Today we’re going to use an older piece of software called the Doom Radio. I know it sounds exciting that I’m using an old, outdated piece of software, but don’t worry, it’s easy to use. The Doom Radio has been around since the early 2000s, when it was used by the Doom community to play Doom 2. Today we’re going to show you how you can use a similar program called Gloo Radio. Both of these programs are old but very useful pieces of software that can help you play games in the old-school way.

In this tutorial video, we will teach you how to use the old Radio Commands in Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4, making them useful for your in-game experience.

Although not all old radios can be used as command blocks, all of them at least have a few commands you can use to control them. These commands can be found in the “Controls” tab of the in-game settings menu, or by typing “/gamemode” in the chat box.

Radio instructions make Counter-Strike: Global Offensive more enjoyable and useful. They’re also a bit out of date, since it seems that participants from previous games were more likely to utilize them for real conversation. The new radio panel doesn’t include all of the old radio instructions, but there’s a catch: they’re still in the game’s files. You may either build a basic bind or go native and add these secret radio commands to the radio command menu to utilize them. Here’s how to get going.

In CS:GO, How to Use the Old Radio Commands

How to Use the Old Radio Commands in CS:GO

You may either build new bindings or modify the game’s radio panel to utilize the classic Counter-Strike radio commands in CS:GO. Binds are the simplest to use since they can be added through the in-game console.

What is the best way to bind old radio commands?

To get this to work, first make sure the developer console is turned on. After that, you may create new bindings using the following command:

It doesn’t matter which key you use. You may use the bottom row of your keyboard — keys V through / — since there are many vintage radio instructions accessible.

The following is a list of old radio commands:

  • coverme – Take care of me!
  • enemydown – The enemy has been defeated!
  • Get out of there, it’s going to explode!
  • reassemble – reassemble the squad
  • reportin – Team, please report in.
  • reportingin – It’s time to report in.
  • takingfire – I’m taking fire and I’m in need of some help!

Finally, here’s a bind that uses the P key and the “enemy down” callout:

Regrettably, not all of the old radio orders are accessible in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The voice lines for “Storm the front” and “Get in position and wait for my go” were removed from the final version. All of the others, thankfully, are still playable in the game – they simply aren’t featured on the radio panel.

Binding these instructions is, once again, the most straightforward method. That said, you may modify the radio panel and include these old commands in addition to the others. The only problem is that it’s a little bit difficult.

How to Personalize the Radio Control Panel

A text file in the installation directory may be edited to modify the radio panel in CS:GO. All you have to do is open the file, type in the instructions, then save and shut it. However, the method requires a deeper knowledge of CS:code GO’s and command structure than just generating bindings. To be clear, this isn’t a beginner’s guide.

Here’s where to locate the radio panel configuration file, assuming you’re comfortable editing game files:

  • Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a game developed by Valve Corporation and published by Steam. csgoresourceuiradiopanel.txt

If you modified the game’s installation directory, the location may be different.

Here’s how it all goes down. Create a backup of radiopanel.txt first, just in case you make a mistake. Then, open the original and make a note of the structure of the file.

CSGO - Customize radio panel to use old radio commands

There are three categories under the “SFUI ReportRadio” and “Groups” headings: standard, group, and report. The Z, X, and C keys correspond to the instructions in these categories. Each of these has a subcategory named “Commands” that contains the actual bindings.

By adding new lines to this file, you may add old Counter-Strike radio instructions to the CS:GO radio panel. You may put them in whatever order or category you like, but the command must be entered in the same manner. Consider the following scenario:

“coverme” “hotkey” “6” “#SFUI Radio Cover Me” as a label “cmd” “coverme”

When the preceding text is put in the “standard” category, it will tie the “Cover me!” voice line to entry number six. In other words, hitting the Z key followed by the 6 key will enable you to utilize the “coverme” command.

All of your binds in one location

Rather than making simple bindings, this code is placed in radiopanel.txt, which replaces the old CS radio instructions with the new CS:GO radio menu. They still function as regular bindings; the only difference is that instead of hitting a single key, they’re now accessed via an in-game menu.

You can add a lot of additional bindings to your radio menu if you keep to this structure. They don’t have to be voice lines; you can simply add instructions to purchase weapons or utilize team chat, or anything else that can be done using console commands. It’s a more sophisticated method of managing bindings, and since it uses the radio menu, it frees up all of the other keys on your keyboard for more binds or scripts.

In CS:GO, bindings are still the most convenient method to utilize classic radio instructions. Simply look for the original Counter-Strike radio command you wish to use and assign it to a key. Otherwise, you may customize the game’s radio panel to include them all.

Are you ready to put your newfound abilities to the test? Here’s how to make a basic bound in CS:GO so you can complain. We also have information on knife commands, which let you try out all of the game’s knives for free.

Radio commands are an old way of controlling your console and they are used in almost all video games. Many of these commands are still accessible in modern day gaming, but a lot of them are no longer used and you may find yourself searching for that old command. Today’s guide is going to show you how to use these commands effectively and with an ease by explaining the commands, their use and where to find them.. Read more about csgo radio commands 2020 and let us know what you think.

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