As the dust settles on what has been dubbed a ‘scam’ by many, CCP Games proves once again why players trust them so little. Their resurrection of a mining barge sale that was thought to be abandoned after outcry from the community is in open defiance of player promises and an implicit threat to their rights as such.

The “eve online mining changes 2021” is a player-driven petition to CCP Games. The players have been asking for the mining barge changes to be reversed, and they are asking the company not to do it again in the future.

EVE Online player reps to CCP on the mining barge fiasco: ‘Please stop this sale and don’t do it again’


CCP Games’ contentious installation of a pay-to-win Prospector Pack in EVE Online was reported yesterday. Players have pointed out that the $24.99 package contains a “ready-to-fly” mining barge, which is a monetization no-no in a properly administered MMORPG sandbox; even a member of the Council of Stellar Management came out on Reddit to criticize the release.

A bigger number of CSM members, including eight current members, have now spoken out against the decision, claiming that the player economy is “sacrosanct” and that CCP’s more aggressive commercialization was already causing a rift in the community.

The 19 CSM signatories to the open letter state, “The one line we have always stressed should never be crossed is the selling of equipped spacecraft,” imploring CCP Games and Pearl Abyss to cease the sale and never betray player confidence in this manner again.

“You advertised a $25 bargain today that included a fully equipped mining barge 203. While this isn’t the first time the bright line prohibiting the sale of equipped ships has been crossed, it is by far the most severe instance. Let me be clear: we do not support this sale. We cannot speak for all of our colleagues, but we have yet to talk with a single existing player who supports it, and we believe that top CCP leadership made a significant mistake in assuming that the player base would approve such a sale. […] We can’t tell any player involved in this transaction that this is the end of the line in good faith since we’ve seen CCP willfully violate a boundary we thought was firmly off-limits twice already. Players’ fears that CCP will start selling cruiser, battleship, carrier, dreadnought, and even supercarrier and titan equipped ships for pay – fears that some of us would have dismissed only yesterday – are now valid, and should be taken seriously. […] We implore you to pay attention to player feedback and immediately halt this sale, as well as publicly declare that the monetization line of selling fitted ships – or, frankly, any object in the game designed to be created by players (through ratting, industry, or some other in-game action) as part of the in-game economy – is off-limits for future monetization.”

Unfortunately, the whole scenario is sucking the wind out of CCP’s two other major projects. This week, the firm also announced a PLEX for Good charity effort to help Ukraine, as well as the release of the Road to Fanfest patch, which includes graphics improvements, compression overhauls, and battleship enhancements. The patch “marked a big step forward in repairing trust between players and CCP after more than a year’s worth of changes to the game that have been highly unpopular,” according to the CSM representatives, but it has now been mostly undone by the monetization saga.


The “state of eve online 2021” is a player reps to CCP on the mining barge fiasco. The player reps said, “Please stop this sale and don’t do it again.”

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