In this review, I will cover the game’s main features and what makes it different from other games on the market. The premise of Grid Legends is simple: you are a character in a futuristic racing-like shooter who must race around tracks each with unique obstacles to pass them. There are several modes that offer various experiences for players of all skill ranges to enjoy., One mode includes an auto-battle feature where your car can fight against AI opponents until you’re happy with its performance..

Grid Legends is a beautiful game and has a great career mode. The game has been reviewed on metacritic with an average of 80%.

Grid Legends Review - A Beautiful Game and Great Career Mode

I think Codemasters and EA are aware that the previous Grid game’s direction did not connect with the general public as they had planned. When you consider that the contemporary racing industry is flooded with titles from a variety of disciplines, it’s clear that modifications, additions, and corrections are required for the Grid series to regain its footing with Grid Legends. This takes us to the conclusion of my Review of Grid Legends.

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There is place in the community for a wide spectrum of games, from pure simulation to over-the-top arcade, but there isn’t room for a product that has no idea what it is or wants to be. I could see right away during a “hands-on” session with the career mode version that work had been done and that the racing had gone closer to the origins of the original TOCA series, which was a simulation and arcade combination.

But, apart from my early impressions of the career mode and racing, how does Grid Legends do in its ultimate form?

What I Enjoy

grid-legends-trial-1024x576grid legends trial

Mode of Narration

If you read my preview here on Operation Sports, it was a detailed look at the all-new Mode of Narration created by Codemasters called Driven to Glory. I was impressed by it then and remain impressed by it now. To start with, the developers created a solid story that plays out in a way where it allows you and the racing to be the stars of the show.

Over the course of the tale, there are over 30 distinct situations, each of which demands a unique strategy and is accompanied with a short story. Everything works so well because the narrative portion of the mode is provided in short movies and photos with description-style overlays that rapidly explain what’s going on before you return to racing.

I’ve completed the mode twice already. The second time around, I had just as much fun as the first, and a third effort is not out of the question. It all comes down to the story’s rapid delivery, where you’re the star both on and off the track. There were times when it seemed like a mix of old games, with a splash of Wreckfest and TOCA thrown in for good measure.

I will not give anything away, but know that the new Mode of Narration is extremely well done and is approachable and addictive enough that multiple playthroughs should be an option for some.

AI And Driving Mechanics

GRID-Legends_20220219132709-1024x576Review of Grid Legends

Grid Legends is, at its heart, a high-octane racing that never slows down. There are two reasons why it works and resonates so well with me. First and foremost, the game’s driving mechanics are fantastic, and I like to refer to them as “simple to learn yet difficult to master.” During my time with Grid Legends, I discovered that the creators had designed a driving paradigm that required me to master not just how each car operated, but also how they interacted with various surfaces and track kinds.

That is the beauty of the racing system in place here. In order to progress through the Mode of Narration, career mode, or online — and do so with some success — I had to learn what each vehicle was about and the best approach for each track with said vehicle.

GRID-Legends_20220219164003-1024x576Grid Legends AI

Some courses required me to just drag my ass over lengthy straightaways, while others emphasized 90-degree corners and S-curves. Add in a torrential rain or a snowfall, and my knuckles became whiter than I’d like to confess. When you mix in some exceptionally well-tuned AI opponents, you get an experience that is both thrilling and long-lasting.

Grid Legends has an extremely well-tuned AI. That means the experience might be stressful at times, and aggravating at others, but it’s always exhilarating. The AI will give you the benefit of the doubt and race with you if you race clean. If your strategy is to win at any costs, you’ll make a few enemies. When the chance arrives, the AI will repay you, and when the time comes, it will make it difficult to pass.


The AI’s ability to combat one other for the best racing lines and a better position was one feature of AI racing that truly stood out and made an impact. Also, AI errors were common, and many of them resulted in race DNFs. More significantly, such collisions often forced me to maneuver through the shambles with a sense of adventure akin to Days of Thunder.

In the end, the AI is both entertaining and irritating in a fair manner, but the system’s brilliance is that it enables you to control the AI’s behavior.

The Graphical Leap of Grid

The Grid series has never looked better in terms of graphics. The PS5 version I’m playing has definitely been upgraded, and it’s one of the best-looking games on the system right now. The vehicle models are stunning and packed with detail in regions that most people will never see, demonstrating the creators’ meticulous attention to detail in Grid Legends.


Aside from the automobiles, the tracks, track-side components, and surrounds are just as stunning as the cars themselves. Racing has never looked this amazing, whether I was handling the hills of San Francisco or the tight corners of Chicago. The attention to detail extends to the minutiae of the surroundings, as flagmen, spectators, and race officials are all aware of what is going on around them.

The images’ awe-inspiring quality doesn’t stop there. The moment weather and weather effects are incorporated into the game, the degree of detail skyrockets – even more so with the real-time day-to-night changes. Although I can’t speak for prior platform generations, I can say that Grid Legends looks fantastic on both PC and PS5, and the frame rate never drops even when there’s a lot going on.

Showcase of Audio


Last but not least, the devs have done an outstanding job in the audio domain. The visuals will provide the most excitement, but the music will provide just as much delight, particularly when using a 3-D headset.

The audio innovations contained within Grid Legends are provided at a high degree of accuracy, from the sound of cars to the screaming of tires and catastrophic wrecks. Furthermore, unlike many games, the music here contributes to the sense of realism and depth.

What I Don’t Care For


System of Menus

It takes too much time to learn the System of Menus and understand how to navigate things. While a petty complaint on some level, it was a bit confusing how to gain access to certain modes and races, and how to unlock certain cars at the beginning. Through trial and error, I eventually connected the dots and understood how each mode worked with the others.

Take your time, however, and make sure you understand how driving a particular automobile in one mode affects another. Make careful to understand the prerequisites for upgrading your cars before starting one of the career mode sessions.



Grid Legends might be in the same boat as Horizon Forbidden West, which debuted a week before Elden Ring. The majority of the attention will be focused on Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 7, which will be released around a week after Grid Legends. Gran Turismo has earned that right, fair or not, but what I discovered is that Grid Legends delivers a completely different experience than GT7.

What Codemasters has created here is an experience in and of itself, but it focuses on fast vehicles, white-knuckle racing, and total immersion into the racing environment. Grid Legends succeeds on practically every front, with over 118 vehicles, 137 courses, and 22 distinct breathtaking locales. This is particularly true when you consider the game’s high level of excitement and addicting racing.


Even more impressive is the depth on display here. As I mentioned previously, I have played through the Mode of Narration two full times already and will consider a third playthrough. Grid Legends provides an excellent single-player experience. while still offering up a wonderful array of options online where many will find another high level of enjoyment.

I was blown away by the upgrades and enhancements in Grid Legends from the minute I booted it up. Grid Legends should be given an opportunity to impress you whether you’re a racing lover, an adrenaline addict, or somewhere in between.

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