Gamigo has been a popular global gaming platform since 2009, but the company is still struggling to find their identity. Recently coming under fire for layoffs and not doing enough to alleviate player concerns, Gamigo’s future looks bleak as they try to regain their foothold in the market.

Gamigo has said that the “Rift’s ‘great first update’ is still happening, still won’t acknowledge layoffs.” Gamigo has been a popular game for years. Read more in detail here: is rift dead 2021.

Gamigo says RIFT’s ‘great first update’ is still happening, still won’t acknowledge layoffs


The tragic news that Gamigo had executed significant layoffs from numerous MMO teams under its control, including RIFT and Trove, was announced at the start of the week. We also noted at the time that the layoffs were particularly bad news for RIFT, since Gamigo and its parent company, MGI, had promised a major upgrade for Q2 2022, which clearly did not materialize.

Now, Gamigo insists it’s still occurring — it’s just late, you know, and the studio decided to reveal it on April Fools’ Day, but it doesn’t seem to be a joke. Although the phrasing is ambiguous, it seems that the patch will be released in April and will include reskins, new missions, Carnival of the Ascended, and the 11th anniversary of the game (which actually was a full month ago).

“We understand that all of you are looking forward to the announced Q1 update; nevertheless, we regret to tell you that the upgrade will not take place during the first quarter.” We regret for the delay in releasing the update as planned; but, as you are aware, game content production is subject to delays that cannot be predicted in advance. Now that that’s out of the way, we’d like to offer some good news. We’d like to let you know that our talented engineers are hard at work on the next patch, which will be released in April. So far, the Hellbug CTA has given you a taste of what they can accomplish with the new tasks. But that’s not all; they’ve also added a slew of new tasks to the Budgie CTA, as well as several reskinned horses and wings to add to your already extensive collection of both! That’s not all; they’ve also reset Battlepass Season 1 for everyone, so even experienced players who’ve previously completed it may do it again and still receive some cool rewards! Carnival is approaching, and we’ll be celebrating the 11th Anniversary with all the Carnival activities and masks!”

Gamigo has yet to recognize the layoffs, issue a statement, or reply to press questions about the matter, but it does concede at the conclusion of this article that it “had to say goodbye” to CM Vilya, which is an unusual way of saying “laid off along with many other devs and CMs.” There’s also no recognition of the defunct forums, which have been down for over two months with no explanation from the company.

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Gamigo has said that RIFT’s ‘great first update’ is still happening, despite the layoffs. The company is also not commenting on a possible release date for the patch. Reference: rift reddit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is gamigo shutting down rift?

A: Gamigo is not shutting down Rift. Gameforge has announced that they will be migrating all of their games over to the new game platform, Battlenet and on April 30th 2017 Gamigos servers will shut down for good.

Will rift shut down?

A: No. Rift will remain open for the foreseeable future.
Rift is still going strong, despite Sonys online policies banning developers from adding custom songs to their platform

Will rift ever be updated?

A: Yes, they will update it at some point in the future. If you want to keep up with what is going on with Rift and when they might release an update, please visit their website

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