With the release of Destiny 2, Bungie has introduced a new game mode that we all love: PVE Raids. These Raids are exciting, challenging, and most importantly, fun. But what if you’re not a PvP player and do not find PvE Raids appealing enough? Well, there is hope yet. There are some ways to get to Max Power Cap faster and here, I will explain them for you.

I’ve always had a difficulty running past the Power Level cap in Destiny 2. I played the game extensively before it launched, and I’d managed to grind up to the Power Level cap (120) on my way up, but once I hit it, I felt stuck. I wanted to get more Power Level, and I didn’t know how.

This is the second part of a series of guides for Destiny 2. I covered the first part  here  and this second part will show you all the methods I used to quickly get to max Power Level in Destiny 2. I used this method to reach max Power Level in Destiny 2 in a matter of hours.

The main cycle of the game in Destiny 2 is to try to reach the maximum power. Reaching this level means you can get better gear, start optimizing your builds, and have the best chance of getting the game’s latest content, like B. Raids, to pass.

This limit gets higher with each season, making the goal of reaching the maximum more and more distant. And to be fair, Destiny 2 is also so much fun because it’s a game made for looting. However, this can be a huge deterrent for both new players and veterans who don’t really have the time to invest and upgrade.

Looking for more tips and tricks for Destiny 2 ? Click to see all our manuals Destiny 2 .

Now, there’s no cheating to level up quickly. But the more you understand the system, the more you can adjust your game to maximize your results as quickly as possible. You want to know how? Read on for our complete guide to Destiny 2 power level.

How to level up in Destiny 2

Image: Bungie via HGG

The level system in Destiny 2 is directly related to the power level of your devices. This means that the game uses the average power value of every piece of armor and weapon you own, in your inventory and even in your vault, to determine your current location. The advantage of this method is that you can focus on improving certain equipment slots because they lower your average level. The downside is that it’s very common for a gun or armor lock to keep sliding backwards.

There are also different limit levels – Soft, Power/Hard, Top and Maximum – which can only be reached with certain equipment. The higher your power level, the more specific equipment you earn. This means that if you are just starting out and focusing on the soft cap, any rare, legendary or exotic gear will help you level up. However, once you reach the Mighty and Pinnacle levels, you need to focus on specific types of equipment called Mighty and Pinnacle.

Maximum performance can now only be achieved when the Pinnacle is reached and the seasonal artifact is fully updated. This is a slightly different system, which we will look at in a little more detail later.

What is the maximum energy level in Destiny 2?

With each season and each expansion, the power limit gets higher. Here’s what to expect from the Splicer’s season:

  • Output level: 1100
  • Soft cap: 1260 – All devices improve your level
  • Power/cover: 1310 – Only powerful equipment and Pinak raise your level
  • Pinnacle Cap: 1320 – Only Pinnacle gear raises your level
  • Maximum power: 1330 – Requires a seasonal artifact upgrade

What is the difference between leveling and splitting season?

Image: Bungie via HGG

There were times when every new season in Destiny 2 you had to reheatto reach the new soft and hard cap. Season of the Splicer changed that by increasing the total power by just 10. If you maxed out last season and are Pinnacle-eligible, you can now return to Pinnacle status.

In addition, there are other changes that should be noted:

  • The Deep Stone Crypt raid no longer provides Pinnacle rewards.
  • The Exotic Presage quest no longer rewards the Pinnacle.
  • Shadowkeep events, such as. B. Nightmare hunting, no longer brings power rewards.
  • Purchases from suppliers are now set at 20 Syl below your current level.

Other than that, the only difference this season is that, as always, there are a few more light levels to navigate through. Let’s figure out how to do that.

How to achieve the soft cover in Destiny 2 – 1260 Power Level

Image: Bungie via HGG

When it comes to Destiny 2, how you raise your power level depends on what stage of the game you are in. From the start of the game, almost everything you do in the game increases your energy level to 1260. These are mostly legendary (purple) and rare (blue) items that you will buy regularly, and occasionally exotic (gold) items. You can earn new equipment by performing the following actions:

  • Complete public events, lost sectors, Strike, Gambit or Crucible.
  • Heroic Daily Mission
  • Behind the Light and New Light campaigns
  • Raids and dungeons
  • Normal Nightfall playlist
  • Clan Rewards
  • Rare and legendary engrams fall from enemies

How to get a soft cover as quickly as possible

The difficulty of reaching the soft cap is that there isn’t really a quick way to skip levels. For example, you can play quests that give you Pinnacle gear, but that will only be incredibly difficult and give you decent gear at your current level. Concentrate on acquiring and destroying as much equipment as possible that you don’t use as weapons.

In the beginning, you’ll probably see a lot of rare items, which is a good thing because they usually drop to a higher level than the initial legendary items. It’s about playing assignments that can be completed quickly and that complement quests and bonuses. While it really depends on what you like to play, we recommend you start here:

  • Work on the Behind the Light and New Light campaigns.
  • Participate in community events and create heroic versions of
  • Complete every quest for which you receive an outfit.
  • Perform lost sectors, strikes or seasonal activity at the lowest power level.
  • Find the chests (indicated on the map, and you can even upgrade your mind to help you).

Of all these options, Lost Sectors is the fastest route with a guaranteed drop. Find a relatively short one and play it over and over again. Weep at EDZ or Concealed Void at Europa are excellent options.

