and journey into its depths to uncover a story of riches and sorrow.

It may be debatable whether or not this one should be at the top of the list, but I just like this Dungeon. It draws on what worked with the Prophecy Dungeon to create a whole new experience that celebrates what makes these shorter Raid encounters so enjoyable. Plus, it resurrects a strange bug from the original Destiny and transforms it into official narrative, complete with mystery and a plethora of riches.

Like Prophecy, the Avarice’s Grasp Dungeon embraces a theme and sticks to it. In this case, it blends swashbuckling pirate action, Indiana Jones-esque tomb raiding, and the traditional intergalactic action that Destiny has become known for. The music alone is so utterly enthralling and bombastic that it brings back memories of how perfect Severis Perfected’s electric guitar version of the main theme was. It kicks in at just the right times, making even the most frustrating encounters inspiring and worth pushing through.

Thankfully, there isn’t much in this Dungeon that seems superfluous or particularly irritating. The Scorch Cannon is used throughout the game in a simple yet effective manner. The traps blend in well with the mythology of the experience, which you can learn more about by collecting audio logs. Oh, and don’t forget about the ridiculous Sparrow portion, which is both silly and epic at the same time. 

The last boss is the lone flaw in this Dungeon. While the Scorch Cannon gameplay is excellent, and the setting perfectly captures the mood, there are two bullet spongey monsters that act as tedious rather than tough fights. Thankfully, the remainder of the Dungeon compensates for this flaw, and the treasure pool includes some very unique items that make it worthwhile to run again. You may even take on a more challenging version, which includes gear with unique mod slots not available anywhere else.

Be a part of the High Ground

Dungeons have always been wonderful bite-sized end-game content, proving to be significantly more approachable while yet being just as tough as Raids in every manner. Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of the foundations of Dungeons, their history, and why the Witch Queen’s release is so exciting. Share this post on your preferred social media sites to convince your Fireteam to run the current Dungeons with you, and join up for our newsletter to stay up to date on Destiny 2. 

Have fun gaming!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the hardest dungeon in Destiny 2?

A: The Vault of Glass is the hardest dungeon in Destiny 2.

What is the easiest dungeon Destiny 2?

A: The easiest dungeon in Destiny 2 is the Vault of Glass, if you are looking for a quick and easy experience.

Which Destiny 2 raid is the best?

A: The Vault of Glass is the best raid in Destiny 2.

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