This article will take you step by step through the console commands that can be used in Escape from Tarkov. If there is something missing or if you are new to the game, feel free to ask a question in the comments section below.

Escape from Tarkov is a first-person shooter game that was released on October 17, 2017. The console commands are very helpful in this game.

Escape from Tarkov Console Commands

Console Commands to Get Out of Tarkov

What are the console instructions for Escape from Tarkov? What do they do in Battlestate Games’ first-person shooter, and how much flexibility do they grant players?

If you play Escape from Tarkov often, you’ve probably wanted to try out some terminal commands. What we know about them is as follows.

Console Commands to Get Out of Tarkov

Console Commands to Get Out of Tarkov

When it comes to Escape from Tarkov, console command fans won’t have much to work with, which isn’t unexpected given that it’s an online-focused shooter.

While you may reach the game’s console by using the tilde key (), the number of commands available is restricted in comparison to other games. Here are the ones we’ve found so far:

  • help – Displays a list of commands that are available.
  • fps mode – Using 1 instead of “mode” displays a restricted overlay with FPS limit, FPS, RTT, and PlayerRTT; 2 extends the overlay with more information, while 0 disables it.
  • perftest duration interval name – Saves performance information in a game’s Logs folder external file.

Are you aware of any other Console Commands to Get Out of Tarkov? Let us know in the comments below.

Escape from Tarkov is presently in beta on PC and can be downloaded via its own launcher.

The “escape from tarkov packets command” is a console command in the game Escape from Tarkov. The command allows players to view their current inventory and other statistics.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use tarkov commands?

A: In tarkov, you can use the following commands to spawn in a desired item or change your inventory.

How do I open the console in tarkov?

A: You need to download and install the new update and then start a new game. There will be an option in your menu when you launch tarkov that says Options. Click on that, open up console commands, type into it net_restart without quotes and hit enter.

Will Escape from Tarkov be on console?

A: The game is currently only available on PC.

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