Bethesda has added the highly requested Pillbox and Comms Tower in the Fallout 76 patch notes for the game’s Public Test Server. It’s a small update, but should be fun to play around with. Patch notes can be found here:

Fallout 76, Bethesda’s next entry in the long-running series of post-apocalyptic games, is finally here, but has the game really lived up to all the hype? We’ve spent the last week playing the game, and while we still have our concerns, the game certainly doesn’t disappoint.

Bethesda finally revealed their plans for the upcoming online RPG Fallout 76, and it’s a lot bigger than anyone expected. Not only is the game’s launch date delayed until November, but it will also launch on two platforms at once, with the standard version of the game coming out in mid-October, and the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. (Break-it Early Test Application) rolling out on the 6th of November.

Fallout 76 Patch Notes - Fallout Worlds PTS Update Adds Custom Servers, Expands Daily Ops

Fallout 76’s most recent update, Worlds of Fallout, has officially landed on the PTS, allowing players to try out the game’s own server functionality for the first time. According to the patch notes, the game’s second scheduled Daily Ops expansion is coming soon.

The Fallout Worlds Update adds two new game modes: Worlds in the Open and Worlds Made to Order, which allow for a more themed experience throughout Appalachia. When you log in – the latter is only accessible to Fallout 1st subscribers – you’ll discover that the wasteland has changed rules, which may include the removal of quick travel, the gift of unlimited ammunition, or a reduction in damage while making hostile creatures much more deadly.

Fallout 76 Patch Notes - Fallout Worlds PTS Update Adds Custom Servers, Expands Daily Ops

Fallout 76 Patch Notes - Fallout Worlds PTS Update Adds Custom Servers, Expands Daily Ops

Daily Ops is expanding as well, with new opponents, locations, and double mutation weekends that make enemies more difficult to manage. All of the features in Fallout 76’s Fallout Worlds Update, as described by Bethesda in the official patch notes, are listed below:

Fallout Worlds

With this update for Fallout 76, we’re launching Fallout Worlds, which introduces two new game modes: Public Worlds and Custom Worlds, allowing players to experience the game in new and unique ways. Fallout Worlds is now ready for playtesting on the Public Test Server, and you can learn more about it here before heading over to the PTS to give it a go.

Public Worlds

  • The new Public Worlds option will let you break up your routine by providing unique worlds with a pre-selected collection of Fallout Worlds settings that are themed.
    • All players may join Public Worlds to explore a different Appalachia than the one seen in Adventure Mode.
  • At any one moment, only one Public World will be accessible to participants. Themes in the Public World will change weekly in the PTS and monthly in the live version of the game, ensuring that you have new experiences to check out on a regular basis.
  • In the Test Server, you may expect to see the following Public World themes:
    • Happy Builder: There are no C.A.M.P. limitations, building limits have been loosened, all Map locations have been found, and PvP has been deactivated.
    • Reduced player damage, increased damage taken, significantly increased opponent difficulty, and “Dark Bog” weather effects in Dweller Must Die.
    • Butcher’s Delight: Unlimited ammunition, no battle AP costs, and improved dismemberment.
    • Max leap height, no fall damage, nuked animals and vegetation, and “Quantum Storm” weather in Quantum World.
    • High Risk: There is no Fast Travel, PVP is constantly on, and players drop extra treasure when they die.

Custom Worlds

  • Players with current Fallout 1st memberships may now use the Custom Worlds option in the Play menu to create a new kind of Private World in which they can modify and change a number of parameters to build an Appalachia suited to their preferences.
    • To create a Custom World, go to the Main Menu and choose Custom World, then “Select World Template” from the drop-down menu.
  • You may select from a wide range of customization options while building your Custom World, and then let your imagination run wild with the possibilities! Here are some of the choices available to you:
    • Workshop: Expand your construction options, eliminate the requirement for power, boost your C.A.M.P. budget and build height, remove building limitations, eliminate item collision, and more.
    • Combat: Modify PvP rules, increase enemy difficulty, grant oneself unlimited ammunition, change item durability, and more.
    • General: Either disable Fast Travel or make it available for free. Select from a variety of unique weather effects, such as Radstorms and Nuke Zones, as well as brand-new weather effects, such as Quantum Storm and Dark Bog. Adjust leap height, fall damage, and even death effects to get a distinct perspective of Appalachia.
    • Please keep in mind that certain Custom World settings may have an effect on the performance of your game client. You may still use them, and you can always activate or disable them again if necessary.
  • You may currently store a Custom World you’ve made in one of three slots, and choose one of them to make it your active Custom World.
    • You can modify your Custom Worlds after you’ve done building them, so you may change them up as required even if you’ve filled all three Custom World spaces.
  • Don’t worry if you aren’t presently a Fallout 1st member. While your friends who are Fallout 1st members are online, you may still join them in their Custom Worlds.

