As you progress through FFXIV’s dungeons, it becomes increasingly difficult to spot the right class for your party. In this guide, we’ll help you find which job is perfect for your group!

The “ffxiv class tier list” is a guide that provides information on the classes in Final Fantasy XIV. It includes high-level builds, as well as general tips and strategies for each class. The guide also has an extensive glossary of terms used in FFXIV.

FFXIV Class Guide | High Ground Gaming

Do you like to fight your enemies up close and personal? With bows, cannons, and spells, keep them at bay? Or would you want to be the unsung hero of every dungeon trek, ensuring that everyone survives to the end? Whatever kind of fantasy you want, Final Fantasy XIV has a class for you. Let’s go into the specifics with the FFXIV Class Guide from High Ground Gaming.

Overview of Class Roles: DPS, Tanks, and Healers

To succeed in a dungeon or raid, a group must run like a well-oiled machine. This implies that everyone has a stake in the outcome. It’s critical to understand your job, how you work best with your teammates, and what’s required of you in order to succeed.

Perhaps you like the flare and boom of a blunderbuss or the spellcasting of a wizard. The game separates fighting Classes (and their related Jobs—a phrase used in Final Fantasy XIV to refer to particular subclasses) into two primary schools: the Disciples of War and the Disciples of Magic. The swish-swish-stab and classical booms are handled by the former, while the esoteric arts are handled by the latter. But, at the end of the day, they’re all in the business of causing harm.

Let’s split down the classes by role—DPS, Tank, and Healer—rather than concentrating on whether they’re Disciples of War or Magic.

Which role is the most crucial? Every single one of them!

Any expert MMORPG player will tell you that the DPS is unquestionably the most crucial member of any squad. They’re the ones who can do massive quantities of damage in a matter of seconds to clear a room of enemies. Some DPS types prefer melee combat, while others use arrows or destructive spells to do damage. However, despite their effectiveness, DPS classes sometimes lack durability. Keep an elegant dance of death going through the dungeon by avoiding any AoE strikes.

The Tanks, on the other hand, are the most crucial members of any party. The Tanks maintain the attention of every ill-intentioned adversary in the vicinity and absorb all the blows intended for the others while the damage dealers dance about and the healers flail frantically in the dark. Is there anything more noble or selfless than this? This is a rhetorical question. That isn’t to suggest Tanks aren’t capable of doing damage; they should be able to maintain a consistent stream of offensive skills. Above all, they should concentrate on maintaining the line and keeping the aggression on themselves.

While DPS and Tanks are important in any group-based content, there’s no denying that Healers are the most important friends to have on your side. A competent Healer, like a strong Tank, will keep a steady stream of damage going throughout the dungeon. The Healers, on the other hand, keep the Tanks alive with effective healing spells while the Tanks hold the aggro and take a battering. If DPS players are foolish enough to loiter in an AoE, healers will heal them as well. 

Remember that in Eorzea, you may change classes on the fly, so don’t feel trapped if you choose a class that doesn’t fit you. A brief questline will provide you the chance to play as the class of your choosing.

DPS Classes in Final Fantasy XIV

ffxiv_classguide_dps_01-1024x576 DPS Classes Square Enix through HGG/Mitch Gentry/Square Enix

DPS Classes/Jobs account for the majority of a group’s damage output. They counteract this tremendous damage potential by being some of the squishier classes in the game—not quite as awful as Healers, but close. And every second spent healing a DPS player is a second that a Tank is not being healed. As a DPS, you must be swift on your feet, adept at selecting targets, and skilled at avoiding AoEs.

DPS with a physical range

Bards, Dancers, and Machinists belong to the DPS with a physical range group, dealing damage with bows, guns, and glaives. That doesn’t mean they don’t employ magic, just that their core toolset revolves around putting something sharp and metal downrange. They have decent evasion abilities as well, so make sure to use them between bursts of damage.

Melee DPS

Melee DPS classes include the Dragoon, Monk, Ninja, Samurai, and Reaper. They feel quite at home in the middle of the battlefield, slashing swords or punching fists at chest-bumping range. As a consequence, they’re less squishy than ranged DPS classes, although they still depend on good evasive abilities to get through. The Monk, Ninja, and Samurai all have complex ability combinations, thus their skill ceiling is high—and their learning curve is steep.

