This guide is a compilation of helpful tips and tricks I have used to help me in the Dread Wastes. Feel free to take advice from this article, but don’t forget that every encounter is different so be sure not to blindly follow my suggestions!

The “dread hunger tips” is a guide that will teach players how to make the most of their experience in Dread Hunger. The tips and tricks are helpful for new players, as well as veterans.

Dread Hunger Thrall Guide 2022 Full Release Tips & Tricks

It might be intimidating to be chosen as the Thrall in Dread Hunger, particularly if it’s your first game. While the odds may not seem to be in your favor, becoming a Thrall and conquering Dread Hunger may be more simpler than you think.


If you’re unsure how to play as the Thrall, our Dread Hunger Thrall tutorial will get you started on the correct track to winning games and becoming a master of deception.

1. Keep in touch

If you don’t enjoy hopping on your mike and interacting with people, Dread Hunger isn’t the game for you. In fact, if you don’t say anything, people will immediately accuse you of being the Thrall. In Dread Hunger, communication is crucial.

In addition to being able to communicate with other Thralls and crew, keeping your mic on may establish a degree of trust straight away by enabling others to get familiar with your voice.

Being able to communicate through comms also allows you to accuse others of being the Thrall; inform the crew that someone poisoned you, punched you, or stole coal from the boiler.

2. Assist Others

Dread Hunger is a team-based game, thus if you’re the Thrall and aren’t contributing, others will most certainly mistrust you. If you’re in charge of the kitchen, provide food for people and don’t poison it, no matter how tempting it is.

As the phrase goes, if you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. If you work with the team, or at least seem to, you may easily reduce suspicion.

3. Recognize Totems

I had no understanding how totems functioned when I first played Dread Hunger as the Thrall. You’ll see your spell bar swelling up when you first create a totem; as the magic gauge reaches a new tier, you’ll unlock a new spell.

As a Thrall, creating a totem not only fills your gauge, but it also fills the spell gauges of the other Thralls. Build totems while no one else is nearby and maintain communication so no one suspects you.

Press Q to show the crafting option, which requires two bones and three pieces of wood. As your gauge fills up, totems not only augment your current abilities, but they also provide access to higher levels of spells. The amount of spikes shooting off the wheel in the lower right-hand corner of your screen indicates your power tier.

Sabotage Techniques for Dread Hunger Thralls


As a Thrall in Dread Hunger, you may win by sabotaging the mission. You may sabotage the ship and its crew in a variety of ways.

  • Food that is poisonous
  • Take whatever coal you can get your hands on and hurl it out.
  • Bear traps should be placed all around the boat.
  • Take all of the food that is accessible to you.
  • Poison a syringe and use it to inject someone while they aren’t looking.
  • To blow up the boiler, use gunpowder.
  • Get off the boat as soon as possible and collect as many bones/charms as possible.
  • Collaborate with the other Thralls to eliminate solitary players.

Which Class is the Best for Thralls?

Chaplainportrait Captain2 Cook

This is entirely up to you, based on your preferred playing style. However, certain characters gain from being the Thrall, particularly if you want to play in a high-profile way.

  • Cook: Creating a large quantity of Meat Stew for the crew without poisoning them is an excellent method to establish trust. I’ve been a victim of this a number of times, only to get poisoned when I’m not looking or slaughtered by the Cook while I’m alone.
  • Chaplain: When looting, the Chaplain has the ability to dig up more treasure and has a higher chance of discovering trinkets.
  • Captain: With a cup of tea in your hand, you may be able to remain out longer and off the boat for longer without freezing to death. The Captain has raised your survival numbers on board, so you’re more likely to win if you get into a battle.

Bone Charms and Spells: How to Use Them

In Dread Hunger, becoming a Thrall grants you access to a Bone Charm. While it may be tempting to use it as a weapon, it only does the same amount of damage as a player using just their fists.

In Dread Hunger, you have three spells to choose from:

  • Cannibals: Set cannibals loose on an unsuspecting victim. The greater the spell’s strength, the greater the number of cannibals. Once a cannibal has found its prey, it may simply turn on any other player, even Thralls.
  • Whiteout: Using a blizzard to obscure the player’s eyesight is an excellent strategy to prevent survivors from returning to the boat. This is particularly handy when it’s cooler at night.
  • Spirit Walk: This spell enables you to vanish from sight while also allowing you to scale icy barriers. As your Spirit Walk’s strength grows, you’ll be able to stay out of sight for longer.

The “dread hunger codes” is a guide that was released in 2022. The guide includes tips and tricks for the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a dread hunger bomb?

A: A dread hunger bomb is a type of grenade in which you cover the outside of it with tinfoil and then light it on fire, causing an explosion.

How do you poison dread hunger?

A: This is a difficult question to answer, as I am not an expert on this.

How do you play thrall dread hunger?

A: You play Thrall by controlling it with the mouse and keyboard.

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