Character Development

  • The progress that each of your characters makes in Public or Custom Worlds is unique to that planet and unrelated to Adventure Mode.
    • At any moment, you may clone your Adventure Mode character for use in a Public or Custom World, and you can have up to five Fallout World personas at once.
    • Your character’s progress in a Public World will be accessible as long as the Public World is playable.

Expansion of Daily Ops

Our most recent Daily Ops update introduces a new weekend event that increases the difficulty while also increasing the prizes. Before you get into playtesting on the PTS, read on for a quick summary of everything this expansion brings to Daily Ops.

Weekend Events with Double Mutation

  • Daily Ops will be randomized each day during Double Mutation events, with opponents having one of eight possible combinations of two separate Mutations.
    • Every other weekend, from Thursday through Monday, Double Mutation Weekend events will take place, beginning and finishing at the regular Daily Ops reset hour.
    • Double Mutations are now active on the PTS and will stay so for the remainder of this playtesting period.
  • Daring adventurers willing to dive into Daily Ops when a Double Mutation event is running will receive the following enhanced rewards:
    • For the first and all future Elder Tier completions, 2 – 6 Legendary Cores are required.
    • Every time you play Daily Ops, you’ll get double XP.
    • Every Daily Ops gameplay will double your in-game cash prizes.

Double the Peril!

  • Check out the complete list of possible double Mutations that foes may wear during the upcoming weekend events so you know what to expect.
    • Freezing Touch and Swift-Footed Mutations are available to “Blistering” opponents.
    • Freezing Touch and Group Regeneration Mutations are available to “chilling” opponents.
    • Toxic Blood Mutations and Active Camouflage are available to “clouded” opponents.
    • Relentless: Enemies with the Resilient and Group Regeneration Mutations are known as “relentless.”
    • Freezing Touch and Toxic Blood Mutations are available to “stinging” foes.
    • Swift Stalker: Enemies that are “stalking” have Active Camouflage and Swift-Footed Mutations.
    • Volatile and Swift-Footed Mutations are found in “unstable” opponents.
    • Vaporous: Enemies with the Volatile and Active Camouflage Mutations are known as “Vaporous.”

New Opponents

  • Communists have been introduced to the pool of randomized opponent groups you may face in any Daily Ops mode.

Locations Have Changed

  • Fight your way through the Arktos Pharma Biome Lab, Watoga High School, and Uncanny Caverns, which have all been added to the Daily Ops randomized pool of locales.

Updates on Rewards

  • We’ve added plans for two legendary weapons, new themed cosmetics, and more to the Daily Ops update. Check out the whole list of new prizes that you may win by completing Daily Ops:
  • Arctic Marine Armor is a plan.
  • Pipe Wrench, Mechanic’s Best Friend
  • Sole Survivor Lever Action Rifle is the plan.
  • Suit: Hazmat Suit in Black
  • Mirelurk King Tube is the plan.
  • Outfit of the Blood Eagle Skull Lord
  • Helmet of the Blood Eagle Skull Lord
  • Paint for the Blood Eagle Auto-Grenade Launcher

There’s Still More to Discover!

  • Vault 51 has been opened up for investigation in all game modes, including Adventure, as part of this Fallout 76 update. To go inside, follow the red wire and explore about to discover more about what happened to the Dwellers of Vault 51.

The Fallout Worlds Update does not yet have a set release date, but it is expected to hit Fallout 76’s live servers in September, according to the developer.

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To give you a brief preview of what’s coming up in the next drop of Fallout 76, let me recap a few of the things that have already been added. The game received a new Battle Royale mode, a new mode for the Terramorphous the Invincible encounter, a new weapon, a new crafting material, and a host of new items. At the same time, the UI and quest system have been worked on, and a new V.A.T.S. ability has also been added.. Read more about fallout 76 update today and let us know what you think.

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