In the wake of a recent update, Hearts of Iron 4 players will be able to purchase an expansion subscription for $3.99 USD on Steam until March 30th. The Founder’s Edition is also available in limited quantities at a discounted price through February 20th and features the game with two expansions included while it is still being sold by Paradox Development Studios.

The “hearts of iron 5” is a new expansion for the Hearts of Iron 4 game. The expansion includes a number of new features and changes, including increased map size, naval combat, and more.

Hearts of Iron 4 Expansion Subscription Now Live,

Hearts of Iron 4 Expansion Subscription Now Live, Unlocks Current and Future Content

Hearts of Iron 4 will have its own expansion subscription service, according to publisher Paradox Interactive, which will make downloading the game’s enormous library of post-launch DLC simpler.

The expansion subscription for Hearts of Iron 4 follows the equivalent approach given to Crusader Kings 2 and Europa Universalis 4 by Paradox early last year.

Hearts of Iron 4 Expansion Subscription Now Live, Unlocks Current and Future Content

Hearts of Iron 4 Expansion Subscription Now Live, Unlocks Current and Future Content

With many major expansions, nation packs, and cosmetic DLCs under its belt, getting into Hearts of Iron IV might be a daunting proposition for newcomers, which is exactly the issue that its expansion subscription wants to tackle.

Players who sign up for the monthly fee of $4.99/£3.99/€4.99 will be able to catch up on all of the game’s major updates without having to purchase DLC separately. Here’s what you receive when you subscribe:

  • Five expansion packs are available, including the naval-themed Man the Guns and the recently released No Step Back: Eastern Front.
  • New national themes for Central European and Eastern Mediterranean countries have been included to two country packs.
  • Sound Packs: Two song packs by the Swedish metal band Sabaton, as well as period music and historical discourses.
  • Cosmetic Packs: Unique cosmetic skins for Allied and Axis armour, as well as new ship models and Eastern Front aircraft.
  • All anticipated content and expansions

Future expansions being included in the membership makes it more enticing, and it’s fantastic to see that Hearts of Iron IV players now have additional choices for fresh material.

In other Crusader Kings III news, the game’s first big addition, Royal Court, was released earlier this month, and it adds a lot of character to fresh playthroughs. Our opinions on it may be found in our review.

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The “hoi4 news” is a blog post that announces the release of the Hearts of Iron 4 Expansion. The expansion includes new scenarios, an improved interface, and more.

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