GTA Online ‘s Independence Day event will be kicking off on 24th July, where the game will be giving out Gold Bags, Double RP, Double GTA$ and Double GTA$. To celebrate this special day, Rockstar has pumped up the prices of Gold Bags and Pickup Trucks, as well as providing in-game discounts ranging from 5% to 35% on various vehicles and outfits. In addition, the “First Contact” mission has been renamed to “GTA 3: Online”, as the original title has long been retired.

Weekends are for relaxing, family time and of course, a little mindless gaming. Now you can take advantage of Gta Online’s awesome holiday event by getting some great GTA Online discounts on various in-game items. With the ability to unlock new vehicles and GTA$3,500,000,000 in-game cash from the Independence Day Event, you can be sure to win this weekend.

This weekend (July 2nd) marks the holiday known as Independence Day, and in honor of the occasion, Rockstar has begun rolling out a series of improvements to GTA Online.

This week in Grand Theft Auto Online , it’s time to celebrate the 4th of July: You can collect riches from coast to coast, participate in dark operations and get discounts on a number of in-game items.

Players can now double their GTA$ and RP by finding treasure chests and geocaches around Cayo Perico and on the ocean floor, while those who prefer spy games can triple their rewards by completing mobile ops missions and participating in Stockpile. If you don’t already own a Kotsak mobile operations center or submarine, you get 40% and 25% discount respectively.

In addition, there are many other patriotic themed prizes, such as a free Blaine County Talk Radio T-shirt, Business Battles themed prizes and a Hotring Sabre American Flag race car given away as the grand prize at the Lucky Wheel at Diamond Casino.

In addition, other discounts are offered, such as. B. 50% off bunkers, fireworks launchers and ammo, haircuts, masks, a Vapid Liberator monster truck and a Western Sovereign motorcycle, while other vehicles such as the Vapid Winky, the Albany Roosevelt Valor and the Nagasaki Buzzard helicopter gun are discounted up to 40%. You can find all the details on the Rockstar website

Source: Press release

ViewGTA Online is celebrating Independence Day by giving players of its multiplayer game GTA Online the chance to earn special bonuses and discounts for the holiday.. Read more about gta online independence day masks and let us know what you think.

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