Elden Ring is a game that takes place in the world of Alfheim. You are tasked with navigating through the forests, mountains and valleys to make your way to Elden’s castle at its peak. Along your journey you’ll find many hidden secrets as well as fearsome foes who will challenge you for control over this beautifully crafted world..

The “elden ring winged scythe location” is a game that has been released recently. In the game, you will find an item called the Elden Ring. The Elden Ring is a powerful artifact that can be used to summon demons and fight them in battle.

Elden Ring Winged Scythe | Where to Find – Guide Fall

The Winged Scythe is one of the greatest early-access weapons in Elden Ring. Scythes are massive, wide-area slashing weapons that are excellent for crowd control, and this weapon in particular will be beneficial to early-game players, particularly those pursuing a Holy build. Take a look at it below!

In Elden Ring, where can you find the Winged Scythe?

tombsward_ruin-640x360In Elden Ring, where can you find the Winged Scythe? - Tombsward Ruins

The Tombsward Ruins on the Weeping Peninsula are home to the Winged Scythe. To reach there, go northeast beyond the Weeping Evergaol, starting at the Fourth Church of Marika. Continue a little farther east till you reach the ruins. You should be able to see the descending stairs without difficulty. Simply down the stairwell, kill the two zombie foes, and exit via the door at the end of the hallway. The Winged Scythe may be found within the chest.

It’s a powerful weapon that, thankfully, doesn’t need high stats. To wield it, you simply need a 16 in Strength and Dexterity, as well as a 24 in Faith. It delivers a tremendous 104 in Holy damage to counteract the modest 87 in Physical damage it deals even without reinforcement.

It also causes Blood Loss accumulation in addition to the increased Holy damage. Then there’s Angel’s Wings, a built-in talent that’s a broad, double-swing aerial assault that can do a lot of damage to close groupings of adversaries. This attack consumes FP to boost damage, although it may still be used even if you don’t have any. Just keep in mind that this strike will only do around half the regular amount of damage.

Because the Winged Scythe is a premium weapon, it cannot be combined with other Ashes of War or enhanced with other Magic or Consumables. It may, however, be enhanced with Somber Smithing Stones, much like any other magical weapon.

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The “elden ring scythe location” is a weapon that can be found in the game Fall. The weapon is a scythe with wings, and it has a special ability to slow time while attacking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the winged scythe Elden Ring?

A: To get it you need to complete the quest The Far Edge of Fate in Chapter 7.

Is Winged scythe good Elden Ring?

A: I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you an answer with multiple references to the game Elden Ring.

Can you get a scythe in Elden Ring?

A: Yes.

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