EverQuest II, the sequel to the massively successful EverQuest, returns to the servers this weekend for its Scorched Sky festival. The festival, which lasts for three days, was originally only featured in the first expansion, which introduced the events to players. Scorched Sky is a continuation of the events introduced in the expansion, featuring new events and new items to be earned.

This weekend is a big one for MMO players and PlanetSide 2 fans: EverQuest II and PlanetSide 2 are both celebrating upcoming content updates. On Friday, EverQuest II is kicking off the long-awaited Scorched Sky festival with a new special item and a new item path for level 75 players. On Saturday, PlanetSide 2 fans will get their first hands-on experience with the Chimera, a new battle tank that will eventually be available to all players.

Is there a hot sky in store for today or day of EverQuest II’s summer festival? Why not both? I don’t regret it. But yes, the festival returns for EQII players this weekend, starting on Friday and ending on the 8th. The July races. New additions for 2021 will apparently include new achievements, new loot, a new flying mount, as well as dual rewards and ethereal experiences. Additionally, the event will take place entirely on Kaladim’s progressive server, with a partial event on Tarinax.

The feast of the burnt sky returns, and all power is tempered in the flames – all that is weak, distracting, and perishable is burned away, and only that which is strong, pure, and indestructible remains! Join us in awakening the Tyrant of Fire and the Prince of Flames, and you too will experience the cleansing power of fire. Flame worshippers, who worship Fennin Ro and his son, Solusek Ro, can again be found all over Norrath honoring their gods during the festival. They allow everyone to enjoy the primitive power of fire and flames, without malice towards those who have embraced other deities. If you want to do a quest as part of the festival, talk to Limora Roamhill in Darkwood or Estmund Vinaan in Lavastorm.

Meanwhile, the other game teams at Daybreak have been just as busy: Yesterday, the PlanetSide 2 team revealed the Chimera battle tank that comes with NSOverhaul.

Information on the Chimera main battle tank is available here.
Learn more about his weapons, his movements and much more.
Read more: https://t.co/YqKEogQ7FC #PlanetSide2 pic.twitter.com/PWAlS0FrAI

– PlanetSide 2 (@planetside2) 22. June 2021


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