This is a major update in the life of Grounded, as we are set to release two massive updates for the game. The first being The Shroom , a massive update that will add a lot of game modes, game play changes, and new features to the game. The second will be the release of Doom , which will make the game a lot different, and a whole lot more challenging.

Grounded, the PC FPS game that is being developed by Rage Games. This post will give you some background information on the game and may give you a brief idea of what to expect from the forthcoming (major) update.

Grounded is a community-driven server that is focused on being friendly, inclusive, fun and an overall enjoyable place to play. We have and will continue to work hard to get everything right and make sure that we’re constantly improving our server. The largest update to Grounded is the Shroom and Doom update, which is currently in progress. This update will be the first huge content release for Grounded, and will bring with it some of the most exciting updates that we have ever released.. Read more about grounded shroom and doom update release date and let us know what you think.

Grounded came out a year ago and received monthly updates, but Obsidian recently announced that they would be dropping the monthly updates in favor of larger, less frequent updates. The first of these Grounded updates will be the upcoming Shroom and Doom update.

Check the base: The trailer for Obsidian’s Shroom & Doom update can be found below.

When will the update for Grounded Shroom and Doom be released?

The Grounded Shroom and Doom update will be released at the end of the month, on the 30th. June 2021, published. But if you can’t wait, you can join the public trial version of the game right now, which allows players to upgrade to the Doom and Gloom update.

What’s new in the Grounded Shroom and Doom update?

Most previous updates, with the exception of the Pond update, have only brought minor fixes and a small amount of new content. As promised, Obsidian added a bunch of stuff in the June update, making up for the lack of a Grounded update in May.


Clearly, seating was one of the most requested features for Grounded. Personally, I don’t find this feature very interesting, but if it makes some people happy, that’s nice.

Breeder: Earthing pattern

If you already thought Grounded’s current spiders were cool, now there’s Broodmother, a giant spider that makes all the spiders you’ve fought so far seem like child’s play.

After the release of the Shroom and Doom update, players will be able to lure the Broodmother with a treat called Broodmother BLT, but be prepared, meeting the Broodmother will not be easy to survive.

After defeating the spawn, you can get the following items:

  • Uterine brood
  • Breeding Poison
  • Roast tooth
  • Fabric Fibre

First stage of companionship

We’ve been waiting for pets, and in the new updates for Shroom and Doom players will finally be able to tame their own miniature animals, but for now it’s limited to weevils and aphids.

Now that the game has a pet feature, it’s probably only a matter of time before there are more and we can add a variety of garden critters as pets to our bases.

New weapon: Crossbow

I’ve been waiting for this since the release of Grounded, a more powerful distance weapon. Of course, this extra power has some drawbacks, such as. B. longer cooldown, but when hunting spiders as a team, a little extra power can mean the difference between life and death.

New buildings

If, like me, you like to build in games, you’ll love this update. As the name Shroom and doom suggests, the new update is all about mushrooms, as one of the new building materials is actually made of mushrooms.

Players can now use mushroom bricks to make all the normal building blocks that are normally made from grass or stems.

New buildings

With the introduction of the curve and half walls, we can now create extremely interesting basic structures with the following new buildings:

  • Half the wall
  • Curved half wall
  • Half wall with facets
  • Curved half wall
  • Curved wall
  • Curved door
  • Curved fence
  • Palisade of curved doors
  • Flat roof (cloverleaf)
  • Pitched roof (cloverleaf)
  • Pointed domed roof (cloverleaf)
  • Ladybird (stuffed animal)
  • Insect (plush)
  • Roofs made of crow feathers
  • Clay bar
  • Supporting mast
  • Pebble column
  • Mushroom bar

That’s a lot of new parts, personally I can’t wait for the doom & shroom update to see what I can do with my base.

New production buildings Grounded Shroom and Doom

In addition to new building structures that will give your base a great look, they are also adding new production buildings that will add new features to the game.


As you’d expect, the oven works similarly to a fire, meaning you can cook things, but the oven can use multiple ingredients to make different recipes, like the cocktails already in the game.

The cursor

The grinder will work in the same way as the coffee grinder in Ark Survival Evolved. Players can place objects in the mill and grind them to obtain basic parts.


Performance is what you expect from a game available on Xbox Game Pass, and while I’ve wanted to see it from day one, it’s finally here.

Right now, it looks like 20 achievements will be added in the update, but there’s no word yet on whether new ones will be added later.

Other changes

Other minor changes were also made, such as. B. two new mutations and some changes to photo mode that will also appear with the Shroom and Doom update.

One of those little updates, which I personally think is a great addition, is that BURG.L coins that have not yet been purchased are now indicated on the map, making them a little easier to find.Grounded is a free-to-play first person FPS (first person shooter) with a unique multiplayer experience. Being first person is the big thing that sets Grounded apart from many other FPS games. The ability to be in the action, to feel as if you’re fighting alongside your friends, is something that only first person mode can provide.. Read more about atomic heart and let us know what you think.

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