Destiny 2’s Gambit mode has quickly become a competitive PVP game mode for many people to try and gain some infamy. This is the first real world test of blockchain technology in a video game, with the incentives being so lucrative that new players are joining every day.

The “gambit double infamy 2021” is a guide that will help players to gain infamy quickly. It includes tips on how to use the gambit system and how to gain more infamy.

Destiny 2 Gambit Guide: Tips on How to Gain Infamy Rank Quickly

Gambit is the ideal pastime for Destiny 2 gamers who like PvE but want to try their hand at PvP. It’s a game mode that emphasizes teamwork and risk management. One in which you and your squad must think about eliminating adversaries while also delaying your opponents.

Despite the fact that Gambit hasn’t had many upgrades in recent years, it’s still a fast way to earn gear, complete seasonal challenges, and acquire upgrade materials. Matches are fast-paced, and the game is significantly more forgiving than Crucible, making it ideal for gamers of all skill levels. However, knowing the ins and outs of the game style is essential if you want to get the most out of Gambit.

Here’s all you need to know about Gambit, whether you’re new to Destiny 2 or a seasoned veteran.

What exactly is Gambit?

Gambit is a hybrid PvE/PvP multiplayer game in which two four-player teams battle to destroy adversaries, acquire and bank motes, and summon and slay a Taken Primeval. At the same time, you must contend with hostile players crossing across and dispatching extra Taken foes. The Primeval is won by the first team to bank 100 motes and defeat the Primeval.

You destroy foes in waves that move across the area and are varying in severity. A mote will be dropped by each adversary, with more strong adversaries and valuable targets dropping more. You can only pick up a maximum of 15 at a time before having to deposit them at the console in the map’s center. These motes also don’t stay around for long, so get them before they start flashing and vanish.

Invasion and Summoning Blockers

Now, Gambit isn’t just about banking your motes; it’s about banking them in such a manner that the other team is blocked. This is where the use of blocks comes into play. Collect five, ten, or fifteen motes to summon a variety of blockers to send to the other side. While there are advantages to amassing motes in order to attack the huge blocker, you will lose them all if you die. So, before you cling on to motes, make sure you consider the risks, particularly if an attacker comes through.

Invaders are opposing players that enter your side via a portal and assault you. They have 30 seconds to kill as many players as possible before the timer runs out. When a player invades, you’ll hear a quick audio announcement, as well as a red overlay and a countdown timer as long as they’re on your side. You’ll lose your motes if they kill you. If the Primeval has been called, instead of losing health, the final monster will gain it.

When you bank 25 motes, you’ll also have the option to invade. Only one player is allowed to enter at a time, and you must pass via the open portal near the mote bank. To make the most of your time on the opposite side, try to eliminate as many foes as possible before they dump motes.

Gambit Matches: How to Win

Gambit, although being a hybrid game format, is surprisingly simple to play. Winning on a constant basis, on the other hand, isn’t always simple. It’s unusual to witness a tight game, and most of the time the game will snowball in your favor or the opposing team’s advantage. Here are a few ideas for routinely winning Gambit matches to ensure you get the most out of every round you play.

1. Concentrate on Banking Motes.

Gambit revolves around motes. To get a bigger blocker, you must kill adversaries to gather them, avoid dying to maintain them, and risk carrying more. All of this is done in the hopes of amassing enough motes to summon your Primeval before the other team.

IMG_6266-1-1024x576 Screenshot of banking motes in Gambit mode in Destiny 2 Bungie courtesy of HGG / Kody Wirth

It’s all too easy to get caught up in taking down foes and neglect to check for motes. As a result, make sure you’re gathering as many as you can and working with your team to quickly free blockages to send across. Keep an eye on the tracker on the left-hand side of the screen to see how many you have, and let that decide how you play. 

When there are few to no motes, you may take more risks, however when you’re near to a blocker, it’s best to preserve your distance. Maintain your fluidity and be conscious of how dangerous you’re playing, as well as when your teammates want motes. This will allow you to call the Primeval swiftly and save motes.

2. Keep an eye out for intruders

Invaders may quickly spoil your day, particularly if they have a long-range weapon. When they invade, opponents are highlighted in a brilliant red, which makes them easy to see. Unfortunately, they don’t always appear where you expect them to, and if they have Super or Heavy ammunition, you’ll most likely be killed before you see them.

The key to fending off invaders is to be ready when they come through. You may look at the mote bank to see how near the other team is to invading, which occurs when they reach a motes increment of 25. You’ll want to pay attention to the countdown meter to see how long you’ll have to deal with them in addition to predicting when they’ll cross.

If you or a member of your team has a significant number of motes, it may be preferable to relocate into a more contained area and form a group with other players. Whoever possesses the fewest motes should retreat and begin circling the map’s perimeter to take on the invader while looking for additional players. Keep in mind that the intruder may see you and your crew from a distance, so sneaking up on them will be tough.

