Escapists 2 is a game where you try to escape from prison and the only way out is by digging your own way through, slowly building up supplies. However, there are guards who will search houses and the items found can be confiscated if they find it, so how do you hide contraband in this game?

The “how to equip contraband pouch escapists 2” is a question asked by many players. There are multiple methods for hiding contraband in the game, such as using a bag or putting it in your inventory.

How do you hide contraband in the escapists 2? |

Instead, conceal it in vents (when there are vents, of course), tunnels (carefully hide your Dirt, or give it to a teammate/flush it via a toilet. ), or a hollow wall (when there are hollow walls, of course) (cover the hole in the wall with a Poster).

Also, in The Escapists 2, how do you utilize the contraband pouch?

Usage. The Durable Contraband Pouch is a contraband concealment item that keeps contraband hidden from Contraband Detectors in your inventory. Every time you pass through an Illicit Detector carrying contraband goods other than the bag, it will lose 15% of its durability. It may be used seven times.

In the same way, how do the escapists build a screwdriver? You’ll need a wire, a battery, and a screwdriver to make the powered screwdriver. With 25% of every usage on a vent, it will undo it quicker. Before it’s gone, you’ll have to remove four vents. It’s a PC-only game.

In light of this, what role does a contraband pouch play among escapists?

This may be avoided by making and carrying a contraband bag that will conceal your other illicit things. Keep in mind that the pouch’s endurance reduces with each trip past a detector. – If contraband is found on the floor, guards will seize it.

In the escapists, what can you make with foil?

Contraband Pouch and Durable Contraband Pouch may both be made using foil. It is only possible to gain it by purchasing it from other inmates and finding it in their desks.

Answers to Related Questions

What is the purpose of a wood brace in the escapists?

When your subterranean tunnel becomes bigger, the Timber Brace is utilized to support it. You can’t dig too far without your tunnel collapsing if you don’t support it. In The Escapists 2, it may be used as a weapon.

The escapist has how many players?

a total of four players

In the escapists, what can you do with a radio receiver?

Usage. One of the items in The Escapists: The Walking Dead is the Working Radio. It may be used to divert Walkers’ attention.

In the escapists, how do you make a pickaxe?

In The Escapists, the Flimsy Pickaxe is a digging tool. 1 Tool Handle, 1 Crowbar, and a Roll of Duct Tape were used to make it. 1 x Crowbar, 1 x Duct Tape

In the escapists, how can you obtain molten plastic?

Collect either a Comb or a Toothbrush and combine it with one Lighter to make Molten Plastic. To make a new Plastic Key, just combine the Molten Plastic with the Key Mold you created previously. To properly create a Plastic Key, you’ll also need a particular degree of Intelligence.

What is the most effective escapist weapon?


  • (4/5) Baseball Bat
  • (4/5) Spiked Bat
  • Duster of Knuckles (4/5)
  • Hat with Metal Rims (4/5) Duct Tapes Are Forever is a limited-edition product.
  • (5/5) Whip
  • Nunchucks (5 out of 5)
  • If a guard is carrying a stun rod, you will lose 50 points of health.
  • Instant KO with a cup of molten chocolate.

How can you get the benefits of an escape room?

How to Get Out:

  1. 4 plastic knives are required.
  2. Make your way to the washing room.
  3. Chip through the right-hand wall to enter the maintenance tunnel.
  4. Replacing the wall in the laundry is the next step.
  5. Take the four knives out of the drawer.
  6. Return to the washing room.
  7. Using a fork, chip through the same location in the wall once again.
  8. In the tube, place the knives.

What is the purpose of a circuit board in the escapists?

The Circuit Board is an unused item discovered on consoles in The Escapists, although it will be considered contraband. It is suggested that you leave it alone in order to reduce your chances of being sent to solitary confinement, and it is now useless. In The Escapists 2, however, it may be utilized to create Fake Key Cards to aid you in your escape.

How can you hide the escapists’ flaws?

You may fill the hole with dirt (or concrete) to conceal it. If you don’t want the guards or snipers to detect the hole and bust you, this is critical. If the guards discover the hole, you will be placed in solitary confinement and your tunnel progress will be reset to zero.

In the escapists, what can you produce with bleach?

Bleach Bathtub The Escapists’ Tub of Bleach is a helpful tool. Its only purpose is to convert an Inmate Outfit into a pair of Infirmary Overalls, which may be worn to access medical supplies and can also be used to build a Guard Outfit.

In the escapists, what can you make with metal sheets?

Usage. Metal Sheet is used to construct and modify shovels, but it is also illegal and may be purchased from convicts, discovered in their desks, or stolen from their wallets after they are knocked unconscious.

What is the best way to get out of Stalag Flucht?

Stalag Flucht is based on the WWII camp Stalag Luft III. How To Get Out Of It

  1. Cut the fence using anything like a File, Cutting Floss, or plastic knives.
  2. Place a bed dummy in your bed for nighttime roll call.
  3. To switch off the generator, locate it and left-click it.
  4. Make your way to the fence and hack it down.

How do you create a putty wad?

The Escapists has an item called Wad of Putty. It’s possible to make a Key Mold out of it. 1 tube of toothpaste and 1 tub of talcum powder are used to make it. It has a similar appearance to Molten Plastic, however it is a shade of peach in hue.

The “how to be a guard in the escapists 2” is a question that has been asked many times. The following will include the steps to becoming a guard in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the contraband pouch work in The Escapists 2?

A: The contraband pouch is able to hold up to four items, and these are all shown in the inventory screen. Items can be taken out of your handbag by pressing L1 on PS4 during gameplay.

Do items Despawn in escapists 2?

A: There is no such thing as despawning items in escapists 2, so the answer would be no.

Where is the contraband desk in escapist 2?

A: The contraband desk, which is a unique feature in Escapist 2, cannot be found.

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