DPS from a magical range

In the DPS from a magical range group, you’ll find the Black Mage, Red Mage, Summoner, and Blue Mage. These classes sling spells from a distance, and wizards aren’t exactly renowned for their fortitude and physical endurance. These are the “glass cannon” DPS classes that unleash boiling fury with an array of spells but can’t take more than a few hits before getting knocked out of the fight.

In addition, the Red Mage and Blue Mage are only technically DPS, and they each have their own set of mechanics. Red Mages, for example, may acquire certain Healer skills and bend their position on the fly. Blue Mages are the sole “restricted class” in Final Fantasy XIV, with skills that must be learnt via defeating Eorzea’s inhabitants and earning their unique talents.  

Tank Classes in Final Fantasy XIV

ffxiv_classguide_tank_01-1024x576 Tanks Square Enix through HGG/Mitch Gentry/Square Enix

The aim for the Tank is to maintain enmity, or aggro, by having all foes in sight focused on you and you alone. This begins with a small amount of damage, but most Tank classes also have specific skills to enhance enmity generation and otherwise endure the barrage of damage. Tanks aren’t immune to the necessity for precise placement around AoEs, but there aren’t many storms that a competent Healer can’t weather.

The Dark Knight is a fast-moving Tank with a higher damage output than the ordinary Tank. This also means he’s a little squishier for balance’s sake. But don’t let it put you off. This is the way to go if you’re searching for aggressive Tanking and huge ol’ swords.

The Gunbreaker, meanwhile, wields a firearm with the hopes of inflicting maximum harm and widespread terror. Because nothing draws an enemy’s attention like the sound of a weapon shooting. Their gunblades, like the Dark Knight’s, have some good defensive powers, albeit they’re a touch squishier than the others.

The Paladin is the most well-known MMORPG tank. It’s made to take a beating and smile as it emerges from a cloud of smoke and flame. You have a few solid damaging skills here, but the major emphasis is on just absorbing harm like social media does data.

Last but not least, the Warrior is another archetypal Tank class that focuses on damage and provides better crowd control than the Paladin. You’ll wield huge axes in order to defend your buddies by blinding your opponents with their colleagues’ blood.  

Healer Classes in Final Fantasy XIV

ffxiv_classguide_healer_01-1024x576 Healer Classes Square Enix through HGG/Mitch Gentry/Square Enix

Healers only do one thing, and it’s right there in their name. Maintain a healthy diet and remain alive at all costs. As a Healer, inflicting damage is an afterthought—important for optimizing your group’s effectiveness, but only to be handled after all other chores have been completed.

In administering that therapeutic goodness, the Astrologian uses the mystical powers of chance and card games. Because card combinations depend on knowing your class and reading the circumstance well, their learning curve is a little steeper, but for the seasoned Healer, they’re a wonderful method to heal your company while also reading their fate.

Sages are members of the Healing Arts school where “enough sophisticated technology seems to be magic.” They send forth a swarm of Sharlayan nouliths, or floating, stabbing rods of health, to bolster their group and do some damage to their foes.

Scholars bring summons to the group, delegating certain healing responsibilities to familiars who dance in and out of combat. You can remove any debuffs from your party and replenish their health bars faster than you can say “fairy-god-parents.”

Last but not least, the White Mage is the most pure Healer. Sure, they may inflict harm, but in Eorzea, there isn’t a better source of healing. This is the Healer role stripped down to its bare essentials, leaving only health bars on your HUD. And boy, can you fill them up quickly. Especially with those MP-intensive stacking DoT heals and late-game AoE heals. Just remember, you amazing healer, to keep an eye on your mana pool.

Wrap Up

ffxiv_classguide_dps_02-1024x576 FFXIV Class Guide Square Enix through HGG/Mitch Gentry/Square Enix

Hopefully, this FFXIV Class Guide assisted you in selecting your next (or first) Eorzean adventure class. Don’t be scared to sign up for a few courses at once and try them all out. Variety is the spice of life. You never know which one will fit your playing style the best. It also helps with duty queue times to be able to fulfil numerous positions. Especially if Tank or Healer is one of those positions.

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