Guild Wars 2 developers ArenaNet expressed disappointment over the fact that player-created content has fallen victim to exploits and hacks that can be used to obtain free items in the game.  The official  forum thread  regarding this issue  has been closed but available for the public to view, and is located  here .

ArenaNet has disabled the Black Lion Instant level 80 tickets in the game until the issue is resolved.

The FAQ has been updated with the following: “In addition, the Black Lion Instant Level 80 Ticket expires on December 31, 2014. Players who purchased Black Lion Instant Level 80 Tickets prior to today’s update are receiving a refund for the amount of the Black Lion Instant Level 80 Ticket purchase.”


Following the discovery of a problem, Guild Wars 2 users were notified that the distribution of Level 80 Boosts and Shared Inventory Slots will be temporarily stopped. ArenaNet issued an update on Friday, stating that Black Lion Instant Level 80 Tickets, as well as any Gem Store bundles that contain them, are currently unavailable to buy while work on a remedy for this mysterious problem continues.

“For the time being, we’ve disabled the Gem Store’s ability to buy certain goods and bundles containing them. We anticipate their purchase and usage to be disabled for many more days due to the intricacy of the problem.

“We realize how inconvenient this scenario is for you, and we know you’d want to utilize your boosts and the Shared Inventory Slot they come with, so we’re working to fix it as soon as possible. We’re working with caution since this problem impacts player inventory, and we don’t want the patch to damage your inventories or gear inadvertently.”

More information is anticipated early next week, but for now, players are forced to speculate about the nature of the problem, with some speculating that it is related to legendary armor. In any case, if you were expecting to use a Gem Store purchase to raise a character to max level, you’ll have to wait a little longer.


For those who love Guild Wars 2, you’re probably wondering why can’t you purchase Black Lion Instant Level 80 Tickets anymore. This is due to an issue within Guild Wars 2. We will be using this blog to give updates to our Community for future reference and future updates to the Guild Wars 2 system.. Read more about gw2 when to use level 80 boost and let us know what you think.

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