The EU4 game is a strategy game that you can buy on Steam. It is a spin off of the universe that stopped the continual political war over Europe in the early 17th century. It allows you to play as any country in the world, from the small city states to great empires such as The Ottoman Empire. The map can be expanded to include more countries that you can play in, as well as making it so the countries are separate, and you can fight against whoever you want. The game is heavily moddable, as there are various mods that you can buy to change features of the game. Those mods can also be used to change the available mods that can be found in the Steam Workshop.

Console Commands (also known as console cheat codes or gamehacks) are a way to cheat a video game and give the player an unfair advantage over others. They are often very fun and are used by thousands of people every day to cheat in games. If you ever hear someone on a gaming server say “Hey, I got a console command to make this unit invincible”, you can usually bet that they are using console commands.

As a long-time fan of Europa Universalis 4, I’ve been using the forum, Discord and Discord-based P2P games to help our community with their questions. One of the most common questions I see and hear is “How do I increase my maximum development?” I’ve seen some people on the forums ask how to increase their maximum development and I’ve heard many people on the Discord channel ask the same.

You can open the Europa Universalis 4 console by simply pressing the tilde (`) key, although this may vary depending on your keyboard layout. You can’t use them in Ironman games, which means you can’t cheat for more difficult feats.

Don’t forget to remove the parentheses when you type. Here is a list of other useful console commands and cheats for EU4:

  • debug_mode – Displays the county ID, country code, and distance from the border when the mouse hovers over the county.
  • fow – Turn on or off the fog of war
  • ti – Activate/deactivate terra incognita
  • adm (number) (country code) – Indicates the specified number of administrative spaces; the country code is optional and specifies the destination.
  • cash (number) (country tag) – Returns the specified amount in ducats; the country tag is optional, it specifies the destination.
  • manpower (number) (country tag) – Gives you the specified amount of manpower; the country tag is optional, it specifies the destination.
  • Seamen (number) (country code) – Indicates the number of seamen specified; the country code is optional, it indicates the destination.
  • prestige (number) (country label) – Gives you a certain amount of prestige; the country label is optional, it specifies the target.
  • legitimacy (number) (country tag) – Specifies the legitimacy of the current sovereign for a given amount; country tag is optional, specifies the purpose
  • dip (number) (land marker) – Gives you the specified number of diplomatic power points; the land marker is optional, it indicates the target.
  • mil (number) (country identifier) – Indicates the specified number of military performance points; the country identifier is optional, specifies the destination.
  • assimilate (province-identification) (country-identification) – change of ownership, establishment of a core, culture and religion.
  • add_claim (province_id) (country_id) – adds the specified case; optionally country_id, specifies the destination
  • add_permanent_claim (province_id) (country_tag) – Adds a permanent claim for the specified province; country_tag is optional, specifies target.
  • add_heir (country code) – add an heir, kill an existing heir; optional country code, specify purpose
  • add_opinion (actor’s country label) (target country label) – Adds 100 opinions from the target country to the actor’s country.
  • Age (number) – changes the age of the game: 0 – Age of discovery, 1 – Age of reform, 2 – Age of absolutism, and 3 – Age of revolutions.
  • age_consort (number) (country label) – sets the age of the partner to a specified number; optional country label, specifies the target.
  • age_heir (number) (country identifier) – determines the age of the heir; country identifier optional, specifies destination
  • age_ruler (number) (country label) – sets the age of rulers; optional country label, specifies the target.
  • bearhaslanded (County ID) – show Jan Mayen
  • declare_war (tag attacker) (tag defender) (call for willing allies) – Declares war between the specified nations.
  • epicfail (landmarker) – defeats all spies; the landmarker is optional, it specifies the objective.
  • kill_heir (country code) – kill the heir; the country code is optional and specifies the target
  • god – turns god mode on or off.

You can find more console controls and cheats for Europa Universalis 4 on the Paradox Wiki. See also our articles on console controls and cheats for Crusader Kings 3 and Hearts of Iron 4.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you open the console in Europa Universalis 4?

Whether you like it or not, you are a gamer. Even if you don’t consider yourself one, you probably play games. And after a while, every gamer tends to develop various ways to increase their efficiency in the games they play. One such way is by using console commands. The console of a computer game is like the dashboard of a car: it’s there to make your game experience as good as possible, but it’s not a place to learn the game. In this series, I’ll show you the console commands that are available in Europa Universalis 4, and how to use them to make your life easier.

How do I use console commands in EU4?

Console commands in Europa Universalis 4 are a fun way to quickly perform some of your favorite commands, and we’ve got a list of over 200 commands available on the game’s forum! For anyone that wants to use console commands, but doesn’t have the time to browse through the forum, the following checklist is a great place to start: Console Commands are some of the quickest and easiest ways to change the game’s settings and tweak its performance. However, if you’re new to the game, sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. So, in this guide, we’re going to cover some of the most useful console commands for beginners and help you get the most out of your game.

What does God mode do in EU4?

After playing for a few months, I finally decided to spend some time exploring Europa Universalis 4’s console commands and cheats to try and better understand the game. I found a lot of useful stuff, but also a lot of stuff that doesn’t really make sense. My goal here is to document my findings for anyone that wants to learn how to use them. Ever wondered what “God Mode” in Europa Universalis 4 does? Do you want to know what the exact console commands in the game are? Want to learn basic technical terms for gaming? Read this and find out!

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