There are few games that are as beloved by the gaming community as the original Command and Conquer (C&C) series. The saga that made a name for itself by putting players in charge of a military force has been remastered numerous times since its original release. And after two years of development, Generals Evolution finally hit the shelves.

Generals is a classic real-time strategy game from 1999 that is one of the many great games of the genre. Reverting to the engine and art of the original game, the Generals mod takes the classic gameplay and adds a substantial amount of content. With a new campaign, new units and an enhanced map editor, the Generals mod is a fantastic take on the game.

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This remake of Command and Conquer Generals is said to offer better network play, graphical accuracy and stability. Generals Evolution retains all the classic units we know from the original game, but also adds a few new ones like the Laser Paladin, Bomber, Katyusha, Battleship Outpost and others. Additional cards and sound effects are also included in the game.

Some users have experienced issues with the release, and from what we can tell, these are mostly those using Origin accounts. The project is being developed for the Steam and Origin versions of C&C Generals, although a physical DVD release is not planned as this would not allow critical engine patches to be introduced.

With a little rest, the team hopes to fix these problems and add more units and a short single-player campaign, as well as some co-op missions and an improved SkirmishAI. You can find Generals Evolution here on ModDB, along with instructions for a successful launch.

While you wait for EA’s next remaster of the Command and Conquer series, this fan-made remake of Generals deserves your attention. If you don’t already have Red Alert 3, we recommend buying it on Steam, where it’s on sale for £17.99, but watch out for the Steam 2021 sale where you can get it cheaper.

Command & Conquer: Generals is a longstanding strategy franchise that has occupied my gaming time for years. When C&C Generals 2 was released it was easily one of the most fun strategy games I’d ever played, but since then it has been left in the dust by the likes of StarCraft and Age of Empires II. When I first learned of the Generals Evolution Mod Team, I knew I had to get ahold of their remaster—so I bought their game and now I’m writing this for you.. Read more about command and conquer generals evolution release date and let us know what you think.

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