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The most difficult boss in the game is Hades. This boss is one of the bosses you need to defeat in order to progress in the game, and it’s one of the most difficult bosses in the game, especially if you’re new to the game. This guide will help you get through Hades.

As you may already know, Hades is the final boss of the Elysium mode of Borderlands 2. But the hard part is, you can only use the sniper rifle to damage him. That’s why this guide will help you how to damage Hades with every weapon.

Hades’ ultimate aim is to defeat Hades and get out of the Underworld. That, however, is a tough job, particularly for newcomers to the game. Zagreus’ father, the God of the Dead, is the most powerful boss in the game, and beating him is difficult. Fortunately, we can assist you. Continue reading to discover about the finest weapons, loadouts, Boons, and tactics for handily defeating Hades.

How to Defeat the Final Boss in Hades

Hades - How to Defeat the Final Boss

You’ll need your finest Boons and most formidable weaponry to defeat Hades in Hades. Although the boss battle has two main stages, Hades’ attacks do not differ much between them. Zagreus’ boss of a father will be beaten in no time if you learn the patterns and maintain your distance.

That is, of course, easier said than done. Hades is designed to be a difficult game, and its eponymous monster is no slouch. Fortunately, we can assist you in winning without the need for continuous trial and error. Here are the greatest Boons, weapons, and tactics for defeating Hades.

Make an informed decision about your weapon.

Your weapon will be the most important element in defeating Hades. Everyone has a distinct preferred play style, and each weapon should be utilized for a certain build.

The sword and shield, for example, are capable of devastating close-range strikes. They’re ideal for gamers who don’t mind dashing in and out of battle. From afar, the pistol and bow, on the other hand, do less damage. They’re more suited to those that want to be more cautious.

The rest is very simple as long as you select your weapon properly. Concentrate on Boons that work well with your Mirror of Night upgrades, and look for Daedalus hammer upgrades that suit your playstyle.

The Most Effective Weapons Against Hades

While most weapons are well-balanced, some are superior than others. There are a few weapons and upgrades in particular that make the final boss fight considerably easier:

  • Stygius – Poseidon’s aspect
    • The special strike of the Aspect of Poseidon dislodges cast ammunition from enemies. It enables you to accumulate damage from casts that cling to opponents, which is very useful for cast-focused setups.
  • Varatha is a Hades aspect.
    • Varatha’s Aspect of Hades increases extra damage by up to 150 percent for 10 seconds, which is a significant benefit for cautious warriors.
  • Aegis – Chaos Aspect
    • The shield-throwing special of the Aspect of Chaos is generally regarded the greatest weapon to employ for an easy victory, since it helps distribute damage beyond the original target, remove traps, and keep crowds under control.
  • Gilgamesh Aspect – Twin Fists
    • Despite the fact that the Claws of Ekidnu reduce Zagreus’ attack speed, they nevertheless strike swiftly and do significant damage. The extra Maim damage is particularly useful in the Hades boss battle, but you must avoid being hit before the status condition wears off.

For high-damage builds, these are the finest options. However, personal taste will determine which weapon feels the best. Keeping your distance or inflicting damage over time may provide greater outcomes. In any case, make sure your weapons are reinforced with the appropriate Boons and abilities.

Use Privileged Status and Boons to Deal Massive Damage

Use Boons and Privileged Status to Deal Heavy Damage

Your Boons are the second most essential factor in combat victory. These alter your gameplay and the way your weapon delivers damage to opponents.

It’s entirely up to you which Boons you use. However, there is one particular construct that beginners may utilize to quickly defeat Hades. Privileged Status, one of the finest Mirror of Night enhancements, is used.

Any opponent affected by two status effects may receive up to 40% more damage from Privileged Status. Dionysus, Demeter, and Aphrodite all have basic Boons (for attack, special, and cast) that impart Hangover, Chill, and Weak status effects, respectively. Are’s Doom also works. Jolted and Exposed may also be used to inflict debuffs, but they need the use of other Boons (lightning and deflect) to do so.

Privileged Status will increase your total damage by 40% if you utilize god-specific Boons to guarantee that your basic strikes always apply at least two status effects. Privileged Status is the closest Hades has to playing on easy mode, since boons already influence your raw damage and status effects increase damage over time. You may become almost unstoppable when combined with the Shattered Shackle or Pierced Butterfly.

