EVE Online’s grand Heist update goes live on April 12, and players are already concerned about changes to a familiar feature.  The latest patch, which went live yesterday, introduces a new way to earn rewards in EVE Online—the “deep-space” bank—which is separate from the regular account-based bank.  The new method of earning ISK in-game is called “subscribing” to the game, which costs $5 per month.

The EVE Online team has announced that the long-awaited Grand Heist update is now live, bringing with it an entirely new way for players to make ISK (in-game currency) that will allow them to access new loot containers, while still being able to earn rewards for their efforts. In the lead up to the update, the team has been fielding a number of questions from players, many of which have addressed the long-standing issue of speculation in the sub-game of EVE Online, known as Faction Warfare.

EVE Online’s Grand Heist update went live on November 15th, and players have raised concerns about the benefits to linked subscriptions offered to players who successfully complete missions.


The Grand Heist upgrade officially launched yesterday, bringing the bank robbery profession to EVE Online. Readers will remember that this update essentially transforms players into bank robbers due to new gameplay mechanics that let them to break into reserve banks and steal valuable ISK.

Of course, if you’re a subscriber, you could simply join in to the game and earn some ISK. The new update also includes a daily login reward event that will continue from now until August 3rd, rewarding free players with boosters and Omega clones with free ISK — subscribers who check in for at least six days will get a total of 235M ISK. In addition, over the next three months, in-game market fees and taxes will be reduced.

Some gamers are concerned that this short-term financial injection would lead to inflation, while others are downright offended by the promotion. The amount, while not insignificant, isn’t enough to get fellow blogger Wilhelm Arcturus of The Ancient Gaming Noob to resubscribe lapsed accounts, and the effects of this new cash infusion into the game’s economy aren’t likely to be noticed until July or August’s monthly econ reports, if they’re noticed at all.


This past week, CCP Games released their newest big update, “Grand Heist”, to EVE Online players. If you’re interested in seeing what the update has to offer, check out the announcement here .. Read more about new eden investor and let us know what you think.

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