3. When Invading, Coordinate

You can prepare and predict when an opponent will invade, just as you can plan and expect when you will invade. Keep track of how close you are to earning 25 motes and make sure you have either Super or Heavy ammunition on hand. Get within striking distance and play aggressively after you or a teammate has crossed over. This may entail using your Rocket Launcher or Super ability, or having a strong line of sight and using a Sniper Rifle or Scout Rifle to blast them from distance.

Before you cross across, you should check how many motes the other side has available to bank. This will appear as a lighter-colored part on the bar, indicating where the team will be after everyone has arrived at the bank. If you can get through while they still have a lot of motes on them, you’ll have a better chance of setting them back if you kill them.

It’s also a good idea to invade after sending a few of blockers across. This may be the ideal opportunity for you to sneak in and kill the opposition squad while they’re dealing with the Taken. It will be simpler to remain alive and take out more foes if you have more blocks.

4. Make Blockers a Top Priority

As previously said, the key to Gambit is gathering and prioritizing motes. Aside from calling your Primeval quicker, the most significant advantage is the ability to send over blocks. Blockers will not only provide another adversary to deal with, but they will also lock down the other team’s bank, slowly draining the motes they’ve already amassed. 

IMG_6269-1024x576 Sending a blocker to the enemy team in Gambit Destiny 2 Bungie courtesy of HGG / Kody Wirth

As you gather motes, attempt to strike the Small blocker at least once. It’s a waste of time to bank motes before you’ve reached a blocker unless you’re in danger of losing them. When you’re just a few motes away from the next blocker level, play more carefully and swoop in to capture the last few motes once your squad has wiped out the group.

On the other hand, any blocks that strike your side should be prioritized. They’ll lock your bank and begin draining motes once again, so recruit a buddy and attempt to take them out as swiftly as possible. If possible, don’t squander your Super or Heavy ammunition, but if it’s taking too long to take them down, don’t be afraid to sacrifice an ability or shot.

5. Maintain a stockpile of heavy ammunition.

When it comes to Heavy ammunition, it’s an understandably scarce resource in this game style. Throughout the game, an ammunition brick will appear at a certain position, and only one or two players will be able to retrieve it (depending on if you coordinate collecting it). You can get it from more tough adversaries and even invaders at random, but there’s no certainty.

That is why you must store your Heavy ammunition for the appropriate occasions. Invading and eliminating the whole squad with a single shot, having an emergency shot to eliminate a blocker, and notably chipping away at the Primeval. Try to stack a few bullets to fast destroy the Primeval in the end if at all feasible. It’s alright if you have to use it early; just make sure one or two members on your squad have something to help speed up the final fight.

6. Remove Primeval Envoys and Adds from the Game

Avoiding premature Primeval burn is an important part of efficiently utilizing your Heavy ammunition. This opponent has a group of Powerful Envoys that may attempt to murder you, as well as a slew of smaller foes. If you die, the Primeval’s health will recover, making it all the more crucial to eliminate any distractions.

IMG_6263-1024x576 Screenshot of team destroying primeval envoys in Destiny 2's gambit mode Bungie courtesy of HGG / Kody Wirth

Furthermore, by eliminating the Envoys, you will make it much simpler to do damage to the Primeval. This is due to the Primeval Slayer debuff, which kicks in once you’ve dispatched all of the Envoys. As you eliminate additional Envoys, this will continue to expand, making it simpler to kill the Primeval.

So, conserve whatever skills or Heavy ammunition you have until you have a good stack of the debuff active. If you utilize any of it before the Primeval, your outcomes will be harmed, and your chances of defeating the Primeval will be reduced. So, start with ordinary weapons to take down the other foes, then switch to your finest weapons and skills after the debuff has been activated.

7. Continue to Move

Staying stationary may be a death sentence in Destiny 2, as it is throughout most of the game. You’ll always have more than one item to worry about at any one moment, what with the ad groups, invading foes, and blockers. So, keep moving and alternate between getting near to take out adversaries and retreating back to protect your motes. 

This also guarantees that you’re constantly collecting motes as they fall, and that you’re in an excellent position to return to the bank or help your squad. It may seem like a minor point, but with the map layout and rotating opponent style, it’s all too easy to be caught off guard and start camping. To guarantee that you continually bank motes, pay attention to every instruction that appears on your screen, keep an eye on your motes, and keep moving at all times.

The Infamy Ranks of Gambit

So, what do you receive for all of your gambling? Aside from the regular gear drops, you’ll also gain Infamy Ranks after finishing a match. This is a distinct playlist XP system, similar to the Vanguard and Crucible ranking systems, that lets you level up your reputation and gain prizes from The Drifter. Every game you play will enhance your infamy, regardless of whether you win or lose, with victories providing you a slightly bigger boost each time.

IMG_6265-1024x576 Screenshot of the gambit competitive co-op mode in Destiny 2 Bungie courtesy of HGG / Kody Wirth

How to Obtain Infamy Ranks Quickly

Unfortunately, despite a recent rebalancing, Infamy is substantially slower to level than other modes. Here are a few methods to help you acquire the most Infamy in the shortest amount of time possible while playing Gambit.

