Dying Light 2 on Twitch drops in-game rewards for watching the stream. Learn how to earn extra XP and unlock new weapons, outfits, perks and more by tuning into Dying Light 2 every day at 5pm PT.

Twitch Drops are a new feature that allows streamers to earn in-game currency. The first step is enabling the Twitch drops feature as a streamer.

Dying Light 2 Twitch Drops - How to Earn Free In-Game

Dying Light 2 Twitch Drops - How to Earn Free In-Game Items

When there are lots of stuff to acquire while exploring Villedor in Dying Light 2, you’ll want to keep an eye out for Twitch Drops if you’re seeking for something really special.

Twitch Drops in Dying Light 2 are a simple method to ensure Aiden can combat the infected while wearing awesome-looking gear that you couldn’t get anywhere else. Even better, collecting these products isn’t terribly difficult, but you will have to go through a few processes first.

Dying Light 2 Twitch Drops - How to Earn Free In-Game Items

Dying Light 2 Twitch Drops - How to Earn Free In-Game Items

Dying Light 2 Twitch Drops may be earned by simply listening in to qualifying streams who are playing the game during a campaign. However, you’ll need to make sure you’re hooked in to your Twitch account first, then create a new TechlandGG account and connect the two together.

You’ll also need to connect your TechlandGG account to your Steam account, or any other platform you’re playing the game on. If you own the game on various platforms, ensure sure the account you wish to redeem the goods on is linked.

All you have to do now is make sure you’re viewing Twitch broadcasts that have the Drops Enabled tag. After some time has passed, you’ll see a message in the upper right corner alerting you that you’ve earned a drop.

After that, you’ll need to claim your drop on Twitch, and it should show in your in-game stash after you’ve finished the prologue. It’s conceivable that the things will not be accessible for a while.

The following are the Dying Light 2 Twitch Drops that are presently available:

  • Axe of the Extinguisher (watch for 60 minutes)
  • Machete, take a break (watch for 120 minutes)
  • Mask of Protection (watch for 180 minutes)

Check out our review as well as our tips on opponent kinds and max level for more information on Techland’s newest endeavor.

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The “twitch drops new world” is a way for gamers to earn free in-game items. The process is simple, but it does require some knowledge about the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get reward drops on Twitch?

A: There are a few different ways to earn reward drops on Twitch. For example, certain events will have a prize drop for those who participate in them. If someone is streaming or live at the time that an event goes live, they can also win prizes from their chat as part of the stream. Those watching streams can also give out rewards when they see fit and theres no limit to how many times somebody can do this (unless youre running low on your current stock). It may be best to watch other people get rewarded while playing Beat Saber so you dont miss out!

How do you get New World items on Twitch?

A: New World items can only be obtained on Twitch by the creator, who has full control over what is and is not available for others.

Why wont my Twitch drops work?

A: On the PC version, you may not be able to receive Twitch drops because of possible memory leaks and crashes with low RAM.

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