The Best Boons for Easily Beating Hades

Apart from those for Privileged Status, there are a few additional Boons that will be very useful in the Hades boss fight:

  • Divine Dash – As long as you maintain sprinting, Athena’s dash Boon guarantees you won’t be harmed by hostile projectiles.
  • Deflect applies Exposed as a result of Athena’s status boon, which works well with both Privileged Status and Shadow Presence.
  • Hyper Sprint – Hermes’ dash boon reduces damage taken after dashing while also allowing you to move twice as quickly. It’s one of the most effective methods to avoid Hades’ devastating swing strike.
  • Ares’ Doom-inflicting strike and special Boons, Curse of Agony/Curse of Pain, are a simple method to cheese any opponent or monster. Stick them, flee, wait for the curse damage to take effect, then repeat.
  • Aphrodite’s Aid – With a full god gauge, Aphrodite’s call may inflict 2,500 damage. When used in conjunction with Privileged Status, you may quickly wipe off a large portion of Hades’ health bar in a single hit. Even with a half charge, Aphrodite’s Aid provides Charm, which temporarily deflects Hades’ assaults.

Battle Guide for Hades’ Boss

Hades Boss Battle Guide - How to Win

The boss fight with Hades himself isn’t that difficult. Hades has just a few attacks, and after seeing them enough times, you’ll be able to predict them. Aside from that, make sure you have enough health to survive through all of his assault phases – two for most regular runs, three if Extreme Measures 4 is activated.

Recognize His Attacks

Hades, like Zagreus, has just four abilities: attack, special, cast, and call. During the initial phase of the battle, he’ll utilize the following moves:

  • Lunge Attack – After pursuing you down, the God of the Dead will attempt to impale you with his spear.
  • Hades will bounce forward and twirl his spear in a huge spin strike after a short wind-up. To escape being struck, dash out of the white outline.
  • Skull Cast – Hades launches one to four tracking skulls that apply Boiling Blood and double your damage. The skulls erupt with a destructive wave if left alone for five seconds.
  • Hades will call for assistance from the miserable creatures of the Underworld at 50 percent and 20 percent health. The majority of the time, they spawn partly unseen and armored.

Of course, there are a few unusual movements thrown in for good measure. Hades will sometimes disappear and attempt to sneak in a hit while oblivious. Keep an eye out for his footsteps throughout the performance to get an easy hit. He may also spell fast before launching a lunge strike to catch you off guard.

Hades has three additional movements when the second phase begins:

  • Hades will attack in predetermined sequences, such as lunge-lunge-spin or cast-cast-lunge.
  • Brimstone Laser — The monster will encircle himself with spinning spears before launching long-range lasers in all directions in a whirling pattern.
  • Hades may sometimes produce trap vases throughout the arena. Green hands immobilize and harm Zagreus when they are broken, causing trap damage.

Extreme Measures Turns The Volume Up To 11

When you reach Extreme Measures 4 in the Pact of Punishment, all of these patterns alter again. The movements themselves are the same, however there are a few of unique twists:

  • Spin Attacks often happen twice.
  • Zagreus is being pursued by Spear Throws throughout the arena.
  • Follow-up Spin or Lunge strikes are added to attack combos.
  • Brimstone Laser’s pulses will cause knockback damage.
  • Hades will be healed by trap vases.
  • Minibosses from Tartarus, Asphodel, and Elysium will be summoned when you use Call Foes.

The Most Effective Way to Easily Win

The Best Strategy to Win Easily

We can assist you if you’re having trouble defeating Hades for the first time. You may use these short suggestions to best prepare yourself for an easy victory against the final boss if you follow the instructions above.

  • Use Privileged Status to your advantage. The increased damage output is very beneficial in gaining your first victories.
  • If you can remain alive until the last fight, Death Defiance is preferable than Stubborn Defiance.
  • Athena’s Divine Dash is the greatest method to escape being struck by Boiling Blood or summoned monsters’ ranged assaults.
  • Demeter’s Frost Strike and other Chill abilities greatly slow Hades down, enabling you to inflict more damage and avoid his spin strike faster.
  • Because Hades is almost impervious to knockback, you shouldn’t depend on Poseidon’s knockback Boons to help you do damage.
  • Find boons that decrease incoming damage, improve dodge probability, or provide the Sturdy condition. A ten percent probability of dodging may make or break the final fight.

To defeat Hades in Hades, you’ll need to prepare ahead and be patient. If you wish to win, you’ll need to think about your Mirror upgrades, selected Boons, Daedalus upgrades, and weapon characteristics. Fortunately, if you understand his tendencies and bring the proper loadout, conquering Hades and reaching the vast world beyond should be a breeze.

As the title suggests, this post is for those of you who are looking to beat Hades and earn your place as the new boss of the Underworld. This is my attempt to share my experiences and wisdom with all of you looking to become a boss of Hades.. Read more about how to beat hades final boss and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you beat Hades last boss?

You need to use a power-up called the Hades Helmet which is obtained by beating Hades in the last level of the game.

How do you beat Hades easily?

Hades is a difficult boss, but there are some tips that can help you beat him.

How many times do you need to beat Hades?

You need to beat Hades 10 times.

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