Matches in which you may win a bet

As previously stated, winning a Gambit match will provide you far more Infamy than losing one. This is particularly true as you go through the levels, with early levels being more simpler to improve just by playing. So, if at all feasible, you want to make sure you put yourself up to win. 

Aside from the aforementioned guidelines, the greatest way to win is to play with a complete Fireteam. There’s nothing better than being able to coordinate with a whole team, exactly like when you’re doing Trials of Osiris. It may help you better manage mote acquisition, invasion timing, Heavy ammunition sharing, and alerting you when invaders or blockers reach your sector. It also makes a relatively monotonous chore much more enjoyable.

Activate Streaks of Gambit Activity

You may get streaks in any activity playlist by playing consecutive matches. This is called as an activity streak, and you may have up to five of them, which can significantly enhance the amount of Infamy you gain from a game. If you’re attempting to grind out Gambit, make the most of your activity streak and keep playing even after you’ve completed the five-game bonus.

It’s important to remember that these streaks are quite simple to break. It will totally reset if you visit locations outside of social hubs, abandon a game before it finishes, or engage in a new activity. So, make sure you’ve finished playing before resetting, otherwise you’ll lose a lot of progress toward the Infamy rankings.

Bounties in their entirety

The Drifter, like every other activity, offers daily bounties for you to do that will earn you more XP and Infamy Ranks. These are all rather simple, ranging from killing with a certain weapon type or elemental ability to summoning a few Primevals. If you intend on playing Gambit for a long time, you should stock up on these bounties in addition to the regular four daily bounties by obtaining random bounties.

Just remember to keep cleaning them out as you finish them and collecting more for as long as you want to play. If you wish to keep your Activity Streak intact, just utilize the Destiny 2 app to collect extra bounties.

Keep an eye out for Weeks of Double Infamy.

Double Infamy Weeks are another item to keep an eye out for before you start grinding out Gambit. These are weekly boosters that give you an extra boost in Infamy acquisition until the following weekly reset. 

They aren’t stated ahead of time, and they cycle through different boosts for different actions. Simply keep an eye out every time you come in after a reset to ensure you know what has a boost that week and are prepared to grind it out.

Rank Up Rewards for Gambit Infamy

IMG_6267-1024x576 Screenshot of The Drifter in Destiny 2 Bungie courtesy of HGG / Kody Wirth

The Crucible and the Vanguard have the same payout mechanism as Gambit. It’s a normal ranking system, with standard weaponry for each tier and more common stuff at key milestones. Here’s what Season of the Lost has in store for you.

  • 3 Enhancement Cores, Rank 4
  • Rank 7:
    • Copper Shader Fetid
    • 3 Cores of Enhancement (After Infamy reset)
  • 2 Enhancement Prisms, Rank 10
  • 13th place: 
    • Projection of a Bank’s Ghost
    • 2 Prisms for Enhancement (After Infamy reset)
  • 16th place: 
    • Rocket Launcher Ascendancy
    • Ascendancy Ornament with a Gambit Theme (After Infamy reset)
  • Completed Rank 16: 
    • 1 shard of ascension
    • 1 rare engram (After Infamy reset)
    • Your Infamy rank is also reset as a result of this.

You’ll also get a Legendary Engram for each level you reach, as well as a Prime Engram for each named division rank. Keep in mind that when you reset, the gear you get may vary, and there may be less special things accessible over time.

Be a part of the High Ground

Hopefully, you’ve learned all there is to know about Gambit. It’s still a great change of pace in Destiny 2, and as Bungie finishes Crucible, we’ll most likely see some adjustments in the coming year. For now, share this post on your preferred social media networks to let your Fireteam know how to get the most out of Gambit, and join up for our newsletter to stay up to date on Destiny 2. 

Have fun gaming!

Gambit is a PvP mode in Destiny 2. In this mode, players go against each other and the goal is to gain infamy points by killing enemies. This guide will give tips on how to gain infamy rank quickly and efficiently. Reference: gambit bonus infamy week.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you rank up fast in Gambit?

A: The best way to rank up fast is by playing every day and getting lots of wins. You can also play in the daily leaderboards, which are ranked from easiest to hardest of all players who have played that day. If youre looking for a specific ranking (such as 200), search on Google!

How do you rank up infamy in Destiny 2?

A: To increase your infamy in Destiny 2, you must complete specific tasks. These are listed below.
❌ Completed a Nightfall Strike on Prestige difficulty ❌ Killed X powerful enemies with each weapon type ❌ Killed the same enemy 3 times using different weapons or abilities (must use Dead Orbit as your faction)
❚ Completed all Patrols across all planets

How do you reset infamy rank fast?

A: The quickest way to get on the good side of everyone again is by completing quests, ranking up, and getting in a guild.

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