GTA Online: Payphone Hit Missions Explained (The Contract) is the first in a series of hidden missions within GTA Online that will become available after players have completed certain tasks in-game. These are some of the most difficult and challenging missions, requiring advanced planning to complete on any difficulty level.

The “how to do missions in gta 5” is a guide that explains how to complete the Payphone Hit Missions. The missions are unlocked after completing the first mission of the game, and they can be completed by either playing as Trevor or Michael.

GTA Online: Payphone Hit Missions Explained (The Contract)

Is anybody familiar with the assassination missions in Grand Theft Auto IV? You’d stroll up to a payphone, get a call about an issue that needed to be solved, and get to work with your weapon of choice on the remedy. It was one of my favorite features of Grand Theft Auto IV.

Rockstar, it turns out, remembers those tasks as well. Payphone Hits has been introduced to GTA Online with the release of the Contract DLC!

But how do these missions function? What’s the best way to get them started? Is the money they get worth it? In this essay, I’ll go through everything in great depth. We’ll go through what payphone hit missions are, how to get started with one, how to accomplish one, and how much money you can expect if you succeed.

Payphone Hit Missions are what they sound like.

Payphone hits are a new sort of task that Franklin Clinton assigns to the player. Franklin has been in contact with a number of high-profile stock market investors. These folks rely on you and Franklin to eliminate particular targets, which will improve their investments.

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These missions are rather simple. On their map, players are given a target to assassinate and are instructed to drive over to their position. Missions range from assassinating multiple people in the city in a short period of time to assassinating an off-duty judge while she is playing golf at the Los Santos Golf Club.

There are eight distinct missions in all that the player may participate in. Unlike Security Contracts, you cannot choose which ones you wish to play and must depend on luck to get a certain one. These tasks are simple to accomplish and should take no more than 10-15 minutes. There are no various levels of difficulty, and they all need very little effort to accomplish.

What’s the Best Way to Start a Payphone Hit?

To begin, go to the in-game website Dynasty 8 Executive and acquire an Agency property. The price ranges from $2,010,000 to $2,830,000. Go to your agency and view the entrance sequence after you’ve picked your decision. After that, go to your own office and complete at least three Security Contracts.

You’ll get a call from Franklin when you’ve completed the required amount of contracts, and he’ll fill you in on all the facts of Payphone Hits. Then there are a smattering of payphones strewn across Los Santos. As you drive about the map in free roam, they will appear at random. You may also contact Franklin at any moment and request a payphone hit, which will instantly create one nearby.

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Simply follow the ringing and hit the engage button to pick up the phone once you see the blue symbol on the map. You’ll see a short cutscene before the task begins! These missions might spawn rather far away from your starting position, so you might want to bring a fast automobile with you. There is a timer to finish the hit in a particular period of time, but it isn’t that awful.

What is the best way to complete a payphone mission? Are they well compensated?

Payphone Hits has a relatively modest starting payment. Completing what’s known as a “Bonus Payment” is where the big money is generated. These are unique goals that may be fulfilled throughout the mission to earn additional payouts. You’ll have to make someone’s death seem to be an accident in one of them. In another, you’ll have to murder someone by blowing up a petrol station!

20220105161946_1-1024x576 20220105161946_1-1024x576 Rockstar Games courtesy of HGG / Koby Gibson Ross

Franklin will give you the specifics on how the customer wants their victim killed, so check your phone before shooting anybody. The basic reward is typically $15,000, with a bonus payment of up to $85,000 possible! For an amateur hitman, it’s not bad.

Every assignment you finish has a 20-minute cooldown, so keep that in mind. Starting a CEO organization before conducting a payphone hit is a fantastic way for me to remain occupied. During the cooldown time, I’ll instantly start a CEO task to generate some money. It doesn’t pay as much as the payphone calls, but it’s still a good way to pass the time in between killings.

Be a part of the High Ground

We hope you enjoyed this GTA Online post. Payphone missions are taught in a way that is both educational and entertaining. Are there any critical details that we’ve overlooked? Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get payphone hits in GTA Online?

A: Its difficult to answer this question because GTA Online is an open-world game where players have lots of options. However, one way that I can offer a solution is by purchasing them for $1 each from the AmmuNation in your safehouse.

How many payphone missions are there in GTA V Online?

A: There are a total of 10 payphone missions in GTA V Online.

How much do payphone hits pay GTA?

A: Payphones in GTA Online do not have any prices listed. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

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