Let’s be honest, there’s nothing more fun than playing games with friends, and social gaming is on the rise. With the growing popularity of mobile games, it’s not surprising that players are seeking out ways to play with friends online. Fling to the Finish Now is a multiplayer game that is available for iOS, PC, and Android that allows players to compete with their friends in a competitive yet fun game of racing.

We’re delighted to announce that Fling to the Finish Now™ is now available on Steam for Early Access. This is a very exciting time for us as I’m sure you’re aware of how many people are excited about the game. I’ve just spent a few days in the game, and had a wonderful time exploring the world with several friends. We all had a blast, and I’d like to thank the players who joined us in our adventure, and the amazing folks at Team 17 for their continued support.

Fling to the Finish is a sci-fi racing game that challenges you to stay alive as you race across the galaxy, but the difficulty starts before you step on board your ship. You have to spend hours practicing and honing your driving skills, while selecting which specific car you want to race. Then, you have to wait for the next race, where you have to beat your competitors, who have had the same chance at practice and preparation as you. Fling to the Finish is all about the journey, not the destination, and it’s here that the real fun and challenge of the game lies.

Fling-to-the-Finish-Gamers-Heroes-1 Fling to the Finish, a wacky co-op racing game from Daedalic Entertainment and SplitSide Games, has officially launched in Early Access.

This game puts two-player teams against one another as they race through a variety of wild and colorful obstacle courses. However, there is a catch: participants are bound together by a flexible elastic rope, which may be your best friend or worst adversary.

The game may also be played against one another with a single controller, and races can be done online or locally. A number of game modes will also be offered, allowing for both difficult solo play and enjoyment with friends.

The game’s Early Access edition comes with 12 stages, four game types, 12 playable characters, and over 20 wacky character skins. During the Early Access period, new levels, powers, characters, skins, and game types will be introduced via frequent updates.

Watch the trailer below to learn more:

English version of Fling OutNow V4

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRaxU2G LlM

The game is available on Steam for anyone who are interested.

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Fling to the Finish, a wacky co-op racing game from Daedalic Entertainment and SplitSide Games, has officially launched in Early Access.


Casey Scheld posted in News on August 20, 2021.

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We are now on the verge of the final release of Fling to the Finish . Our game has been through several major stages of development, and the final stages have been quite a journey. It’s hard to believe that we are now at the end, to be honest, but we feel we have a good game, and we’re really happy with it. We have had many great moments on this journey, certain milestones that have helped us grow and learn a lot from the community, and we hope that you, the players, will like the kind of game we have created.. Read more about fling to the finish platforms and let us know what you think.

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