How to achieve a power level in Destiny 2 – 1310 Power Level

Image: Bungie via HGG

Once you reach the Soft Power Cap level, your options are limited to activities that reward you with Power or Pinnacle gear. Fortunately, you don’t have to guess what it is because you can see the reward types right in your Direct. Generally, these are weekly tasks that include:

  • Complete the Strike, Gambit and Crucible playlists.
  • Seasonal activities and umbral engrams
  • Complete eight quests for Lord Shaxx, Banshee-44, The Drifter, Zavalla, Variks or a seasonal merchant.
  • Complete the weekly exo challenge
  • Win three times in Trials of Osiris
  • High quality or exotic engrams
  • Season Ticket Rewards

Reach the asset limit as soon as possible

At this point, it’s all about how you organize your activities to make the best use of your time. This means receiving rewards from vendors and completing weekly tasks. You can complete three tasks from each playlist and end up with eight bonuses for each merchant. The most important thing is to take the most powerful equipment, but always complete all Pinakle rewards, as they will give you a greater increase in power level.

How to reach the top in Destiny 2 – 1320 Power Level

Image: Bungie via HGG

The last level cap in this Destiny 2 Power Level Guide is the easiest to understand. Now you can only get Pinnacle rewards to move up. This includes:

  • 3 Completed Strike, Gambit, and Crucible playlists. (For shocks, you must use a specific subclass labeled Burn).
  • The titles of valor, fame and infamy
  • Weekly seasonal events (currently requires 3 Conflux chests to open in Override)
  • Flawless performance in Trials of Osiris (7 wins)
  • Carry out tasks related to the iron banner
  • Go through the dungeon of prophecy.
  • Complete the weekly exo challenge
  • Score 100,000+ points in Nightfall the Ordeal
  • Earn weekly XP for your clan
  • Complete the expunge commands

Reach the top as soon as possible

As with capping power levels, it’s best to try to stack playlist actions. Especially during the week when the Iron Banner is active, you can quickly earn 5-6 Pinnacle Gear by playing a few hours in the Crucible. Otherwise, spend your weekly hours on activities you enjoy and can do quickly.

This is the biggest job in Destiny 2. There is no quick method here, a game will be required. So try to make the most of your time and do everything to the best of your ability.

How to Achieve Maximum Power in Destiny 2 – 1330 Power Level

Image: Bungie via HGG

Next stop in our Destiny 2 strength levels guide? A new addition known as the Seasonal Object.

The Seasonal Artifact adds 10 additional possible achievement levels that you can earn. Unlike other Power Caps, you don’t have to wait to level up once you’ve purchased a Season Pass. When you reach level 7, you gain access to an artifact that also offers unique armor modifications that you can unlock and gain experience with.

Basically, all you have to do is play and earn XP. If you can, focus on completing the weekly seasonal missions, which give a huge XP boost and are usually linked to other high-level missions. Eventually, you will naturally raise the artifact to a higher level and reach the maximum power of Destiny 2 when you reach the Pinnacle Cap level.

How to level up quickly in Destiny 2

Each level has specific activities and methods to speed up the process. However, there are some general tips you should follow to speed up the process along the way. Here are our tips to get you through Destiny 2.

Differential gear


Image: Bungie about HGG

This is by far the most difficult part of wealth building, and is related to the average that dictates your wealth level. Again, Destiny 2 takes into account equipment that is in varying degrees of slots, supplies, and storage. What you need to do is identify specific weapon and armor locations that are out of stock.

You can do this manually or use the Destiny Item Manager application to automatically calculate holistic statistics. It even shows which slots are lagging, making it easier for you to decide which equipment to focus on.

Once you know what gear to choose, it’s important to play the quests that give you Lore or Pinnacle rewards at your current power level. You can then use it to replace lower level hardware or upgrade your favorite hardware. Keep watching until your average for each slot is equal to or higher, to ensure a healthy increase in your next win at Pinnacle.

Prime Engram

Primary Engrams are an exception that has persisted with the development of Pinnacle and Powerful Gear. They usually serve as an intermediate level between the two types and can be obtained in larger numbers during difficult activities such as raids or dungeons.

If you took advantage of your power and vertex rewards this week to hit the power limit, look out for opportunities to grab engrams. They’re much rarer than they used to be, and you only get a few extra pieces of gear, but it’s worth it.

Set of 2 or 3 characters

Image: Bungie via HGG

There is a method to quickly upgrade new characters by transferring a more powerful piece of equipment to a weaker build. If you are using this Destiny 2 power level guide to access the Pinnacle, go the other way. Complete the tasks in this phase with the weakest player, transport the equipment to the next best build, and finally to the build with the highest level. That way you can improve your basic gait for the start of the week and increase your average gait performance.

Season ticket

Image: Bungie via HGG

The game includes a variety of weapons and armor that you earn as you level up with the Season Pass. If you want to get a powerful gear or pinnacle gear, wait to collect until you reach the power level you are tapping. You don’t get a higher level item, but you do get an item just below or at your current strength.

Like switching equipment between characters, this improves the balance of power and level of all your equipment.



There’s no escaping it: maximizing in Destiny 2 is a chore. But we hope that with the help of this Destiny 2 power level guide, you can optimize your game to make grinding less painful.

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Enjoy the game!Destiny 2 has arrived with a huge amount of content, and this is reflected in its underlying core gameplay. For example, if you need to grind out levels, you can do it with powerful weapons and armor, which will help you survive in the Crucible. With a Power Leveling Guide, you can reach max Power Cap in Destiny 2 quickly and easily.. Read more about destiny 2 max power level 2021 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get max power level in Destiny 2?

The max power level in Destiny 2 is 20. You will need to reach level 20 to get the max power level.

What is the max power cap in Destiny 2?

The max power cap in Destiny 2 is 500.

How do you get above a 950 light?

A 950 light is the highest score on the LSAT.

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