In Elden Ring, you are brought into a world that is dying. The land is bleak and your only hope for survival lies in the power of three heroes. One rules with iron fists, another guides shadows through the darkness, but it’s up to you discover which one will lead them astray?

The “elden ring stars of ruin pvp” is a game that has been released for the PC and consoles. The game can be played in multiplayer mode, or single-player mode. It is an action role-playing game set in a fantasy world.

Elden Ring Stars of Ruin

Elden Ring has a lot of sorceries that you’ll want to get your hands on. You’ll have a surprising amount of choices to attack your enemies, ranging from molten sorceries to freezing spells. Some of these spells, however, are locked behind questlines. And these stints have the potential to be tremendous bangers. Stars of Ruin is a primitive sorcery that, although not very strong, may be useful in a pinch as a defense technique. It also seems to be rather appealing! So, if you’re looking for some additional sorceries, we can point you in the right direction!

How to Get Ruin Sorcery Stars in Elden Ring

ersellen1-640x360Elden Ring Stars of Ruin

You’ll need to finish part of Sorceress Sellen’s questline to gain the Stars of Ruin sorcery in Elden Ring. She provides you the Sellian Sealbreaker, which is necessary to get this magic. Once you acquire this item, go northeast from the Church of the Plague site of grace in Caelid until you reach a headstone guarded by a Wizard carrying a club. There’s an illusionary wall beyond it, and the magical seal that keeps the sorcerer you’re seeking for is at the bottom of that map.

Questline of the Sorceress Sellen

Unfortunately, we’ll have to start with Sorceress Sellen to get there. She may be found in Eastern Limgrave, in the subterranean portion of the Waypoint Ruins to the west of the lake. You may gift scrolls to her since she is a basic sorceries instructor.

You’ll need to discover the Master Azur before you can continue her mission. He educates you about Comet Azur and gives you access to the next stage of her mission. Check out our Comet Azur guide for easy access to the sorcerer!

Return to Sellen after you’ve met Azur. She’ll be ecstatic and request that you locate the other master, Lusat.

Lusat’s Location

Caelid is the place to go. Our Millicent questline might assist you in finding the Church of Plague if you haven’t already. Otherwise, it’s via Sellia, Town of Sorcery, in eastern Caelid. Head nearly exactly northeast from the church. You’ve arrived when you come across this large headstone guarded by a magician!

erstarsofruinlocation-640x360Elden Ring Stars of Ruin

To access to the Sellia Hideaway, break through the artificial rock in front of it.

There are many different objects in the Hideaway. To get to the correct region, you’ll have to smash through a few artificial barriers. To discover Sorcerer Lusat, go on into the dungeon, passing through two false barriers.

You’ll find yourself in a large open space. Lusat may be found in the dungeon’s deeper levels. To reach there, you may either go to the dungeon’s lowest level, where you’ll face a many-handed monster. If you choose this route, battle the Royal Revenant and go to the end of the walkway’s opening. This will take you to the second part of the cave system, where you may walk on the crystals to return to the dungeon’s bottom level. You may also go via the crystals on the dungeon’s roof. Simply proceed through the crystals and into the tunnels until you reach a little deeper ravine section that bends around to the left if you choose this option. Run down several crystals to find a safe path down.

ersellen3-640x360Elden Ring Stars of Ruin

You’re at the proper place if you notice this obstacle!

To utilize your key, interact with the barrier. You’ll discover the sorcerer relaxing at the rear of a cave after you enter the chamber. Interact with him until he offers you the Stars of Ruin spell you’re seeking for.

Is Shooting Stars a Beneficial Spell?

You may launch a barrage of shooting stars using Stars of Ruin. It is quite pricey, since each volley costs 38 FP. To cast in the first place, you’ll need 43 Intelligence.

Overall, this is mostly a defensive spell with the potential to disrupt poise. You may sprint towards the opponent while they are being blasted with magic for a safe approach since the volley lasts a long time. Even when fully charged, though, the damage is just average.

It can be a truly decent alternative if you can afford to cast it. Not quite as powerful as Comet Azur, but a decent defensive alternative that allows you to approach a potentially perilous scenario.


The “elden ring wiki” is a wikipedia page that details the Elden Ring. The Elden Ring is an open-world role playing game, where players create their own character and explore the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elden beast weak to?

A: The Elden Beast is weak to all the other blades so you should dodge them and hit it with your sword.

Where are the ruins in Elden Ring?

A: The ruins are in the center of Elden Ring.

What type of sorcery is Stars of Ruin?

A: Stars of Ruin is a 4x strategy sandbox video game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Paradox Interactive.

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