The Onryo is a ghostly entity in Dead by Daylight. In the game, she’s an old lady who kills people with her bare hands and can only be harmed by harming those that hurt others or bring harm to innocents. The player has two options when playing as the Onryo: they either become invisible while hunting down their victims (which allows them to kill without being seen), or they use their power on one of three other characters after chasing them for 10 seconds. This guide will teach you how to play as the Onryo effectively and make it into your strategy!

The “dbd game” is a horror survival game where players take on the role of either survivors or the evil entities known as the dead. The Onryo is one of these evil entities in Dead by Daylight and she can be used to your advantage if you know how.

How to play the Onryo in Dead by Daylight and use her power effectively

The Onryo, alias Sadako from Ringu, is the newest Killer in the Sadako Rising chapter of Dead by Daylight, bringing with him a new Killer power. In Dead by Daylight, I’ll describe how the Onryo works, how you may utilize her power, and which perks match best with her.   

Fearful Deluge

The Onryo’s power is called Fearful Deluge and has three parts to it: Manifestation, Projection, and Condemned. Let’s go over Manifestation first. Unlike most Killers the Onryo cannot attack Survivors right away, and she must first Manifest herself in order to deal damage. When the Onryo is not Manifested she has the Undetectable status effect but is still visible to Survivors.  

Using the power button, you may manifest as the Onryo. The Onryo will be sporadically visible to Survivors within 32 meters for a short time after Manifesting. As long as the Onryo is Manifested, she will be completely visible to Survivors within 32 meters after this effect stops. By pressing the power button again, the Onryo may de-Manifest.


Projection is the next aspect of the Onryo’s ability. TVs will be strewn over the map and will turn on when a certain amount of time has elapsed. Active televisions will have a white aura indicating that they may be utilized, whilst inactive televisions will have no aura. When the ability button is pressed while staring at an active TV, the Onryo will teleport to it and instantaneously manifest, crawling out of the TV as a nod to the movie’s famous sequence. This shuts off the TV and prevents it from being used for a time.  

All Survivors within 16 meters of a TV get Condemned progress when the Onryo emerges from it. This leads us to the third aspect of her strength. A Survivor with Condemned progress will have a white static circle around their profile image from the Killer’s perspective. Condemned progress is depicted by many blocks that steadily pile up around the Survivor’s profile image from the Survivor’s perspective.

Survivors may switch off the TVs throughout the map, preventing the Onryo from teleporting there. This may be done by going to the television and doing the Retrieve Tape action. The Survivor will get Condemned advancement as a result of this, and a tape will be added to their inventory. Unlike previous Killer goods, this one does not take up a place in the Survivor’s inventory, allowing them to carry other things like as a Med-Kit with the tape.


The Survivor may switch off any TV they come across as long as they have the recording. They do, however, acquire additional Condemned advancement each time they do so. When Condemned is completely filled, the Killer Instinct effect will disclose the Survivor to the Onryo, and the Survivor may be instantaneously murdered while dying. 

There is a possibility for survivors to undo their Condemn progress. Once the Survivor has been Condemned, one TV will be highlighted for them. If the Survivor interacts with this TV, the tape will be inserted, and some Comdemned progress will be deleted.  

How to use Fearful Deluge 

Because of the way her power works, the Onryo is a stealth Killer in Dead by Daylight with a lot of map domination potential. With the Undetectable state condition, she may sneak up on Survivors and then Manifest to attack. This will be very handy on terrain with little open space. Her power, on the other hand, will be map-dependent. Because she has little control over where her TVs spawn, she may end up with some undesirable spawns. 

Another disadvantage of the TVs is that the Survivors can safely turn them off. The amount of Condemned they get every cleaned TV isn’t considerable, and it’s possible for Survivors to cease turning off TVs just before they reach 100% Condemned progress. They may then just go to the indicated TV to swiftly undo much of their Condemn work. In practice, surprising any Survivors at a Generator will be tough since they will always switch off the TV before working on the Generator.


Fearful Deluge does not give the Onryo anything to help her during a chase, so you will want to avoid long chases with her if possible. She is meant to sneak up on Survivors to take them down. The Onryo does have one advantage during chases though: she is one of the shortest Killers in the game. This will make it difficult for Survivors to know where exactly she is going during chases, making for a lot of mind game potential.

Because Survivors can readily counter her abilities, the Onryo is primed to be a mid-tier Killer. With the appropriate perks and the right amount of pressure, she can still be a danger. Next, consider which bonuses would be most beneficial to her. 

Benefits of Using  

Because the Onryo has map control potential, all generator delay perks will be valuable to her. Because the Onryo’s Killer power does not do damage, basic attack perks will be useful. Save the Finest for Last and Sloppy Butcher are her two best basic attack bonuses.  

BBQ & Chili, Discordance, Tinkerer, and Bitter Murmur are just a handful of the perks that may provide her with knowledge about Survivor locales. The Onryo may use this knowledge to teleport to a TV near a Survivor and start a pursuit to put them in the dying condition.


Because the Onryo’s ability does not aid her in pursuits, chase bonuses may be used on her as well. Brutal Strength, Spirit Fury, Bamboozle, and Enduring are all wonderful ways to speed up the finish of a hunt.  

This finishes my beginner’s tutorial to using the Onryo’s abilities in Dead by Daylight. If you’re curious about the Onryo’s unique benefits, I’ve created a special perk guide for you. I also have a perk guide for Yoichi Asakawa, the new Survivor. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and stay tuned for future Dead by Daylight tips.

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