The EVE Online community is the most welcoming and helpful gaming community I’ve ever encountered. It comes as no surprise, then, that the game’s developer, CCP Games, is launching its own in-game help system, EVE Academy, to teach new players how to play. EVE Academy will provide a series of lessons designed to give new players a solid foundation in the game’s many mechanics, as well as the player-vs.-player and player-vs.-environment content that’s available.

Many players trying to get into EVE Online often overlook a crucial part of the game that separates those who stick with it and those who quit shortly after getting started: the learning curve. EVE Online’s complex game mechanics and steep learning curve tend to intimidate new players, but a new tutorial (the EVE Academy) launched this week from CCP Games, the game’s Icelandic developer, will hopefully help people feel more comfortable with the world of EVE Online.

Yes, it’s true: EVE Online has launched the EVE Academy to help new players find their footing. The Academy is a new official in-game entity designed specifically to help new players better understand the game as they make their way through their first few weeks. The Academy will also act as a conduit between the new player experience and the main game itself, hoping to usher players in sooner and more smoothly, and to prevent them from having to feel like they are stumbling around in the dark, trying to figure everything out on their own.

word-image-10269 Entering the world of EVE Online can be difficult, to say the least. The variety of systems, the huge number of careers and playstyles, and the many ship types you have to deal with make it easy to understand why it can be hard to keep new players in the space sandbox. That’s exactly what they’re hoping for with the launch of the EVE Academy, as CCP Games has set up a new learning portal for new capsuleers. The EVE Academy promises a personalized learning experience to help new players determine what kind of pilot they want to be in New Eden. The Academy classes are divided into four main playstyles – Explorer, Industrialist, Amplifier (PvE), and Soldier of Fortune (PvP) – and each offers skill development plans, examples of ship equipment for beginners, and various links to community-created resources EVE . The EVE Academy is currently in beta, but there are plans to expand it and continually update content for new players in the coming months. Anyone who wants to take the plunge into the New Eden pool can sign up for the academy at this link and leave comments in this forum thread. ViewIn the early days of EVE Online, you either knew someone playing the game or you had to go out of your way to find information on the game. Today, the internet is filled with information on EVE Online, but finding what’s relevant can be a challenge. To help players with this issue, CCP Games has launched the EVE Academy which is a new player friendly website that allows players to learn at their own pace with a friendly interface.. Read more about eve online walkthrough and let us know what you think.

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