Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by ZeniMax in 2011. It takes place within the fictional Tamriel setting, and players take on the roles of various heroes from different factions that are summoned to fight for control over their world’s resources. A year after its initial release, ESO received two expansions: Thieves Guild and Morrowind, which added new content that increased character levels to 100 with one expansion and 120 with the other. The third Elder Scrolls Online expansion was Skyrim DLC; it came out in May 2018 ahead of Bethesda Game Studios’ highly anticipated sequel Fallout 76

The “eso high isle” is a new update for the Elder Scrolls Online. The update includes the prologue quest, which will be free for all players to play.

Elder Scrolls Online lays out summer roadmap to High Isle, begins free-play event with prologue quest


During its preview live tomorrow, ZeniMax Online Studios will let the floodgates of information for Elder Scrolls Online’s High Isle open. But, hey, you don’t have to wait that long for a look at the ride-along base game Update 34, since the studio has released a feature list for it, as well as a shortened roadmap for High Isle and the remainder of the spring and summer.

The new High Isle map, a pair of new companions, a 30-hour gameplay narrative, the Volcanic Vents global event, and the Tales of Tribute card system will all be available on June 6th. The armory system, accessibility and visuals on PC, the quickslot wheel, titles, music, and housing are all tweaked in the free update that launches the same day.

We’ll have a lot more information tomorrow, but in the meanwhile, you can go play the game for yourself since it’s just started another free-play event that will last almost two weeks and will give you access to the chapter prologue questline.

“Anyone on PC/Mac, Xbox consoles (Xbox Live Gold needed), PlayStation consoles, and Stadia may download and play The Elder Scrolls Online for free during the free-play period!” […] This event will get you access to both the ESO basic game (which includes four classes, 23 narrative zones, Battlegrounds and Alliance War PvP, and more) and the Morrowind DLC (which includes four classes, 23 story zones, Battlegrounds and Alliance War PvP, and more) (Vvardenfell zone). Even better, since the Free Play Event gives you access to the basic game, you may start your Legacy of the Bretons year-long journey by playing the High Isle Prologue questline, which sets the stage for this year’s huge Chapter release, The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle. Pick up The Elder Scrolls Online Collection: High Isle from our Buy Now page to obtain instant access to the game and prior Chapters if you want to continue your journey beyond the Free Play Event. You may continue your travels as usual if you’ve previously played ESO during a prior event. Even better, all new ESO accounts will get 500 crowns to use in the Crown Store in-game.”




Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start the Blackwood Prologue in eso?

A: The Blackwood Prologue is a quest line in ESO. To start the quest, you first need to speak with Jerdana at her stall in Wayrest Market. She will tell you about his son and ask if she can count on your help taking care of him while hes away from home for work.

What is the prologue quest for Elsweyr?

A: The prologue quest for Elsweyr is to find the camel merchant.

Is Blackwood free?

A: Blackwood is a free-to-play game, but you can purchase additional features with real money.

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