Elite Dangerous brought in Update 11 with a new mission type, revamped carrier interiors, and functioning seats. This update is part of their ongoing effort to improve the game’s immersion factor by adding more detail into what ships are capable of doing that players don’t get to see during gameplay.

Elite Dangerous is a space exploration game, and it just got a whole lot better with the release of Update 11. The update includes new features such as Fleet Carrier interiors, functioning seats, and a new mission type. Read more in detail here: elite dangerous update 11.

Elite Dangerous brings Fleet Carrier interiors, functioning seats, and a new mission type in Update 11

Right, right, space. We're in it.

After a few delays and the unfortunate news that the console version of Elite: Dangerous is effectively going into maintenance mode, Update 11 has finally arrived, bringing the long-awaited feature that every Commander in the game has been clamoring for since the Odyssey expansion was released: working seats in every concourse.

There are a few minor changes worth mentioning in this patch, such as the inclusion of on-foot interiors for Fleet Carriers, which may feature amenities available in any other station concourse, as well as a specific bridge area for carrier owners and a safe sitting space when a carrier is set to jump. A new “Protect” mission type has also been added to the update, which challenges groups of players with guarding a trade route from assaulting criminals, promising a tough challenge, quick responses, and high payouts.

Update 11 also includes a huge number of patches for numerous Odyssey-related issues, as well as performance improvements and updates for both the PC and console versions of the game’s Horizons edition. Having said that, we all know it’s all about the chairs.

The Elite Dangerous servers have been restored.

— Elite Dangerous (@EliteDangerous) March 15, 2022


The “elite dangerous: odyssey fleet carrier” is the latest update for Elite Dangerous. It brings a new mission type, functional seats, and more.

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