At PAX West this year, Nvidia announced plans to bring its game streaming service to PC, which will deliver significant benefits over the current competition, such as GeForce NOW, which has been available on PC for years. This announcement is a big step forward in the race to stream games, and with a few caveats, it looks like Nvidia has a winner on its hands.

On May 7th, NVIDIA announced they would be adding support for the GeForce Now cloud gaming service to their GeForce Now beta.  What is GeForce Now? GeForce Now is a new cloud gaming service from NVIDIA that will allow you to (1) stream games from your PC to your TV, and (2) play games on your PC remotely while on the go.  The focus of the service is to allow gamers access to their games, regardless of their platform or computer specs, and to enable people to play games wherever they are, regardless of whether their PC or TV is on.

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Humankind GeForce Now Support - What to Know About It

Humankind is now available, allowing 4X fans to try their hand at building their own civilisation out of a mash-up of civilizations while outshining its rivals in terms of renown. As one of the year’s most anticipated strategy games, it’s certainly grabbed the attention of gamers who are still gaming on older hardware and wondering whether GeForce Now support is on the way.

Humankind may not have the most stringent system requirements, but GeForce Now support will effectively eliminate any hardware-related concerns once you’ve made your purchase. You’re in luck if you’re one of the individuals wanting to see it on the cloud gaming service.

Humankind GeForce Now Support - What to Know About It

Humankind GeForce Now Support - What to Know About It

The existence of humanity on GeForce Now was verified at the beginning of August. Even better, it comes with both the Steam and Epic Games Store editions.

If you’re a GeForce Now member, you should be able to play Humankind on August 17, the day it launches. Are you on the fence about purchasing the game? Our review examines how the game “hits many sweet places, both in terms of fighting and administration,” as well as why we kept pushing the Next Turn button.

Humankind is also accessible on Xbox Game Pass if hardware isn’t a major consideration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will humankind be on GeForce NOW?

I am not able to answer this question.

Whats good about GeForce NOW?

GeForce NOW is a service that allows users to stream games from their PC to their Nvidia Shield TV. This means that you can play games on your TV without having to have a powerful computer or console.

Does GeForce NOW support all games?

No, GeForce NOW does not support all games. However, it is possible to find a game that is compatible with GeForce NOW.

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